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Co-Parenting Strategies Post-Divorce

Divorce is tough for you, but it may be worse for your children.

They go through a different kind of pain and hurt that needs supportive parents – albeit separated.

Some common issues divorced couples face when parenting are related to communication, parenting styles, emotional conflicts, etc.

We explain some strategies that can help.

Establish Clear Communication

Co-parenting needs open and respectful communication.

Logistical issues like pick-up/drop-off times, extracurricular activities, medical appointments, etc must be discussed.

If you’re not on best of terms with your ex-spouse, co-parenting apps or shared online calendars can keep things organized and peaceful for your child. Compromises become easier as well.

Set Boundaries

Sharing information about your kids is important but make rules about what you can/can’t talk about.

Don’t bring up old problems in your marriage or give too many personal details about new relationships.

Limit your talk to topics that are strictly co-parenting related.

Stay Kid-Focused

When talking to your ex, keep the discussions centered on your children – their needs, activities, milestones, etc.

Your kids should not be your therapists. Avoid speaking negatively about your former spouse in front of the kids. It’s damaging for them.

Don’t lie to them, don’t misrepresent things to gain their favor. Keep them out of it.

Be Consistent

As much as possible, be consistent in house rules, discipline, routines, etc.

This way there’s stability and structure for your children.

It’s normal to disagree on approaches so have an understanding at the beginning to be willing to compromise.

Allow for Flexibility

Routines are helpful, but make sure there’s some room for change.

Allow for changes to your schedule for special events, family obligations, or any other valid reasons.

A little give-and-take goes a long way.

Manage Expectations

Co-parenting won’t always be easy. You get through it by focusing on your children’s needs. They are the priority.

If you hit a dead end in communications, bring in neutral mediators. You have to manage your emotions around your kids.

Successful co-parenting will take work and you may get frustrated now and then. But if you shift focus from such issues and see how necessary it is for your child’s adjustment, it may become easier to cooperate as parents.

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Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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