Thursday, August 18, 2022

Chocolate Tiffin Recipe

Go hard and fast and indulge yourself with these chocolate tiffin cuts, brimming with milk and dull chocolate, raisins and bread roll. Be cautioned: they won’t keep going long!


• 150g margarine, cubed, in addition to extra for the tin
• 3 tbsp caster sugar
• 3 tbsp brilliant syrup
• 6 tsp cocoa powder
• 225g rolls, squashed
• small bunch of raisins
• 110g milk chocolate
• 110g dull chocolate


• Stage 1

Spread and line a 15-20cm tin with baking material. In a huge pot, dissolve the spread, sugar, syrup and cocoa. Mix through the bread rolls and raisins.

• Stage 2

Empty the combination into the pre-arranged tin and press down, then smooth the top with the rear of a spoon. Microwave the two chocolates in short 20 second explodes, blending much of the time, until dissolved. Pour them over the blend in the tin. Utilize a range blade or spoon to streamline, so it’s totally covered in chocolate.

• Stage 3

Put the tin into the refrigerator and leave for around 2 hrs to set, or short-term. Run a kitchen blade under the hot tap then, at that point, cut into squares.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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