Saturday, May 21, 2022

Why Do We Pair Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar?

Human beings tend to mix and match many unusual things especially when it comes to food. Over the years, the pairing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar has grown tremendously popular. Even though the two items are highly different, they go well together very well. These two items are easily available in the kitchen cabinet of every household. You can unite the two and create delicious dips out of them. Moreover, both these items are known to be packed with various benefits for your health and that is why combining the two can be very healthy. People commonly use flavored balsamic vinegar with olive oil as a dip for loaves of bread but there are various other delicious recipes including the two items. 

Benefits of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar 

The fusing of olive oil with balsamic vinegar has many plus points when it comes to health which are as follows.

  • Polyphenols are present at a high level in both olive oil and balsamic vinegar. They also have a wealth of antioxidants which can be effective in reducing blood pressure and inflammation. Olive oil is also rich in Vitamin E and can be helping in repairing damaged cells in the body. Balsamic vinegar is not a source of Vitamin E but one of the main balsamic vinegar uses is that it helps in digestion due to the presence of antioxidant properties. 
  • Olive is known to delay the process of aging. It also improves digestion and controls diabetes. It prevents a person from being vulnerable to illnesses such as cancer, infections, cardiovascular diseases, and more. Balsamic vinegar is believed to boost weight loss. It helps reduce acid reflux and hypertension. It also regulates blood sugar levels and helps in lowering cholesterol. 
  • Combining infused balsamic vinegar with olive oil is believed to increase the quality of food. It not only increases the health benefits of the food but also makes the food more scrumptious and savoury. Olive oil adds richness to the dish while balsamic vinegar enables the dish to become more flavorful. Why make your dishes ordinary when you can make them extraordinary by blending this special, succulent and mouth-watering combination.

From healing your body and keeping many illnesses at bay to elevating the taste of your food, combining single olive with balsamic vinegar is a great idea. You can buy this unique combination online at Ellora Farms where you can find high-quality products. 

Ideas for Combining Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

It is time to make your cooking sessions more exciting and innovative with the unusual yet effective blending of olive oil with balsamic vinegar. Here are some dishes you can prepare using this combination.


You can add balsamic vinegar and olive oil to the soup you are preparing. Since they have a liquid consistency, these ingredients can blend with the soup smoothly and disperse in the soup effectively. This enables the soup to become more flavorful and gives the soup a subtle taste. It also makes the soup creamier and more delightful. If you do not find thick or heavy soups much tempting, you can add infused balsamic vinegar and olive oil to the soup to create a lighter soup you cannot resist.

Roasted Vegetables

Vegetables are extremely healthy for your body and for your skin too but now it is time to increase the health benefits you gain from vegetables by using olive oil and balsamic vinegar in your dishes. You can roast the vegetables in this combination in an oven. When the vegetables start getting a deeper colour, they will start retaining the flavour of the virgin olive oil and the balsamic vinegar so that your taste buds can be filled with excitement. 

Ice Cream 

You may be a bit surprised to find ice cream on this list but you have got to try combining balsamic vinegar and olive oil with ice cream. Nothing can match the salty and sweet punch the blend offers. In a bowl, add some scoops of your favourite ice cream. Add the single olive oil and balsamic vinegar to the ice cream. You can also add chopped fruits to the combination to increase the intensity of the flavour. The successful blending of the flavor will leave you happily surprised and leave you desiring for more. You might also want to try out the combination regularly. 


Yogurt is another food in which you can add olive oil and infused balsamic vinegar and prepare a delicious snack right away. The salty nature of the olive oil and balsamic vinegar marries perfectly well with the sweet yogurt flavour and this can help you prepare a dish that is unique and extremely delectable. 

As you can see, these recipes require little time and you can prepare them in seconds. Whether you want to prepare a heavy meal using the combination or want to indulge in a light snack, these recipes can come in handy at any moment. Therefore, make sure you buy high-quality olive oils and balsamic vinegar like the ones available at Ellora Farms. 

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