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Why You Should Consider Independent Apple Repair Shops?

Apple has a policy that makes it difficult for small repair shops or independent repair shops to conduct business. Sourcing parts can be challenging because of how Apple signs contracts with parts suppliers. Even something as simple as a MacBook repair for a screen replacement encounters some hurdles when it comes to sourcing parts. Regardless, such repair shops still exist and there are some strong arguments as to why you should not avoid them.

Genuine Parts

A common concern when it comes to independent repair shops is that they do not use genuine parts. That is anything but true. Repair shops can only use genuine parts, especially in modern Apple products because Apple made their devices able to detect if a genuine part is used or not. Most of the parts used in repairs come directly from suppliers or from other shops that sell refurbished parts. The only question is if you are getting a genuine part that is new or used. For something like a display, it may not matter that much. For keyboard replacements, motherboards, RAM, storage devices, etc, you should always opt for a new part if you have that option.

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Reduced Repair Costs

Another reason why you should take your MacBook to an independent repair shop is the cost. Official repair shops usually do not try to fix problems with sub-components. They tend to replace an entire part. For example, if a laptop is failing due to liquid damage and has a few chips showing signs of corrosion, they will just replace the entire board. The costs for such a repair can sometimes be as high as the cost of a new MacBook. A similar problem for a MacBook repair can be done for a fraction of the cost by an independent repair shop. Smaller shops can attempt to replace only the damaged sub-components on a board for just a fraction of the cost.

You Are Saving the Environment

The costs of a repair on an Apple device are very steep when done by an official repair shop. It incentivizes users to simply buy a new device rather than repairing the old one. MacBooks are expensive and while some would afford to buy a new one instead of repairing it, this just creates more waste. A MacBook repair done at an affordable price means that you get more life out of your old device. As a consequence, you are creating less waste and you are saving money in the process.

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You Are Helping Apple Become a Better Company

Until recently, Apple had a monopoly when it came to any kind of repairs to their devices. Sourcing parts was extremely difficult for repair shops. You had little if any choice if you wanted to perform any MacBook repair or any other Apple product repair. Apple has changed its policies to make its devices easier to service. Original parts are much easier to source now. Repair shops are getting access to official tools, documentation, and parts. By taking your MacBook to a repair shop rather than going to Apple to fix it for you, you are supporting this shift in policy and sending Apple a clear message.

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