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Where to Buy Pepper Spray

In terms of self-defense, that’s not lethal pepper spray is difficult to beat. Even if we try to convince ourselves the other way, it’s clear it. Sabre is the most effective in pepper sprays.

Sabre doesn’t depart from the classic design of a spray bottle, which makes its products be the best in the market. Sabre is also priced reasonably with a lot of its best products priced in between $20 and $10 that don’t exceed your budget. Our top choice for that of the Sabre Red Pepper Gel costs about $20.

We hope that you don’t have to use these sprays, here’s a list of the top pepper sprays.

1. Sabre Red Pepper Gel: Best overall

Sabre Red Pepper Gel spray (around $20) Sabre Red Pepper Spray (around $20) is twice as expensive than Sabre’s less expensive sprays however it’s an extremely well-known pepper sprays available. Its popularity can be traced due to an innovation that has just been made in self-defense sprays that is gel.

Gel-based sprays are a liquid alternative that is heavier than conventional aerosol sprays. This provides gels with a significant benefit because they’re less likely towards your eyes after you spray an attacker. The reduction of blowback can make gels more secure to use. Gels are also simpler to target since the spray flows out as a stream which you can aim at an attacker’s face.

Sabre Red Pepper Gel has one of the longest ranges in the market, with a range of 18 feet. Its long range means that you are able to defend yourself for a long time before an attacker gets close. The self-defense weapon comes with the highest OC level of 10 percent, which is among the highest level you can find in several states.

Certain pepper sprays come with an practice canister, so you can practice firing the spray without having to use the actual product, however Sabre sells them separately from its other products. Although the canister isn’t equipped with an option for a keychain or clip We like the fact the fact that it comes with an the holster.

Some customers report that their containers dripped upon the first time they used them, a problem that is common when using a variety of pepper sprays. The canister being kept in its holster may aid in this.

2. Sabre Red Pepper Gel Spray for Runners: Best for runners

This spray, called Sabre Red Pepper for Runners (around $13) The accuracy of gel-based sprays in compact packaging that’s easy to carry around for your run. It’s equipped with a handy wrist strap that holds it on hand to respond rapidly to threats.

With 35 bursts of flavor per bottle and 35 bursts per canister, the red pepper spray from Sabre for runners has the highest number of bursts in the market. While the quantity of bursts isn’t any better than other brands but it’s great to have more options. It’s possible to get a few practice sprays before deciding to make it your running companion.

A lot of people choose gel due to the fact that it’s less likely to blowback and it’s more precise. We believe these qualities are perfect for runners. Gel also has the ability to travel up to 12 feet, which can ensure you stay in the right place when a predator comes at you.

Since the strap on your palm keeps the spray within your hands this can be awkward to hold running for a long time. It’s possible to rotate the canister back to the side the palm (or place it in your hand) in order to ensure your hands are free. Although it’s not as accessible in these places however, it’s still better access than sprays which you keep in your pouch or the holster.

3. Sabre 3 in 1 Pepper Spray The perfect budget pick

The Sabre 3-in-1 pepper Spray (around $15 with practicing spray) is a classic aerosol spray. The spray is multi-purpose and contains not just a traditional pepper spray containing capsaicin, but additionally CS tear gas which creates additional irritation, as well as the use of an invisble UV-colored dye that can make it easier for attackers to be identified.

Despite its dimensions, this canister is able to hold up to 25 blasts and is able to provide a good 10-foot range, which will keep you away from enemies. We like its small size as you can put it onto a keychain to make it easy to access with its quick release clip.

Since this spray is priced at about $10 and is easy on the pocket, and is easy to replace once expiration time comes around. Sabre suggests replacing the product at least every three years for maximum effectiveness, despite the fact that it’s got a shelf life of 4 years.

For an aerosol spray, the Sabre 3-in-1 spray is bit more susceptible for blowback than other gel-based sprays. However, you can always purchase an aerosol spray to test yourself. There’s a safety button on the top of the canister, which is flipped on before using to ensure that the product isn’t able to accidentally blow off in your bag or purse.

4. Fox Labs Mean Green: Best marking dye

Fox Labs is another well-known brand in the world of pepper spray. Its Fox Labs Mean Green (around $26) defensive spray’s name comes from the vibrant green dye that it sprays onto attackers. In contrast to other brands that employ UV dyes and green dyes, this one does not require a light source to be visible on the skin or clothing. It requires some effort to remove the green color and gives police an edge when it comes to proving a legitimate identification.

The flip-top security of Mean Green is an essential quality, premium option for a weapon that’s not deadly. It’s ideal for purses and pockets since there’s no trigger that’s exposed. It’s a bit more intuitive in comparison to sliding security of Sabre’s other products. But, there shouldn’t be issues using either in the event of an emergency.

It’s a gel-based spray. Mean Green is easy to use and can reach a range of 15 feet. Although Fox Labs doesn’t spray as much as Sabre Red Pepper Gel, it’s still effective in helping you maintain an appropriate distance that is far enough away and reduce blowback.

The main negative is that this container doesn’t come with any alternatives for carrying, no clip or holster as well as keychain accessory. You’ll need to purchase a keychain for yourself.

Strangely enough, Fox Labs has a lower OC concentration than other brands with a concentration of 6% however, the company says it’s still effective in calming an attacker. Low concentrations are also more secure for dogs walking with you. If you’re looking for something more potent then you should consider buying a product with greater strength.

5. Mace Brand Triple Action: Perfect for pockets

Mace is a popular name for pepper spray to a lot of people, however it’s actually just one of the most renowned pepper spray producers. Although the company doesn’t enjoy the same acclaim as Sabre but it does make tiny but powerful pepper sprays worth noting, like Mace Brand Triple Action. Mace Brand Triple Action (around $20 for the pocket-sized version).

It is the smallest spray we have listed in terms of size and quantity of spray. It features a flip-top design which keeps it safe in backpacks and pockets. We also like the fact that it comes with a keychain that is small to put it in your keys for car use. The smaller size has less bursts than our other top picks, however it’s not a surprise.

As with the 3-in-1 of Sabre This triple-action defense spray comes with UV dyes to mark the attackers as well as tear gas that can cause discomfort, so that you are able to escape. One thing we’re not sure about is that it utilizes CN tear gas that is more poisonous than CS gas.1 You shouldn’t wish to breathe the fumes from this spray if you are able to aid it.

Additional products we have considered

ASP Key Defender

It’s the ASP Key Defender is one of the slimmest pepper sprays and is available in a variety of exciting shades. It is shaped like a penlight and isn’t heavy on your keyring. It has the OC value of around 10 percent, it’s among the most potent sprays available out there. It isn’t able to easily separate from your keys, therefore it’s necessary to take the key from the ignition of your car or lock before you attempt to attack. It’s also only six blasts, which means you may need additional defensive sprays or test inserts prior to you begin to practice.

Kimber Pepper Blaster

This Kimber Pepper Blaster is a departure from the traditional canister in favor of a design that shoots as a miniature handgun. It’s not just easier to target, but it’s more frightening to adversaries. A lot of users claim that there is less scatter and blowback when using the use of a pistol that shoots pepper. However, this is one-time use gun that can fire two blasts of 10 percent OC pepper spray. But after that, you’ll require to buy a new one. It’s also expensive, with a retail price of around $50.

Plegium Smart Pepper Spray 5-in-1

Plegium Smart Pepper Spray 5-in-1 Plegium Smart Pepper Spray five-in-one is connected to an app on your smartphone and will automatically call as many emergency numbers once the spray is removed. It can also text them that includes your GPS coordinates from Google maps. It is possible to attack perpetrators with the pepper spray and red dye and UV dye continuously lasting between 10 and 15 minutes. The Plegium offers a 10-foot reach and the LED lights flashing and a 130 decibel siren. With a price of around $40, the Plegium Smart Pepper Spray 5 in 1 is among of the priciest pepper sprays available.

Mace Brand KeyGuard

Mace Brand KeyGuard Mace Brand KeyGuard is absolutely small. It’s one of the most compact pepper sprays we have found. The keychain spray is only 3 inches long which is about the same size as the size of a lip balm stick. It has only a five-foot range, and it’s only able to handle six sprays that’s a bit less than we’d prefer. However, it’s an excellent alternative for a small-sized pepper spray.

Wrist Saver

Another option for wrist straps we looked at included one called the Wrist Saver. We initially liked the fact the ease of access to a canister that has 12 feet of reach however, we could not discover any information on the quantity of bursts, and what the OC ratings of the product. A few reviewers have also noted that the spray can slide off the wristband during particularly intense workouts.


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