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Where to Buy Xbox Series X?

After a long time of waiting after a long time, it’s finally here! Microsoft Xbox Series X is now available (if you are able to find it)! With a fresh design and upgraded hardware, the Series X is the most powerful console Microsoft has ever made. This Series X packs a punch and is an excellent choice in the ongoing Xbox against Playstation debate.

It’s not the only console from Microsoft’s new-generation line-up and an Xbox Series S launching as an affordable alternative. If you’re not sure which to choose among the Series X and the Series S make sure to read our complete comparison. In this review, we will take a closer to examine everything we know about the Xbox Series X!

Does it worth the Xbox Series X worth it?

The Xbox Series X is a remarkable upgrade over its predecessor. It comes with the same price starting point like it was the Xbox One X that launched in the year 2017. The console has plenty to offer. It’s extremely powerful, has incredible backward compatibility, and also has a hole in the hole with Xbox Game Pass. Overall, it’s an excellent combination of power and value in terms of price.

However, there’s not any compelling reason to purchase a console just right now, especially if are already using already got the Xbox One X. The library isn’t fully functional to six months or more after the release date as well as it is possible to play your games on an older console as easily, even though it’s not in the best possible quality.

There’s a lot to look forward to, however! To answer that question to question, it’s clear that the Xbox Series X is absolutely worth the investment. If you’re considering a move an entry point into the Xbox ecosystem for the first time it’s you’ll find that the Series X is the best option (with it being Series S a close second). If you’re looking for an upgrade you’re able to put off the purchase for some time. It’s likely that you’ll need to do considering the difficulty to locate one at the moment.

Xbox Series X specifications

The Xbox Series X is a huge leap above the previous Xbox One family and can be up to four times more powerful than the Xbox One predecessor. The Series X features AMD’s Zen 2 CPU and 16GB of RAM as well as a custom AMD Navi-based 12 Teraflop GPU. The brand new Xbox console also comes with an NVMe SSD that is custom-built to 1TB and read speeds up to 2GB per second.

There’s an expansion slot at front of the console to provide additional storage. This is connected directly to the motherboard and provides the same speed. The aim is to reduce the loading time to a minimum, and also provide an extremely fast rendering of the environment. Alongside the upgraded internals The Series X also features a Blu-ray disk reader to play your favorite movies and games and supports HDR10, 4K HDR10 as well as Dolby Vision technology.

The Xbox Series X offers to support up to 120fps as well as 8K resolution.

In terms of games, the new console is capable of supporting up to 120fps at 8K resolution, though it’s unlikely to support both simultaneously. The aim is to offer an unbeatable 60 frames per second at 4K, something that current-gen consoles such as those like the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro are unable to do regardless of 1080 p.

Microsoft has also launched hardware-accelerated ray-tracing on Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X, which helps in the real-time rendering of shadows and light. On PCs, ray-tracing is restricted to GPUs with high-end specs such as that of Nvidia RTX 2080 series and over, which can be more expensive than a brand new gaming console. It is also necessary to have an LCD or TV with a high-refresh-rate and a high resolution to benefit from the Xbox Series X’s stunning visuals.

To accommodate all the new Xbox hardware The console’s size has increased. It’s the Xbox Series X resembles a small computer tower that measures 6 inches wide by 6 inches at the bottom and 18 inches high. It also has an open top that has a large (but still quiet) fan within. According to Microsoft the dimensions and well-engineered airflow will make sure there is minimal sound when gaming.

We observed this to be the case in our test as well. The console was largely quiet even after just a few hours of playing.

In all aspects taking everything into consideration, taking everything into consideration, the Xbox Series X is a remarkable console that can far more than stand up against the most recent models from its long-running adversary Sony PlayStation.

Where to Buy Xbox Series X

Gamers who have yet receive the mysterious brand new Xbox Series X have now endured over 5 months in frustration. The same thing happens every time scenario: Users log in when consoles are released at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop or Target Then the entire stock is gone in just a few minutes and they’re left with nothing. The demand on this model of the Xbox Series X continues to surpass supply, in part due to due to the pandemic, which is causing many people searching for entertainment options to play at home. This is one of the reasons why the PS5 is recently ranked as the most popular gaming console ever in US history.

But don’t stop now! As you can see, in recent months, we’ve been experiencing more frequent drops in inventory at the major retailers. The announcements of retailers about Series X and Series S Restocks in any way means that your chances of getting the latest console are becoming more likely. The price is $500. Xbox Series X is the gaming console to choose for its 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rates however, if you don’t own an HD TV and want to go all digital, the Xbox Series S is an fantastic console and retails for just $300.

For the latest information about Xbox game inventory changes, make sure to check regularly. You can keep track of Xbox availability by yourself also: Twitter is a popular (if not 100% reliable) source for Xbox news about restocks. However, here at CNET We occasionally receive information directly from retailers as well as other sources of information about forthcoming inventory restocks. If we receive it, we send the news out quickly.

It’s true that it could take several months until usual Xbox Series X stock inventory levels show up in major retailer stores. If you don’t invest some time into acquiring your own Xbox in time for summer will be a struggle. Microsoft recently announced that it anticipates inventory to be low until June.

Following this list of similar stories, you’ll be able to find a listing of all major retailers (and notable resellers) that you can follow Xbox inventory updates and availability.



Both Series S and the Xbox Series X and the cheaper Series S on the same Amazon product page.



This is the official product page of Xbox Series. Xbox Series at GameStop.



It’s also possible to go to Amazon’s Xbox home page in order to check out the two new consoles. However, here’s the official page for Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X.



If you’re looking to find up-to-date information on your Xbox Series X, there’s likely no better site than Microsoft’s official Xbox Series X homepage.



This is Target’s page on Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X.



This is where you’ll be able to buy this version of the Xbox Series X at Newegg in the event that the retailer is stocking it.

Best Buy


Here’s where you can find you can purchase the Xbox Series X at Best Buy (when the inventory is depleted).



We strongly suggest waiting for stock to be available at normal stores so that you can purchase the Xbox Series X at the normal retail cost. However, if you are unable to hold off, you should know that the typical Xbox Series X price on eBay is approximately $800.



Would you be willing to fork over for a premium of hundreds of dollars more than the retail price? We wouldn’t advise it however, StockX is a trusted eBay-style website that lets you purchase a brand new Xbox for as it’s possible to be willing to pay at least $650.


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Where to Buy Xbox Series X?

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