Buy Now Citadel Boss 25? What’s It Like to Own One?

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One of the more recent additions to the firearms market is the buy now Citadel Boss 25 option, which is quite an interesting weapon when viewing it up close. Resembling an AR 15 in style at least, this is a shotgun that very much has a large frame rifle feel and offers a unique look thanks to the addition of a number of proprietary parts.

Priced at around $500 it’s available at a reasonable cost and in terms of performance, it can’t be faulted. While it might shoot slightly sluggish when using lower-powered cartridges (with the cocking handle sometimes not returning back without a push), higher-powered rounds have no such issues. 

Good Accuracy Over Fifty Yards

When you buy now Citadel Boss 25 and put it through its paces over 50 yards, you’ll find that the accuracy is none too shabby – and that’s just using the standard iron sight it comes with. This distance could be improved with the use of a red dot sight, but if you’re wanting longer-distance performance, you’re probably not going to go for a shotgun in the first place. 

The weapon is sadly not adjustable for length, but it is for height, but watch out when firing if you have any kind of facial hair, as beards can quite easily get caught in the adjustable cheek piece. When it happens, it’s quite painful, so be careful!

A Smooth Formed Weapon Profile

When looking at the profile of the Boss 25, it’s nice and smooth. The one we looked at came in tactical grey, but we’re informed that it comes in a range of other colours. The stock features lots of ventilation and M-lock slots that allow you to attach accessories like lights and optics.

Moving forward to the barrel, it too is covered by the same tactical grey housing – although this does seem to be more for aesthetics than anything else. Buy now Citadel Boss 25 standard offers come with a threaded barrel and there are a number of chokes available too. 

Featuring a right-side charging handle – which is standard fare for a shotgun – we found the action quite slick and the solid bolt catch reassuringly firm. 

Magazine Size – Is Adequate, Not Overwhelming

Owners of this weapon get to enjoy 2x 5-round mags as standard, but you can buy 10-round mags if you so wish. Also, with an 18 barrel and a weight of around 8 pounds, it’s not too heavy in the hand. Interestingly, when the gun is cocked, you can apply the safety, which is a nice feature.

The recoil experienced is about what you’d expect and with a trigger that requires around 7 lbs of force to fire, it’s within normal parameters.

A Solid Weapon – Well Worth the Money

As we said earlier, when you buy now Citadel Boss 25, it’s going to cost you a little over $500, which is very reasonable when you see what you get. It’s an attractive weapon that comes with a range of different customisation options that make it even nice to use.

The AR 15 stylings are superb in our opinion, reason enough to part with your cash. Would we buy one? Absolutely? Should You? That’s absolutely your call. 

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