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Adarsh Garden Estates Review

After spending days searching for a property to buy and invest in, I found Adarsh Garden Estates through a friend of mine. I met a childhood friend of mine a few months back who has a property at Adarsh Garden Estates for investment purposes, and this is what attracted me because I also needed a property to invest in. Adarsh Garden Estates is located in the lovely Gattahalli area. As a result of its good connectivity and proximity, the neighbourhood is a great spot to relocate to Bangalore. It is conveniently located near several public services and transportation options. Apartments at Adarsh Garden Estates are an ideal residence for both families as well as singles. The flats offer roomy interiors with good ventilation that lets in light and fresh air. The balcony/window offers beautiful views and sunlight, making it the ideal place to unwind after a long day. The apartment sizes range from 2 BHK units, the cost of which is available upon request. It is a plus to find a property like Adarsh Garden Estates as everything is close by and easily reachable.

Adarsh Garden Estates’ Amenities That I Love

Adarsh Garden Estates’ Amenities create the most fabulous ambience, which keeps residents on the residential property for the longest possible period. Among the many amenities are elevators with backup power, a water rescue system, security management, camera monitoring, and security monitoring, as well as round-the-clock security. A secure gate system and a 24-hour water system are also present. Among the intriguing features are:

  • A cafe bar.
  • A majestic township entrance.
  • A clubhouse.
  • A luxury lifestyle club.
  • Lovely scenery.
  • Well-planned road transit.
  • Commercial showrooms of various brands.

These amenities help to live life so efficiently that I believe one loves the project and tends to buy it. 

Reasons Why I Recommend Buying Property At Adarsh Garden Estates

There is no doubt that Adarsh Garden Estates is among the best places to live in Bangalore because of its excellent connections and immaculate surroundings. Access to amenities and all forms of public transportation is simple from this location.

Additionally, I learned that it is positioned close to restaurants, airports, and schools, meeting your family’s needs. 

Lush Green Environment And Nature-Loving Lifestyle 

Having lived there myself, I can attest to the fact that the project provides a lot of green space to let you engage with lovely animals, amenities to keep you relaxed, a modern club for celebrations as well as social events, or otherwise home automated systems to help you learn more.

The Affordable Price 

I can guess that one thing that is extremely important for a buyer to think of is the price of the property, and the price of Adarsh Garden Estates ranges from ₹81 Lacs to ₹1.14 Crores onwards. In my opinion, this is one of the best prices for a property that provides many facilities and amenities to its buyers. 

Location Benefits Of The Property

I completely agree with this and always ensure that the property I buy is accessible in all senses. It is essential to have a property where everything is nearby. Adarsh Garden Estates has excellent public transportation that connects to the city’s major destinations in just a few minutes. The local shopping facilities, retail stores, lawns, recreational centres and hospitals are in nearby areas of the property. Metro and Carmelaram stations are within 2 km of Adarsh Garden Estates and serve as public transportation hubs. 


I am relieved to say that I hope you will not have to bother about security as it is available 24/7. So do not wait and think for the right moment to buy a property at the Adarsh Garden Estates or check verified properties in Bangalore, do visit

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