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Buy Views For YouTube: Is It Safe?

If you decide to watch the most popular videos on YouTube, there is a high probability that it will also be the most viewed ones. For YouTube algorithms the amount of views determines the level of visitors, value and popularity of the channel.

Moreover, a fairly high level of views is direct access to advertisers and investors. Let’s find out why YouTube views are needed and how to increase them.

What are views on YouTube

Viewing a YouTube video is the user’s attention to your creativity. There are different opinions but Hubspot says that a number of conditions are required to confirm the view: the user himself/herself clicked on the play on his/her device.

Why views are necessary? First of all, it is a financial reward. The author gets money, and the amount depends on the number of views he or she gains. It is called YouTube monetization – a function which will become available to you from 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time in a year on your channel.

After all the requirements of YouTube are met, you can enable monetization and join Google Ad. With it, Google will embed advertising in your videos. You get money for views and clicks.

Boosting a channel via buying views for YouTube

This method of promotion can be used by both beginners and experienced channel owners. Fast increasing of views will help to get into the leaders among the channels of similar topics. Ordering YouTube views is completely safe on proven SMM panels. The views are counted by YouTube algorithm in case the views are from real users.

Best sites to buy views for YouTube

There is a list of best platforms to order quality promotion for YouTube.


One of the best platforms for the complex promotion. Here you can buy YouTube views of different types: views, high-retention views, live stream viewers, views for increasing the number of hours for monetization (YouTube watch time). All views are from real people, they are high-quality and stable. Prices will pleasantly surprise you: from $0,75 per 1000 views.

If you are interested in professional channel promotion try the service YouTube Turnkey channel. There are several packages with a different number of services. The team of specialists will develop a marketing strategy, designers will draw thumbnails, producers will help with content and scenario, and optimization specialists will give advice on SEO promotion and help with writing texts.


Another site that is worthy of your attention. There are not so many services but they are very diverse. For example, here you can find Geo-targeted views if you need viewers from a specific country. It costs $2.50 per 1000 views. Also, we advise to buy high retention YouTube views. Ordering this type of views means you will be watched for a long time.

The prices start from $2.10 per 1000 views.


Good proven site to buy real YouTube views. By collaborating with Socbooster you can be assured of the quality of promotional services and security. Here you will find any services depending on your needs. By the way, there are instant views – this is for those who want to see the result at the moment. Prices start from $1,70 per 1000 views.

Note that Socbooster has an app for Android. Download it from the Play market and look at what’s inside. There you can perform simple tasks (like, write a comment, etc.) and get virtual coins. This currency can then be withdrawn or exchanged for free promotion for your YouTube channel. Easy and convenient.


Tube Biz is a site with super stable services. By the way, on this site you can buy YouTube Shorts views, this is a distinctive feature of TubeBiz. Also, on TubeBiz you can buy YouTube AdWords views. These are official views from Google – totally safe for your channel. You have access to over 20 GEOs available by default, and if you haven’t found your country, just ask in the live chat to add it.

The prices start from $3.20 per 1000 views.


There is a great variety of views: YouTube views, YouTube live stream viewers, AdWords views. Managers of the site carefully control that the services are stable and of high quality. After registration you will receive special discount offers by email.

The prices start from $2.45 per 1000 views.


International platform for professional YouTube promotion. There are many offers for buying high retention YouTube views. This is a very useful and necessary service for channels. High retention views positively increase YouTube watch time and improve channel statistics.

The prices start from $1.60 per 1000 views.


A site you can trust. Provides all kinds of views for YouTube channels. They often offer discounts, promo codes, and interesting promotional campaigns. We advise you to register and actively follow the mailing list. 

The prices start from $1.80 per 1000 views.


Fast YouTube promotion. Here you have a 24/7 support, no overpricing, and result guarantee. On Get smm you can buy real YouTube views without any problem. The maximum number of views that you get in a day is 800 thousand (depending on the service).

The prices start from $0.75 per 1000 views.


Actually, this panel is for resellers but if you are an ordinary user, you can also use their services. Since this is a site with the possibility of bulk ordering you can get up to 1.5 million views in 1 day. So if this is relevant to you, then buy it.

The prices start from $1.70 per 1000 views.

All of these platforms are targeted at professional promotion of YouTube channels. You can trust them 100%. 

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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