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5 Tips for a Perfect Smoky Mountains Honeymoon

Over 75% of married couples in North America prefer spending their honeymoon in the US and Canada. Since the US is home to fifty states, there are many venues for you to explore, but none comes close to the gorgeous Smoky Mountains. This diverse mountain range brings you closer to nature, surrounding you with a spectacular display of wildflowers and an abundance of wildlife, and walks you through the history of the southern Appalachian mountain culture.

As a newlywed, this is the relaxation you need after a stressful week of tending to guests and ensuring that your wedding runs flawlessly. There are also numerous activities for you and your partner to indulge in, whether you want a delicious meal, dance to country music, or watch beautiful sites together. Therefore, to make sure you have the honeymoon of a lifetime, here’s how you can enjoy the Smokies:

  • Rent Out the Most Comfortable Cab​​in

Cabins are the perfect way to start your honeymoon and ensure you have cozy lodgings waiting for you after you are done exploring the Smokies and nearby towns. These offer you the space to unwind, relax, and get some privacy from other residents as each accommodation is at a distance. As a result, you can relish in the comfortable sound of nature, capture picturesque moments of watching the night sky with your partner or make a romantic breakfast in their inbuilt kitchen. Towns like Pigeon Forge are twenty minutes from Smoky mountains, but this popular vacation area has the most affordable cabins stocked with all the necessary amenities.

So without going overboard, you can easily acquire a space by looking into some cabins in Pigeon Forge TN and book the one that is a perfect newlywed getaway. At the same time, if you are seeking perks and want certain luxuries like an indoor pool, access to a hot tub, or an exclusive spot near the river, some cabins offer those as well.

  • Checkout The Scenic Helicopter Tour

Take your beloved on a special tour of the Smokies by giving them a bird’s eye view of this glorious vast land by helicopter. The Scenic helicopter tours will take you on a gentle glide over the beautiful city of Pigeon Forge and the surrounding areas. The scenes, sights, and experiences will forever be a fond memory. There are numerous packages that you can indulge in while booking your ride. For example, check out the Pigeon Forge flight tour for a night trip to the town. This will take you above Sevierville and across the Pigeon Forge skyline for a one-of-a-kind view of the evening.

If you look down, the pilot will point out the distinct views of the island: the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel and Dolly wood. However, if you are looking for an extraordinary romantic escapade, book the endless love package. This is a scenic tour of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is entirely private, and you will cover a distance of 50 miles, including stunning views of the Smokies and the historic downtown areas of Sevierville.

The helicopter will also take you over the Elkmont community and Sugar land valley, with a glimpse of Mount LeConte. Once you are safely back on land, the staff will greet you with roses, chocolates, and locally produced hard cider from the Tennessee Cider company, along with two custom champagne flutes.

  • Feast On A Romantic Dinner for Two

Food can do more than satisfy your appetite. The right environment, lighting, and ingredients can set the mood and create a blissful experience. When it comes to a dinner date, you can never go wrong with steak. Gatlinburg’s oldest steak spot, the Peddler, has some of the juiciest steaks at your service. You can also request to be seated at the lounge, which overlooks the Pigeon River, allowing you to gaze at the rippling water and listen to the surrounding nature. If you are looking for a quick recommendation, try the pristine 7 OZ filet Mignon with a baked potato, and order a warm basket of fresh yeast medallion rolls to share with your partner. This steak is known for its tender texture and rich taste. Finally, cleanse your palette with a delicious Kahlua Crème brûlée; if you have an appetite for chocolate, a peddler mud pie will leave you humming for more.

  • Catch The Sunset at Newfound Gap

The Newfound Gap is the best place to look at the sunset and hold your partner’s hand at the summit. This location is halfway between Gatlinburg and Cherokee. Your journey will start through the northern hardwood forests and climb up 3,000 feet till you reach the lush green forests of the Newfound Gap. If you arrive early, you can get a good parking spot and watch the sky gradually fade from orange to red to yellow before it vanishes out of your view, leaving a pink hue.

  • Go for A Guided Horseback Ride

Take your partner on a guided horseback ride if you want to capture a scene out of an old romantic country movie. The Great Smoky Mountains has many trials available from mid-March through late November. Depending on your route and the riding style, the journey may last from 45 minutes to several hours. If you don’t have experience riding horses, you shouldn’t worry much. The tour guide will ensure that the horses are moving at a walking pace which will not throw you off balance or make them lose control over the reins.

Try going for the Smoky Mountain Riding Stables, a 45-minute peaceful excursion around three miles of the National Park. The guide will help you saddle up, walk you through mountain streams and wooded trials, and even traverse a flock of turkeys and a herd of deer. To capture the romance, try trotting along your partner’s horse and watch the sceneries unfold in front of you together.

Final Thoughts

Honeymoons are the best way to mark the start of your marital life and go on your first journey together as a married couple. This is not like any other vacation and is a chance for you to charm, woo and bask in each other’s presence. Therefore, a quaint and beautiful southern venue like the Smoky Mountains, the hub of the Appalachian culture, is the place to be. Nature can have a profound effect on you. It can regulate your emotions and fill you with happiness and serenity. So, as you plan on taking your partner, make sure you enjoy your stay.

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Cary Grant
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