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6 bedroom rugs that will brighten your mornings

Your bedroom is the ultimate sanctuary. A place for you to rest and recharge, and as the place you start and end each day, it can have a big impact on your mood. 

Is there anything more luxurious than a warm and cosy bedroom? You want to create an environment that encourages a good night’s sleep. There’s nothing better than having a room that makes you happy as soon as you wake up, and a big part of that is getting out of bed and stepping onto a soft rug. 

Bedroom rugs

There’s nothing better than creating your perfect bedroom atmosphere, and if you’re looking for a way to increase the cosiness and brighten your mornings, you can’t go wrong with a stylish rug. 

Unlike the living room, kitchen or hallway, your bedroom is a private space just for you. You don’t need to worry about impressing guests or choosing a pattern that will hide dirt as you do in high-traffic areas of the home. This means you can be more adventurous with colour, pattern and material. 

A bedroom rug can be a key piece to set the tone for the entire room, adding visual interest and texture. Adding colour and texture is a great way to liven up your bedroom, but you might want to first consider your interior style. Do you prefer soothing earth tones and neutrals, or do you want a luxurious bedroom with rich darker tones?

Bright colours can be inspiring, but in the bedroom, you don’t want anything too loud that could make it harder to fall asleep. A light-toned rug can lighten and brighten the room, attracting more light to help break up the dullness of a dark room. Though a dark bedroom can provide the ultimate cosy vibes, by adding a rug with darker hues, you can create a sense of being cocooned. 

Is your bedroom style traditional or modern? You can choose a rug to complement the existing style or put your own unique twist on the space by mixing different styles together. With a range of rug styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect rug to brighten your bedroom, no matter your interior style preference.  

As a place of rest, you want to evoke feelings of relaxation when you step into your bedroom, and what could be more relaxing than stepping onto a warm and cosy rug?

If you have hardwood floors or unappealing carpet, a rug is a great addition to cover it up. As well as adding style, bedroom rugs also have the practical benefit of helping to insulate for sound and warmth. A rug will make the room quieter and take away the coldness of a hard floor to make your bedroom more comfortable and inviting. 

It’s also important to choose the right rug size for your bedroom. A large rug will help make the room feel bigger but you don’t want the rug to be completely covered by the bed, so buy one big enough that it is visible around the edges to frame the bed. Another option is to use smaller runners to sit alongside the bed to pull together the room. 

Here are six Hali rugs that would work perfectly in any bedroom:


For a sense of old-world charm, you can’t go wrong with the elegant Mathura rug. Blending together contemporary colours with traditional designs, this stunning rug can still work well in modern homes and can be the ideal addition to ground a room. 

Featuring luxurious depth and shine this rug is a masterpiece that is sure to make a statement that will instantly brighten the mood of your bedroom. With a pattern that will never go out of style, choose a colourway that suits the rest of your bedroom decor to tie the space together and create a cohesive look. 


A beautiful rug that offers timeless charm, the Casablanca has been hand-knotted using New Zealand wool. Featuring bamboo silk highlights that will instantly brighten your bedroom, you can give your home a sophisticated update with this classic rug. 

The geometric print featured on this luxurious rug will work well with a modern or traditional interior style and is available in a variety of sizes to fit any space. 


For a rug that’s full of character and colour, the Hari rug makes a fun addition to any bedroom. This rug is ideal for those who don’t shy away from injecting colour into their home. 

Featuring a mix of colours, this surprisingly versatile rug, will provide the finishing piece to tie together your existing decor, or create some contrast. If you’re looking for a rug to brighten your mornings, then this contemporary rug is the perfect addition. 


The addition of a luxurious rug is the perfect way to brighten up your bedroom. The Marrakesh rug will give your room a timeless, yet modern feel, ideal for creating the perfect private sanctuary to encourage a restful night’s sleep. 

Made with New Zealand wool with bamboo silk highlights, the geometric pattern of this beautiful rug will liven up anyone’s bedroom without overpowering your existing decor. 


Made from organic wool from the mountains of Afghanistan, you’ll love sinking your toes into the plush pile of the Kabul rug. The casual texture and subtle design will add softness and depth to your bedroom. 

The tonal look of this rug will work well with numerous styles and colours, making it the perfect finishing touch for your bedroom. This lustrous bedroom rug will inject warmth and cosiness. 


Finely hand-knotted from pure New Zealand wool and abrash-dyed bamboo silk, the Diamond rug is part of a colourful range that is sure to brighten your mood on even the gloomiest of mornings. 

Putting a modern twist on a Persian rug, this rug will provide a vibrant pop of colour blended with stunning detail that you’ll love adding to your bedroom. 

Hali bedroom rugs

At Hali, we have an extensive collection of stunning rugs that are sure to brighten any bedroom and provide a luxuriously soft landing for your feet. Shop our range of bedroom rugs, available in-store and online. 

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