Sunday, May 29, 2022

Why do entrepreneurs need to focus more on creating good landing pages?

Today we bring to you information about landing pages, how to create them, and how to optimize them so you can generate more leads than your competition.

Joining our discussion are marketing experts from Aleph Website Team. The Aleph Website Company is located in New York. It provides professional web services for entrepreneurs (like yourself). In their work, they focus on creating awesome web design and drive traffic to where it needs to go – so your business can increase profits. Their story, growing from a freelance part-time gig, becoming a leading Web Design Agency in New York has inspired many entrepreneurs and small business owners to believe that it possible to make it, despite the small size and limited resources!

Here’s what the experts from Aleph  Website had to say about landing pages for entrepreneurs:

  1. How to create a landing page that converts?

“There’s no one-way or a single successful method to build landing pages. Instead, each industry, each customer persona deserves a unique landing page with unique headlines, descriptive text, hero image, and a special call to action.

For you, as an entrepreneur, you need to study the online behavior of your target customer. This is called Customer Persona Profiling. It is needed so you can deliver powerful messaging and creatives that will emotionally evoke the reactions you desire when these visitors interact with your landing page.

A good landing page must be:

  • Short
  • Simple
  • With a few interactions
  • Goal-oriented (collecting a specific data point from a specific type of audience)
  • Explain the problem it is solving 
  • Touching an emotional cord with the visitor
  • Represents your brand (colors, fonts, etc.) “

To learn how to create a landing page visit the following website:

How to Create a Landing Page

  1. What are some recommendations you would give to entrepreneurs in order to increase the number of leads generated and optimize the landing page?

“This question is on everyone’s mind. We need to always think about optimizations, and not only think about once – but instead treat it as a continuous and endless process of perfecting your landing page until you can reach a 100% lead generation rate (every single visitor is turned into a lead).

Of course, this is not easy! Instead we choose to do it differently and then when our conversion rates are low, we exclaim “landing pages don’t work for us!”

This is nonsense. Landing pages do wonder and still generate a great chunk of the total business for every single digital business!

Here are a few tips that will help you understand what you might be doing wrong when creating a landing page:

  • Ask only for the data points you REALLY REALLY need.
  • Make the lead generation process last under 60 seconds.
  • Protect data privacy and be transparent in terms of how you are using this data
  • Avoid using open-ended questions and use check boxes and buttons instead
  • Add customer testimonials next to your lead gen forms.
  • Make sure your landing page design is resposnive.

For the full article:

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