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Best Bankruptcy Attorneys in Birmingham

Alabama Bankruptcy Relief Center

The Alabama Bankruptcy Assistance Center serves clients in the Birmingham area. It helps clients achieve financial freedom by providing legal assistance in filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, reducing debt, and avoiding foreclosure of the property. Davis is a member of the Alabama National Guard and the author of several books.

2700 Corporate Drive Suite 200
Birmingham, AL 35242

Alabama Expungement Lawyer

An Alabama attorney represents consumers who have filed for bankruptcy in the Greater Birmingham Subway Area, including Shelby and Talladega County. Mr. Jordan M. Copeland focuses primarily on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings for consumers looking to pay off debt and restart or convert their debt into a more manageable repayment plan. This practice offers a free consultation to discuss the best options for future bankruptcy filings.

33300 US Highway 280, Ste 103
Childersburg, AL 35044

Allums Welsch PC

Allums Welsch PC is a general law firm serving individuals, families, and individuals on the Birmingham Underground. It handles various aspects of bankruptcy law and helps clients resolve foreclosure issues. The law firm assists debtors in filing bankruptcy disputes under Chapters 7 and 13. He also handles personal injury, inheritance, and family law cases. Founder Scott Alums founded the firm in 2001. He is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyers.

506 18th Street North
Bessemer, AL 35020

Birmingham Men’s Law Firm, LLC

Men’s Law Firm Birmingham, LLC represents clients in family law, bankruptcy, and social security cases. Gregory S. Starkey founded the firm to advocate for the rights of spouses, fathers, and other men involved in divorce and other family law matters. To help clients struggling with debt and foreclosure post-divorce, the company has expanded its practice to include bankruptcy. The company offers Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief, which provides a fresh start for a client’s financial future.

2016 10th Ave S Ste 101
Birmingham, AL 35205

Brent W. Davis & Associates, LLC

Founded in 1997 in Birmingham, Alabama, Brent W. Davis & Associates LLC helps consumers in Pelham, Homewood, and Birmingham exercise their rights under US bankruptcy law. Mr. Davis primarily represents applicants in Chapter 7 filings looking to get out of debt and start fresh. It also handles Chapter 13 cases involving confiscation, recovery, wage deductions, and tax cuts through debt reorganization and debt rehabilitation. A free consultation is possible.

2473 Valleydale Rd Ste B
Birmingham, AL 35244

Brock & Stout Attorneys at Law

Brock & Stout, Lawyers at Law is an Alabama law firm with offices in Dothan, Enterprise, Montgomery, Birmingham and Andalucia. The company specializes in bankruptcy law, but also offers legal advice in the areas of debt restructuring, social security disability and personal injury. The company also has offices in Chipley, Florida.

420 20th St N Ste 2200
Birmingham, AL 35203

C. Taylor Crockett, P.C.

C. Taylor Crockett, PC is a bankruptcy attorney based in Birmingham. He protects clients from creditor abuse and helps them repay unsecured loans, medical bills, and credit card debt by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 13. A former professor of bankruptcy law, Crockett has nearly 30 years of experience in the bankruptcy industry.

2067 Columbiana Road
Birmingham, AL 35216

Clark Law Firm

Clark’s law firm offers legal advice and representation from its Birmingham office. One area of ​​practice is bankruptcy. Whether a client wants to restructure or pay off debt, the company offers Chapter 7, 11, and 13 assistance in bankruptcy filings. It is led by John W. Clark IV, who has a Master’s degree in Banking and Finance. In addition to debtors, attorneys represent small and medium-sized companies in shareholder disputes and real estate transactions.

2100 1st Ave N
Birmingham, AL 35203

Greenway Bankruptcy Law

The Greenway Bankruptcy Act provides legal assistance to clients in Birmingham. Paula Greenway, the company’s founding attorney, has more than two decades of experience managing bankruptcy law matters. He and his team represent clients in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. Lawyers also assist in personal bankruptcy, student loans, debt negotiations, and foreclosure protection. Greenway deals exclusively with consumer customers. The goal is to lead the customer to a new financial start.

2024 3rd Ave N.
Birmingham, AL 35203

Hood & Lay, LLC

Hood & Law, LLC, based in Birmingham, is a boutique law firm focused on providing legal advice and representation in bankruptcy and consumer matters. The team of lawyers offers over 36 years of combined experience in legal practice. They help individuals and families deal with financial problems, from faulty credit reports to abusive collection agencies. They also process bankruptcy claims. Rhonda Hood, one of the firm’s top counsel, completed Max Gardner’s bankruptcy boot camp and has sued in the state, federal, and bankruptcy courts.

1117 22nd St S
Birmingham, AL 35205

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