Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Dal Chawal Recipe


 To Cook The Dal:

 1: chana dal 400g (doused for 4 hours)

 2: masoor dal 80g (doused for 4 hours)

 3: turmeric 1/2 tsp

 4: salt 1 tsp (loaded)

 To Make Garam Masala Powder:

 1: dark cumin 2 tbsp

 2: cinnamon stick 3 pieces

 3: green cardamom 5

 4: dark cardamom 2

 5: dark peppercorn 1 tsp

 6: star anise 3 edges

 7: cloves 6

 8: Jaifal 1/4 tsp

 To Cook Chicken:

 1: oil 4 tbsp

 2: onion 1 little (finely cleaved)

 3: boneless 300g

 4: ginger and garlic glue 1 tbsp

 5: turmeric 1/2 tsp

 6: salt 1/2 tsp

 7: red bean stew powder 1 tsp

 8: water 1 cup

 For Tempering The Dal:

 1: ghee 5 tbsp (stored)

 2: ginger 1 tbsp (stored squashed)

 To Boil Rice:

 1: rice 1 kg

 2: salt 1 tbsp (loaded)

 3: cumin seeds 1 tsp (loaded)

 4: lemon juice 2 tbsp

 5: oil 2 tbsp

 6: water


 1: in a strain cooker add both dal, salt, turmeric, water sufficient that the dal is under the water, blend and lock the tension cooker, put the load on it and cook on high fire, when the weight begins to move time it and cook for 15 minutes, when cooked discharge the steam by eliminating the steam and afterward open the cover

2: to make the garam masala add all fixings under garam masala in a crushing plant and drudgery to a powder and keep to the side.

3: in a fry dish heat oil add onion and broil on high fire till brown.

4: add the chicken, ginger and garlic glue blend well and sear till chicken changes tone, on high fire.

5: then, at that point, add turmeric, salt, red stew, water blend well, cover and cook on low fire till the chicken is delicate and water dries.

6: then, at that point, shred the chicken.

7: presently move the chicken in the cooked dal blend and utilize a masher to squash the dal too then add water 3 cups blend.

8: add the garam masala powder 1 tsp piled blend and stew on low fire for 15 minutes.

9: in a skillet heat ghee add ginger and broil till gets brilliant on high fire and add it to the cooked dal.

10: wash the rice add water, salt, lemon juice, oil blend and hang tight for a bubble on high fire, when the water bubble cook for 5 minutes and channel (or) check the rice by squeezing the rice between your fingertips in the event that you feel grains it is crude and, channel the water in a colander.

11: presently heat a tawa place the pot with ghee 4 tbsp add the rice and ghee on top a 1 tbsp, cover the top with a tea towel and initial 10 minutes and afterward stew for 15 minutes on low fire.

12: serve hot dal and chawal with the Kachumber Chutney.

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Cary Grant
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