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Why Python is considered a Primary Language for Data Scientist

Data Science is the culmination of several disciplines including, Maths, Statistics, Programming Language, Data Visualization, etc. Data Scientists are the pinnacle of Data Science’s pyramid. 

These professionals explore these large datasets to uncover beneficial and actionable information or insight to fuel the growth of a data-driven business or an organization

If you are passionate about becoming a successful Data Scientist, you need to be well-versed with technical concepts and tool knowledge of this stream, and for that, you can take up a Data Science Certification Course


In this digital era, there are several options for Programming Language to choose from for the Data Science stream, especially in becoming a Data Scientist. Python is the obvious choice, but then R exists. Both Python and R undergo heavy comparisons to determine which language is best suited for a Data Scientist. 

Both languages have their goodies and shortcomings. While R was built by statisticians solely for Data Science, and its open-source community has some great modules and frameworks, which does save a great deal of time, and prevents creating the scripts from scratch. If you wish to enhance your technical skill in R, check out the R certification course.

On the other hand, Python is a general-purpose Programming Language. And Data Science is just an application of this language through fantastic packages, libraries, and modules. Learn real-life applications of Python in Data Science through the Data Science for Beginners.

Why does Python best suit Data Scientists?

There are many reasons why Data Scientists love Python. The love for Python is consistently growing between academia and industry professionals alike since its inception in the early 1990s. And with the Internet, it has boomed to the top spot of Programming Languages, thanks to its ever-evolving large community.Check out this video to learn various aspects of Python Language designed for aspirants.

Let’s now discuss some of the influential points of Python which makes it the Primary Language for Data Scientist: 

Python is Simple!

Python is very simple to learn, as it has a relatively flat learning curve, very simple to set up and get started. And that is the reason even after 30 years Python, is one of those languages that a newcomer to Programming will opt for. And this simplicity is because it has a simple syntax that is very similar to human language, that aids in increasing readability and helps in maintaining code without much effort. 

Python has fantastic Libraries and Packages.

For simple problems, writing the scripts and important lines is easy. But what if the problem you are trying to solve is big or complex or maybe even both. In those scenarios, you need libraries and frameworks within Programming to help you avoid writing the script again from scratch. 

Python has many libraries, modules, and frameworks to work with. Exclusively for Data Science, Python has Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, etc. 

Here Pandas is used for Data Analysis and Data Handling. NumPy in Numerical Computing by providing high-level math functions with Data Manipulation. And SciPy in scientific and technical computing, used in various scenarios, like Data Optimization and modification, Algebra, etc. 

Python has one of the largest communities around. 

As discussed earlier, the Python community is one of the biggest in terms of sheer number. They have a solution to every problem that you will ever face using Python. Being a Data Scientist using these libraries, you will face many issues, and you can always resort to this community to help you out. 


Choosing Python or R should be done only after careful consideration of each Programming language and its benefits. It also heavily depends on the organization you are working for. Investing in Python will help you secure your career, as Python is not only in Data Science, but is used in various domains like Web Development, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. 

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