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Where to get the best view of the sunrise in South Korea

A good way to start your day is to watch the sunrise, but you can make it more wonderful by watching it with your loved ones, visiting a unique sunrise and sunset place where you can get an even more breathtaking view, and take special pictures with them. In this article, Ziptoss has listed down the best places to get the best view of the sunrise around South Korea.

Achasan Mountain

Achasan is located at the easternmost point of the city where people can see the first glimpse of sunrises in Seoul. The location is also only 20 minutes away from Achasan Station, which can be easily reached by public transportation. Even for those who have just started hiking, the trail to the top of the mountain is quite easy to climb. The best place to watch the sunrise on Achasan Mountain is at the four peaks of the mountain and the viewing plaza in the center of this scenic spot.

Gaehwasan Mountain

Gaehwasan Mountain is located between Haengju Fortress and Hangang River. Gaehwasan Mountain is a famous scenic spot where you can enjoy the magnificent view of Hangang River and Bukhansan Mountain. It is a good place to watch the sun rise while walking along the trail to the top of the mountain. New Year celebrations are also held on the top of the mountain every year. Visitors can not only enjoy the first sunrise of the year, but also various other New Year celebrations.


Homigot is another spot located at the easternmost tip of the Korean peninsula. The Homigot Square was built to commemorate the research results of the National Sunrise Festival. There are hand-shaped bronze sculptures that have been installed in the waterfront and waterfront areas. The palms of these bronze hands face each other, symbolizing harmonious coexistence. Nearby attractions in Homigot include the Homigot Lighthouse, the Lighthouse Museum, and Daebao Beach, which uses the pure waters of the Eastern Sea.

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Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak

Seongsan Peak is one of the special places that people go to every new year. For others, climbing to 182m above sea level is not easy, and the slope is very steep. However, the wind that hugs you on the mountain is enough to make up for the sweat you shed to get there.


Mangwol-bong is for those who find it difficult to climb. It is located in half a cave in Songpo District and belongs to a non-mountain scenic area. Mangwol Bong is a vast space where visitors can easily enjoy the sunrise. Moon Mountain is also a famous moon-viewing resort. Lanterns will be lit at night, and you can reach them by simply going up on a small hill.

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