Friday, July 1, 2022

4 Tricks to Kick Your Bathroom Walls with Art!

Which is the first room you visit early in the morning? Your bathroom, certainly! It is one destination where you have to mark your presence every day. So, why not make it a worthwhile visit by adding some style of humor to the walls?

Bathroom wall decor can include installing expensive vintage tiles to bathroom wall art. And before you start searching for bathroom wall art canvas, here are a few tips to make your purchase journey more effortless.

How to choose bathroom art like a pro?

Bathrooms reflect your connection with you, whether you choose to look at yourself in the bathroom mirror or spend time looking at ocean dreams canvas print. It’s all your choice. You can set any mood or tone for your bathroom walls as long as it suits your imagination. But, there are loads of bathroom wall decor ideas available on the internet; how to choose which one is your perfect match? Too much clutter gives you a headache and before you commit to sea sun canvas print, read these points below for extra help!

Identify your style

There’s no limit to showcasing creativity on bathroom walls. With thousands of options available, you must begin by finding your style. The style reflects the emotion, tone, or mood you set for your bathroom. It can be a soothing beach-like aura or a colorful preppy print. Take a moment and comprehend what your bathroom speaks to you.

Decide the spot

Hanging wall art or canvas prints on bathroom walls can be puzzling. Unlike walls in the living room and bedroom, which have plenty of space for wall decor pieces, bathroom walls are primarily at a premium. Vanity mirrors, bathtubs, towel racks, and other shelves occupy the wall space. So, lookout for a spot where you can hang and enjoy the decor item. For instance, you can hang a giraffe in a tub canvas print on the opposite wall of the mirror to enjoy your bath and floss time.

Select your medium

The bathroom environment is moist and humid. So no matter which art piece you choose, it has to withstand moisture and humidity. You can buy professionally framed prints, photographs, and other works that fare well in the bathroom. You must choose your medium effectively to deliver the right message you want your bathroom walls to convey without letting the moisture come in the way.


The size of the bathroom determines the size of the wall accessory. For example, if you want to hang New Orleans art on a bathroom wall adjacent to your mirror, make sure you have enough space for both the elements and that one’s presence doesn’t overshadow the other.


Choosing a wall art can be tricky at first, but don’t worry, as you will become a pro after a few hits and trials. You can try hanging botanical print, abstract, and even figurative artwork on your bathroom wall. You can choose the artwork that is in your budget as per your style, but keep in mind that- bathroom walls are one thing that shouldn’t be naked in your bathroom!

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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