Monday, October 2, 2023

What Are The Advantages Of Custom-Built iGaming Systems vs. White Label Casinos?

If you are considering entering the online gaming industry as a business owner or a player, you need to understand who provides what and the best option for your investment. Due to improvements in technology, the global game market revenue for 2021 was $178.2 billion and is predicted to increase to $196 billion in 2022.

Many investors have also turned their attention toward online casinos for online gaming. It is a profitable business that can now be started in a few weeks if the right option is chosen, such as white label casinos or custom-built iGaming systems.  

This article will discuss the difference between each option to choose the best fit for yourself. 

White Label vs. Custom-Built Platforms

White Label Casino

A white label solution is the easiest and quickest way to start an online business, especially an online casino. A provider creates a specific solution with features like licensing, payment, hosting, and other technical aspects to lease and sell it to other businesses. These businesses can then re-brand and market it for their use. Simply put, you can call it a plug-and-play casino starter kit. 

The already-made backend casino solution enables businesses to start their online casinos in a matter of weeks. The providers take care of the technical solutions, and the business focuses on marketing. According to the agreement, the revenue is divided among both parties.  

Advantages of White Label Casinos

Lower Operating Costs

The major advantage of white label casinos is their low operating costs. The solution comes with a set budget for setup and administration fees. The revenue division is discussed in agreement and offers a win-win solution for both the provider and business owner as each takes care of their respective domain and earns profits. 

Fast and Efficient

Since the online gaming system is already pre-built, it is much faster to introduce to the market and gain profit. Opening an online casino from scratch is time-consuming and challenging; you have to deal with gambling licenses, payment processes, etc., before it comes together.

Market Knowledge

White label providers are experts in the online gaming industry’s different rules and regulations and ensure all legal issues are taken care of before leasing or selling the solution. This ensures that business owners can focus on business development rather than worrying about licensing and whatnot. White label casinos are ideal for those new to online gaming.  

Custom Built Platforms 

As the name implies, custom-built casino solutions are built from scratch and business owners can control the infrastructure of the online casino by keeping their business vision and goals in mind. Owners can choose their preferred payment processes, games, and partners and keep their target audience in mind while developing and marketing. 

However, according to Gia Janashvili, co-founder of Veli.Services, developing a custom iGaming platform is frequently more expensive than ready-made Whitelabel solutions. It should also be noted that there is a significant amount of hassle and time involved. As a result, it’s critical to pick your partners wisely.

VeliServices is a leading iGaming provider that offers stand-alone solutions. They specialize in customized iGaming platforms with sports betting, casino, and lottery, and Janashvili believes that choosing the best partners for each project is the key to their success. For each market, their business model is based on collaboration with third-party strategic partners. This has allowed them to develop customized iGaming platforms that are powered by a suite of unique products such as player management and cashier. The ability to personalize the customer experience and the freedom it provides the operator are the two main advantages of custom built platforms, according to Gia Janashvili.

Advantages of Custom Built Platforms


The online casino market has become highly saturated. As most businesses opt for label casinos, you have the chance to stand out by developing a unique and consumer-centric solution. You can offer different payment options, an intuitive user interface, and eye-catching visuals that can attract consumers and set you apart from the competitors through custom-built platforms. 

Freedom and Ownership

Business owners have complete freedom to develop the online casino’s backend according to their needs and requirements and not share ownership and profits with another partner. You can introduce new payment options, features, and visuals without limitations, which is a major concern in white label casinos.

Final Words – Which is Better?

The final choice depends on your expertise. For instance, if you are a beginner, we recommend opting for white label casino providers, but if you want to create a brand and add your unique features and options, then a custom-built online casino is the best bet for you. Both have their pros and cons and differ in efficiency and control, not that you understand both solutions you can choose the right option for your business.