Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Baldur’s Gate 2 Mods

Welcome to my modding guide for the first Baldur’s Gate 2, also known as BG2. The following is a rundown of mods and parts introduced for my SCS Guide and BG2 walkthrough.

BG2 Mod Installation Order

Mods are recorded in their introduce request. It requires a few hours to introduce the mods. The establishment is presently steady in the wake of resolving the crimps. I introduced BG2 from CDs purchased when the game emerged. Modded as far as possible, the game runs immaculately on my ongoing gen equipment/OS. There is no lull at all on my Windows 8.1, 10 and 11 PCs.


ToBEx can be introduced previously or after different mods; request doesn’t make any difference.

TobEx – Core: Beta 0025, Enable Animation Attack Sounds: Beta 0025, Make All Attack Animations Genuine Attacks: Beta 0025.

What about the capacity to cripple auto-saves without expecting to utilize a Hex proofreader?


Rising (1.4.24): Tougher Abazigal, Original Tougher Demogorgon, Tougher Gromnir, Tougher Illasera, Tougher Yaga-Shura.

BG2 Fixpack

BG2 Fixpack (v10): Core Fixes, BG2 Fixpack – Game Text Update: GTU Light (by Wisp).

Game Mechanics Fixes: High-Level Dual-Class Characters Get Trapped at Level-Up Screen, Very Low Dexterity Characters Not Receiving Penalties to Thieving Abilities, Consistent Raise Dead Prices at Temples, Racial Definitions, Add Throne of Bhaal Scripting Abilities to Shadows of Amn Games, Broken Actions, Racial Thieving Bonuses Errors, Lore Bonus Error, Proper Kit Detection.

Class/Kit Fixes: Mages and Rogues Not Receiving Final Save Bonus, Thieving Skill Corrections, Using Ranger Tracking Will Permanently Increase the Number of Uses Available, Assassin Poison Weapon Ability Fixes, Monk Unarmed Attacks Incorrect, Bard Spell Memorization Table Fix, Barbarian Rage and Berserker Enrage, Innate Speed Bonuses Could be Negated by Free Action Effects, Cavalier’s Resist Fear Ability Could Fail Due to MR, Beast Master’s Find Familiar Not Displaying Warning in Tutorial, Blade Spin Fixes (Defensive Spin is not generally activated by Free Action), High-Level Ability Fixes (multi-class cheats can at this point not select Assassination at least a few times), Multi-and Dual-Class Thieves Restricted from Lawful Neutral and Lawful Evil Alignments, THAC0 Errors, Error in Fallen Paladin/Ranger and Swashbuckler Ability Tables, Stalkers and Archers Are Not Allowed to Dual-Class, Non-Magical Innate Abilities Affected by Wild Magic, Dead Magic Zones, Kensais and Monks Not Receiving Their Weapon Speed Bonuses, Kitted Bards Starting in Throne of Bhaal Have No Armor, Clerics Receiving Multiple Holy Symbols, Ranger Stealth Error, Inquisitors Get Charm Immunity Too Late, Weapon Proficiencies Maximum and Minimum Fixes.

Region Fixes: Area Scripts, Area Sound Fixes, Trap Fix Roundup, Container Fix Roundup, Corrupted Data in Rest Spawn Block of Mind Flayer Underdark Lair, Areas Types Flagged Incorrectly, Area Entrance/Exit Errors, Area Graphical Fixes, Map Note Corrections, Multiple Unique Creatures, Low-Reputation Parties Face NORH Paladins Too Often, Madman in Temple District Rarely Encountered, Demons Spawned from Resting in Watcher’s Keep Had Errors, Creatures Cannot Move.

Power, Friends, Luck, Strength, Protection from Cold, Tenser’s Transformation, Protection from the

Fire Giant’s War Hammer Doing Slashing Damage, Rings of Air/Earth/Fire Control Charming Everyone, Other Errors, Azuredge Ax Corrupted, Other Errors, Keep (Drow) Adamantine Items Exploit, Captain Arat Gives Infinite Fire Arrows, Corrupted Files.

Journey Fixes: Quest Reward Bugs, Stronghold Errors and Exploits, Romance-Related Fixes, Journal Entry Errors, Ust Natha Quest Fix Roundup, Twisted Rune Fixes, Errors While Leaving Brynnlaw with Saemon Havarian, City of Caverns Exploit, Tamoko Running Away Prevents Completion of Pocket Plane Challenge, Asylum Scripting Bugs, Brynnlaw Vampire Attack May Prevent Quest From Advancing, Vampires Transforming to Gas Prevents Conclusion of Quest for Aran Linvail, Umar Hills Kids Only Take One Bastard Sword, Unseeing Eye XP Exploit, Quest Breakage, Limited Wish Quest Fixes, Additional Hero Quests in Trademeet Wait Until Hero is Officially Named, Uder Mordin Could Assign Completed Imprisoned Mage (Vithal) Quest in Underdark, Mazzy-Gorf Encounter Fixes, NORH Ally in Bodhi’s Lair Turn Allies Against Party, Hell Fixes.

Exchange Fixes: ‘No Valid Links or Replies’ Fixes, Dialog Loops and Repeating Banters, Missing Banters, Interjections, and Replies, Minor Dialog Errors, Dialogs Not Setting or Checking Variables, Malformed/Broken Triggers and Actions, Sound Fixes, Incorrect Lines in Dialogs, Mayor Never Goes to See Madulf, Errors in Setting Quest Timers for Keldorn and Vithal, Nalia Reacting Oddly in Keep, Anomen’s Knighthood Not Being Checked, Valygar’s Ranger Friend Derrick No Longer Erroneously Attacks, Party Yoshimo Would Insist on Meeting Renal, Even assuming Already Contacted, Planar Sphere Apprentice Dialog Errors, People Leave Through Random Exits After Audiences with the Steward of de’Arnise Keep, Many Dialogs Not Properly Checking for Active Romances, Fixed Rumors at Taverns, Miscellaneous Fixes to Leftover Dialogs.

Save Upon Arrival in Brynnlaw, Jaheira Stutter Bug When Encountering Khalid’s Body, Kangaxx Gets Stuck as Invincible Lich, Miscellaneous Mazzy Dialog Errors, Unlock Bodhi’s Lair, Valygar’s Departure in the Slums Can Cause Cut Scene Hang, Disappearing Hendak, Surfacer Elves Flee Prematurely, Hostile Acting Troupe, Corrupted Scripts, Miscellaneous Fixes to Leftover Scripts.

Different Fixes: Worldmap Fixes, Missing Sound Files, Duplicate Stores, Stores Have Infinite Magical Items, Stores Selling Stacks of One Throwing Ax, Name of Arcana Archives is Incorrect, Infinite Gold Store Exploit, Fixed Bug That Prevents Saving Games (OS X Only), Stores With Duplicate Item Entries, Load Hint Fixes.

Rebel Rebalancing

Rebel Rebalancing (v4.80): Proper double employing execution for Thieves and Bards, Thief pack updates, Thief High Level Ability amendments, Proper racial changes for stealing abilities, Bard unit modifications, Bard High Level Ability corrections, Proper spell movement for Bards, Additional hardware for Thieves and Bards, Upgradeable Equipment, Revised Thievery – > Use PnP burglary mixtures and keep their belongings from stacking, Chosen of Cyric experience, Shadow Thief Improvements, BG2-style symbols for RR content.

Strategies Mod

Strategies Mod (v25): I didn’t really introduce the Tactics Mod (since I’ve played it quite a while in the past, before SCS emerged), yet this is the point at which you would introduce it (before SCS). Note that a few Tactics parts can be utilized with SCS, however some can’t be. Fundamentally, it’s ideal to stay with simply adding the Tactics experiences, in particular: Improved Ilyich, The Ritual, Kuroisan, Red Badge, Lich in the Docks, Gnome Fighter/Illusionist in the Docks and Improved Crypt King.

Kensai Mage Build BG2

Further developed Ilyich (requires ToB), The Ritual (requires ToB), Improved TorGal and De’Arnise Keep, Improved Sahuagin City, Improved Bodhi, Improved Irenicus, Improved Guarded Compound in the Temple District, Improved Twisted Rune, “Kuroisan”, the Acid Kensai, “Red Badge” Poison-Based Encounter, Gebhard Blucher’s Improved Mae’Var, Gebhard Blucher’s Lich in the Docks, Gebhard Blucher’s Improved Demon Knights, Kensai Ryu’s Tougher Kangaxx and Guardians, Kensai Ryu’s Gnome Fighter/Illusionist in the Docks, Kensai Ryu’s Improved Crypt King, Ishan’s “Consistently Toughest Random Spawns in Dungeons”, Gebhard Blucher’s Random City Encounters, Kensai Ryu’s Random Wilderness Encounters, Improved Undead, Improved Golems, Gebhard Blucher’s Improved Mind Flayers, Smarter Dragons in SoA, Smarter Beholders, Kensai Ryu’s Smarter Vampires, Slightly Smarter Mages and Liches, Fighter-Class Archer Kit, Anti-Paladin Kit, Göran Rimén’s Improved Nymphs, Kensai Ryu’s Improved Copper Coronet, SimDing0’s Improved Oasis, Mike Barnes’ Improved Small Teeth Pass, Mike Barnes’ Improved North Forest, Mike Barnes’ Marching Mountains, Slightly Tougher Demons, Tougher Druid Grove, Tougher Fire Giants, Streamlined Trolls.

Blade Coast Stratagems

Blade Coast Stratagems (v30 and 34.3): Initialise mod (any remaining parts require this), Allow Spellstrike to bring down a Protection from Magic parchment, More reliable Breach spell (consistently influences liches and rakshasas; doesn’t enter Spell Turning) (Somewhat messed with), Antimagic assaults enter further developed imperceptibility, Iron Skins acts like Stoneskin (can be brought somewhere near Breach), Modify the Harm spell so it causes harm as opposed to decreasing objective to 1 hp – > Enemy and player Harm spells both cause 150 hp of harm, Cosmetic change: prevent any opportunity of consuming spell insurances; spectator antimagic eliminates guards and forestalls projecting yet doesn’t hinder hurtful spells (unique game way of behaving), Smarter brain flayers – > Illithids have upgraded harm opposition; Illithids can see through imperceptibility (matches Tactics mod), Smarter githyanki, Improved Vampires, Smarter Throne of Bhaal last reprobate, Smarter Illasera, Smarter Gromnir, Smarter Yaga-Shura, Smarter Abazigal, Give Ascension renditions of Irenicus and Sendai SCS contents and capacities, Give Ascension evil presences SCS contents and capacities, Make the beginning prison marginally harder, Improved Shade Lord, Spellcasting Demiliches, More versatile savages, Increase trouble of level-subordinate beast groupings – > Significantly expanded trouble,

o Drow Avatars On Party In Underdark, Rest Anywhere (Japheth), Sellable Items (Icelus), ToB-Style NPCs (Don’t introduce this. It absolutely stuffs up Spellhold Imoen).

Ding0’s Tweak Pack

Ding0’s Tweak Pack (v22): Enhanced Goodberries, Reintroduce Dimension Door (Don’t introduce this. It borks the comparable aTweaks part), Summoning Cap Removal, Visual Ioun Stones, BG1-Style Summoning Spells.

Ding0 Tweak Pack is the main mod I am aware of that eliminates the 5-unit maxcap on summons. Note that the extra BG1-Style Summoning Spells part hooligans out the beast bringing spells (per projecting: up to 6x units + more beast assortment) and Animate Dead (per projecting = zombies and skeletons notwithstanding skeleton heroes at caster level 15), however not Spider Spawn (per projecting = 1x Sword Spider at twelfth clvl).