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10 Tips to Improve your Bingo Games

Bingo is a staple game among people around the world, especially seniors. Even though the game is beloved by billions, bingo does have a tendency to become a little stale if you play it frequently.

If you are organizing a bingo event where everyone knows when to say bingo, they likely play the game a great deal. Rather than setting up a standard game of bingo, you could make several changes to make the event a little more exciting.

Below are the top ten ways that you can liven up your bingo games.

1. Double Bingo

Rather than giving out the regular prize each time someone wins a game of bingo, you can double the prizes. Everyone who is playing will be more excited about the upcoming rounds, while they will be paying even more attention to ensure they do not miss the numbers or letters that you are reading out.

2. Holiday Theme

Instead of playing with regular bingo cards, you may want to consider adding a theme to the whole event. If there is a holiday coming up, you can decorate the entire area in that theme, along with the bingo cards. Even if you are not in the holiday season, you can set up a theme for different seasons or someone’s birthday.

3. Swap Bingo

Swap bingo can create chaos during a bingo game, but in a fun way. The objective is to randomly select two people during a game and have them swap seats. They do not get to take their bingo cards, which means they are stuck with the card of another player for the rest of the round.

4. Different Ways to Win

There is no need to limit winning in bingo to those who get a straight line on their bingo card. You can expand the ways to win, such as post-card or diagonal lines. Post-card is a fun way to play bingo, as people who can mark each corner of their bingo card are the ones who win the round.

5. Play At a New Location

Rather than playing bingo with your friends or at a work function at the same place, you can change up your bingo venue. If you are with friends, you can play at a local bar or restaurant, while you can even take a work group outside for an outdoor bingo session.

6. Add Music

Imagine having a bingo game where you are playing various popular or obscure songs, and then you have the name of the song or artist on everyone’s bingo cards. Such a game would be a great way to test everyone’s music knowledge while making the entire bingo experience so much fun.

7. Add Trivia

A bingo game that revolves around trivia would be a lot of fun. You can have specific answers to questions on the bingo cards, and then ask everyone the questions during each round of a bingo game. When someone guesses correctly, everyone who has that word or phrase on their card gets a point.

8. Use Food As Bingo Chips

Rather than using typical bingo chips to mark each word, letter, or number that a person gets on their card, you can use little pieces of candy or chocolates. When using candies like M&Ms or Reece’s Pieces, players have a lot more fun, as they can munch on the candies while they play different rounds.

9. Add Pictures

Rather than having numbers, letters, or words, you can even play bingo with pictures. You can set up bingo cards that have pictures, and then either say the name of the person or create a little description about them that you read out to all the players. Those who have the person on their card and guess correctly will be successful.

10. Give More Prizes to Other Players

Rather than limiting prizes to the winners of a bingo game, you can consider giving awards or prizes to those who come in second, third, and so on. Such a strategy makes the game a lot more fun for everyone, while it ensures each round continues after the winner is declared. Players will enjoy the game a lot more this way.


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