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Where to Buy Pregnancy Tester

The days (or months or weeks) of trying to figure out if you’re expecting can seem like the longest days of your life. There are plenty of emotions associated with the anticipation of pregnancy, and with the right reason — your life isn’t going to ever be the same.

A trusted at-home pregnancy test at home can provide you with quick answers to the question you’re seeking. It will also let you know whether you’re required to make appointments with your physician or a midwife (and put the drinks in a pause).

What are your home pregnancy tests performed?

Home pregnancy tests can detect an estrogen in your urine that is known as”hCG” (short for human gonadotropin chorionic). When a sperm, as well as an egg, unite and begin to grow in the cells, some (that are soon to be transformed into the placenta) begin to produce the hormone hCG.

The levels of hCG increase rapidly during early pregnancy This is the reason the tests for home-based pregnancy are looking for.

Tests for pregnancy at home usually work either way you either place the stick in your urine stream (preferably early in the morning, as your hCG levels in urine are higher) or you urinate in a cup before dipping the stick into.

Then, place the stick or strip flat and then wait for the length of time indicated within the box (typically between 1 and 5 minutes, based what test you are taking).

To get the most accurate results, it’s recommended to wait until at least (a day, and ideally, the week that follows) the day your period was scheduled to begin. Prior to this, there may not be enough HCG in your urine to be detected by an ultrasound test for pregnancy.

If you do not get a positive result from the prenatal test, you may be too early for you to be able to determine. Consider waiting for a couple of days before you take a second look. It’s more likely to find false positives in the pregnancy test (due to the test being taken too early or with an expired test or not following the guidelines) However, false positives are sometimes seen.

When is the best time to conduct the test for pregnancy?

If you’ve had a sexual partner (even having contraceptives) but your cycle isn’t coming in It’s most likely that you should conduct the pregnancy test. There are many reasons your period may be late taking a pregnancy test at home is a great place to begin.

It is also possible to test for pregnancy in the event that you’ve noticed symptoms of pregnancy that are early for example:

Breast tenderness


Increased sense of smell


food aversions

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test – Available on Amazon:

In the most comprehensive study of pregnancy tests available over the counter that has been conducted, First Response proved to be 97 percent reliable from the day you missed your period. Available on the internet and in retail stores This simple, reliable and cost-effective test is a definite popular choice for users (and could be a great option for those who just need to know now! ).

Additionally, it’s the most accurate test for home use the First Response Early Results comes with an ergonomically-designed handle that’s comfortable to hold (you’d be shocked by how many sticks we’ve almost thrown into our toilet). Also, it’s available in digital format in case you’re worried about reading the results accurately.

Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test – Available on Amazon

If three minutes seem like an eternity to wait around for the results then you should consider the Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test could be the perfect choice for you can provide results in only one minute. While the results are quick, however, it is recommended to test for a week following the day you missed your period (the study of 2011 that was mentioned earlier found that only 64 per cent of the test was accurate on the date of missing the period! ).

Although the test is widely accessible and simple to use but we did find more instances of false positives using this test than with any of the other options (based on reviews online). A false-positive test can cause an emotional rollercoaster which is why it’s worth the additional minutes to take any of our tests best recognized for their reliability.

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test – Available on Amazon

One of the most frequent complaints about test for pregnancy is the fact that they are difficult to read. which lines signify positive? Do you think that’s an additional line or simply reflection?

It’s not enjoyable to engage in a guessing game during what’s probably already an emotional moment. This is the reason why Clearblue Digital pregnancy tests can be extremely beneficial.

It features a blinking countdown timer to let you can tell when it’s ready to be read. Additionally, it explains your results in words, not lines.

This test claims that it is sensitive enough detect 5 days prior to the missed period (and it certainly could be in some cases) however, it is most precise should you wait until the period has begun and, in actual truth, as in the study that we mentioned earlier, the test found only 54 percent of pregnancy on the day you missed your period!

ClinicalGuard Pregnancy Urine Test Strips – Available on Amazon

Although they aren’t so user-friendly, tests are generally considered to be less expensive and equally accurate when properly used.

The pregnancy test strips are thinner and less flimsier than test sticks and are usually designed to be submerged into an empty cup of urine. It is also possible to hold them in the water, however they’re a bit more difficult to hold (i.e. they shouldn’t be dropped into your toilet) and could not absorb urine in the right way and, consequently, not yield a reliable outcome.

If you’re determined in finding out if your pregnant and would like to test each day following the ovulation (or take a test every 10 days even after you’ve had a positive test to confirm) these test strips can be a fantastic method to try! Affordable, reliable and relatively simple to use are the main advantages of the ClinicalGuard tests.

Pregmate Pregnancy Test Strips – Available on Amazon

Another good test strip option The Pregmate pregnancy test strips are affordable for around $.30 for each test. If you’re trying to have a baby and you are planning to take many tests, this could be an excellent option (some of the tests that have additional bells and whistles can quickly add up!). The strips are simple to use, easy to read, and precise when taken close to the time you missed your time.

Easy@Home Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Kit – Available on Amazon

If you’re TTC and need a little more information You can buy an pregnancy kit. The kit, which is by Easy@Home offers the 10 strips of pregnancy tests, as well as 40 strips of ovulation test strips.

Ovulation test strips function as pregnancy tests, however they test for a rise in the hormone luteinizing (LH). It will tell you whether you’re likely to have an ovulation within the next 24-48 hours so that you can determine when it’s time to begin the process of making babies. Two weeks later, after having done the act it’s possible to test one (or several) tests to determine what took place.

It’s a cost-effective alternative if you’re going to be conducting many tests to determine the ovulation cycle and pregnancy, without having to purchase numerous different (and costly) tests. You can also download the free application, which can help to make tracking your cycle easier.

First Response Triple Check Pregnancy Test Kit – Available on Amazon

It’s difficult to trust the findings (positive positive or negative) first time around and if you’re looking to be certain then this variety packs by First Response may be a winner. With three sticks, you can try testing before, during the missed period, and after you missed your period.

This kit includes our most-loved one, our all-time favorite, the First Response Early Detection test and their digital test as well as their quick (1-minute test results) test. If you’d like to know more about this kit, it could be an ideal kit for you.


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