Monday, May 23, 2022

Checklist to Prepare Your Home for the Upcoming Season

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to take out all your cleaning tools and get ready for some elbow grease. Spring cleaning is an age-old ritual of preparing your property for the upcoming season, enhancing its comfort, and preserving its integrity. Are you wondering how the spring cleaning tradition started and became a global home improvement trend?

Interestingly, spring cleaning is a ritual that dates back centuries, with multiple historians highlighting various origin stories. Some trace the inception of spring cleaning to the Persian Empire, associating it with the Iranian Nowruz or New Year. Others argue that the Catholic Church upheld this tradition by cleaning the church altar and premises on Maundy Thursday.

Regardless of its origin, spring cleaning is a powerful ritual to begin a new season by reinventing your environment and mindset. Think of it as an opportunity to reset after a long chilly season, preparing yourself for the sunny summers. Keep reading to explore our detailed checklist to prepare your home for the spring season ahead.

Declutter, declutter, declutter!

There’s nothing worse than entering a new season without eliminating the clutter you’ve accumulated in the last few months. Human beings are magnets for clutter, for we all like to hoard items we think we need, only to discard them. Our wardrobes are cluttered with clothes we never wear, living rooms are filled with stray toys, and attics serve as storage units. We advise transforming all the wasted storage spaces in your home into value-adding living spaces before spring begins.

Renting a storage unit to relocate your belongings is an ideal decluttering solution. Enlisting Google’s help is the most straightforward strategy to find a trusted storage facility near your neighborhood. Suppose you’re looking for a temperature-controlled storage unit in the city of Kingsport, Tennessee. In that case, use the keywords “Kingsport TN storage units” to find the most relevant results.

We must stress the significance of keywords and location-based search to find the most relevant results. Keywords convey your intentions to Google’s crawlers, and location-based searches connect you with the nearest businesses. Reviewing Google My Business (GMB) profiles and websites will help you evaluate credentials and screen out options to schedule in-person visits.

Renting a storage facility near your home will help declutter your home of unwanted heirlooms, inherited belongings, and broken appliances. Relocating unwanted furniture and fixtures will make more room for new decoratives, furniture, and appliances that elevate your life quality. Or perhaps, you’d like to transform the garage into a playroom combining the indoor and outdoor, leaving your home free of toys.

Rearrange the Furniture

Do you want to transform your interiors after getting bored of the same environment for a long winter? It’s natural to crave changes within your environment, and not everyone can afford to change their entire furniture. We advise rearranging your furniture to create a new ambiance that transforms the aesthetic appeal of your home.

We often make certain changes to satisfy our comfort preferences and lounging needs in the laziness-inducing cold. Nearly all households bring day beds and lounge chairs to the living room to enjoy the warmth and coziness. We all like cozying up with layers of warm throws and falling asleep in front of the telly. Now that winter is passing away; it’s time to rearrange the furniture to enjoy the scent of flowers and dewy grass.

For instance, you can take your day bed outdoors to enjoy your mid-day naps in the floral ambiance of the garden. Or perhaps, you’d like to change the heavy velvet drapes more suited to the winter vibe with lightweight linen curtains.

At times, rearranging the same couches and coffee table in a different setting can significantly transform the interiors.

Suppose you’re ready for a more ambitious furniture transformation project with a sizable budget. In that case, invest in new upholstery and patterned fabrics to jazz up your couches and add vibrance to your living spaces.

Schedule a Detailed Inspection

A seasonal inspection is crucial to ensure all home components and vital systems work robustly without glaring defects. Major home components include the plumbing system, electrical wiring, roofing, flooring, and walls. Out of these, electric wiring is the most important area as neglecting this would result in hazardous situations. So, getting a professional for an electrical safety check in Leopold should be your first priority. It’s wise to hire a professional to perform this job, as taking the DIY route may not prove as thorough and detailed. It takes a specialized skill set and experienced eyes to detect budding issues before they become full-fledged disasters.

Inspecting the HVAC system, thermostat, garbage disposal, and roofing structure will help prevent costly troubles in the long run.

Winter is a tough season that exposes our properties to the full force of the brutal elements. It’s a season filled with heavy rains, snowstorms, blizzards, and strong winds that wreak havoc on our home components. Inspecting the plumbing system, electric wiring, and HVAC components will ensure efficient functioning for the season ahead.

Fixing Glaring Repairs

Are the exterior plumbing pipes riddled with horrid leaks that you’ve temporarily fixed with duct tape? Are you neglecting to prune the trees, marinating in procrastination, and waiting for a stray branch to fall on your neighbor’s car? Or perhaps, you are waiting for the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) to take notice of your clogged gutters and declining curb appeal?

Glaring repairs compromise the structural and cosmetic integrity of a property and attract the ire of the HOA and community. More importantly, significant damages with key home components risk exposing your property to irreversible damage. For instance, failing to fix minor leaks can expose your home to flooding, mold, and mildew. Likewise, neglecting electric wiring defects sets the stage for fire hazards, short circuits, and damaged appliances.

Fixing these issues with a timely and efficient response will help you save money and avoid the liability of accidents.

You are responsible for your property and neighborhood because your negligence reflects on the entire community. A heavily cluttered and untidy lawn undermines your curb appeal and the beauty of your neighborhood.

Final Thoughts

Spring cleaning is such a wonderful tradition of welcoming the season of rebirth by transforming your interiors. Decluttering is the best way to eliminate last season’s emotional and physical baggage, making room for new trends. It’s time to draw back the curtains and spring open the doors to let the sunshine brighten your living spaces.

Bring out the power washer and cleaning supplies, and wash away all the dirt and grime, diminishing your curb appeal. Then, plant some seasonal blooms to welcome the glory of spring with a colorful and vibrant garden.