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7 Easy Steps To Clean Your Garage

Our garage often takes a hit when our lives become busier. They are there to house our cars and a few knick-knacks, supposedly, but they usually end up becoming the home of things we have no place for in the house. 

This habit of storing our unwanted or lesser-used items in the garage wouldn’t be so bad if we took the time to keep them in an orderly manner. Yet, that’s not the case for most of us, and the result is an unsightly space with a mountain of random things and barely enough room to park the car.

So if you are up for the challenge and ready to give your garage a makeover, consider tackling the following steps so your garage can look as good as the rest of the house.

Prep well before starting your garage project

Knowing how to replacing the garage door opener with an updated model,or sealing cracks is excellent, but you must clear out the area before anything else. Deep cleaning requires a clear space so you can determine whether the place needs a simple wash or fresh paint and a new design. Clear everything out, from the pile of items sitting on the floor to the storage lockers and the shelves, so that you can decide on a strategy.


Remove unnecessary items

When you are deep cleaning a room, it is an opportunity to free up space by removing unnecessary items. Sort everything into piles. There are always things you haven’t used in years and something you could live without. The minimalists have shared some great tips on how you can clear out your space mindfully. What can you donate? Is there anything you can sell or recycle? Take a minimalist approach when sorting things out and make your life easier by doing away with fewer things.

Design your dream storage solution

When you clear the room, it is easier to figure out the ideal storage solution for your lifestyle. Are boxes required, or would open shelves work better? Would a custom storage cupboard be best? Pinterest is a major source for storage ideas that are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Decide on a budget for this step and remember that practicality is vital when it comes to this area. 

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Consider new floors

Now that you have a clear area, you might want to change up the aesthetic of your garage by changing the look of the floor. For example, a concrete floor might help give your garage a more modern feel or consider a fresh set of tiles to provide the space with new life.

Give the walls some love

If you plan to commit fully to the deep cleaning process, why not take care of any cracks, exposed pipes, and wires to create a clean and safe garage space? You could even change the lighting in the room if you want to take the project to the next level, so the garage’s design matches the aesthetic of your house. 

Once you do that, it is time to freshen up your walls with a lick of paint. Shades of white and eggshells are always safe but don’t be afraid to go for a brighter hue if you want to have your garage match other rooms in your house. A dramatic green, a modern-looking black ceiling, or a bright blue can make your garage look as beautiful as the rest of the rooms in your house.

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Time to deep clean

Once the garage sports a fresh look, it is time to give the space a proper wash. First, remove any paint splatters from floors, windows, and storage pieces. Next, ventilate the area well, so the smell of paint goes away, or better yet, use odor-free paint as a safer option for the family. 

Enjoy decorating the space

All that is left to do once you have a spotless garage is to decorate the area. Then, assign a space for everything and use labels to help you keep things in order. You can always find pretty printable labels online to use for boxes, shelves, or other storage options you have opted for. 

After all the time and effort you spent reinventing your garage space, it is good to have some fun with your decor. So if you want to hang frames in there, go for it! No rule says you can’t. As long as the garage serves its purpose and makes your life easier, you can have fun with the decorating process.

Once you are happy with the space, it is good to include a reminder to regularly clean the garage. Moreover, avoid throwing things in there to deal with them later. Generally, you end up postponing the sorting while the pile keeps getting bigger. So instead, commit to putting things in place immediately to keep your garage looking as good as your living room. 

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