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Where to Buy Nintendo Switch

In the years since Nintendo Switch’s launch in the year 2017, Nintendo has increased its range of consoles, including the only handheld Switch Lite, various special editions, as well as the anticipated Nintendo Switch OLED. Also, with major titles such as Metroid Dread and The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild’s second installment on near future, it’s the perfect moment to purchase the Nintendo Switch if you’ve been put off. It’s now more affordable to purchase a Switch as it was in the year 2020, which was characterized by stock shortages for both the Switch as well as the Switch Lite. As the Christmas season approaches it could be that certain Switch versions and shades begin to sell out If you’re thinking of purchasing an Nintendo Switch, you may not be able to wait long enough to purchase one.

There aren’t many discounts regarding Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch outside of Black Friday or even on Black Friday. Even after that, the only deal we can usually find is a bundle deal that gives you the Switch as well as an accessory or game at no cost. Therefore, you won’t have to think about searching for deals on the console. In fact, outright discounts on brand new Switch consoles are very rare. If you’re interested in purchasing the Nintendo Switch special edition, such as that of the Animal Crossing or Mario Red & Blue versions You can purchase them at certain retailers however you might have to pay more than prices for specific editions. This is a look at the places you can purchase the Nintendo Switch in 2021, starting with to the Switch OLED , to the Switch Lite and many more.

After you’ve purchased after purchasing a Switch After purchasing a Switch, make sure you look through our guide to the top Nintendo Switch accessories, including grips that can be used in handheld mode screens protectors and carrying cases and controllers. Are you looking for some games to start with? We’ve provided you with the top Nintendo Switch games, including the top Switch games for children.

Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)

Available at Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Walmart, and Target

Its Switch OLED from Nintendo Switch OLED will be the latest model of the Switch which will launch on 8 October 2021. Switch OLED is available for preorders today, although the $350 version is typically gone at the majority of stores and restocking periodically. Two versions available of Switch OLED are on sale with a brand-new white Joy-Con model that comes with an all-white dock, and the blue/red Joy-Con model that comes with the black dock, which is similar to an original Switch design.

The major differentiator that distinguishes Switch OLED Switch OLED as opposed to the traditional Switch is that it has an incredibly vibrant OLED screen. Its screen measures 7 inches, which is slightly bigger over the standard’s 6.2-inch touchscreen LCD. The Switch OLED also comes with improved audio, a larger flexible kickstand, an upgraded dock that has an LAN cable that can be wired with 64GB of storage internal (compared with the previous model’s 32GB internal storage). In other words the Switch OLED isn’t any different from the regular Switch but it doesn’t provide any improvement in performance as well as it’s not equipped to output 4K video. It’s also using identical Joy-Cons to the standard Switch.

Nintendo Switch

Available at Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Walmart, and Target

Standard Nintendo Switch sells for $300 and, after being extremely difficult to find during the bulk of the pandemic, inventory has largely stabilized for the moment, and especially given that Switch OLED is available. Switch OLED is now a new option. It comes with red, gray and blue Joy-Cons and various other Joy-Con colors available separately. The Nintendo Switch allows for three principal play modes including the handheld mode, TV mode and tabletop. The battery’s life span is between 4.5 to 9 hours, depending on the game. for playing it on the TV, you are able to remove the Joy-Cons and play as a pair or using an included grip that transforms into something that resembles an old-fashioned controller. But it’s true that this Switch Pro Controller is a worth considering if you’re looking to purchase an Switch Pro Controller, which offers a superior experience when using the controller. (Check the guide to the top Switch controllers to see additional alternatives.)

Nintendo Switch Lite

Available at Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Walmart, and Target

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a budget-friendly choice for people who want to use the Switch completely using handheld modes. It’s not possible to connect it to a TV. Switch and play on your TV, and it’s also not equipped with an option to replace Joy-Cons. If you wish to play in tabletop mode, you’ll need purchase Joy-Cons individually. You’ll likely need a stand to play with since the kickstand built in is filmy (we suggest this one from Hori). As a hand-held device, and for people who enjoy playing when traveling with their devices, it’s the Switch Lite is an excellent alternative. It’s lighter than the standard Switch at 10 ounces and features a an a bit smaller screen. It’s comparable to the traditional Switch when used in the handheld version and can run the majority of Switch games with ease with some exceptions which aren’t suitable for it (like Ring Fit Adventure). Switch Lite Switch Lite is accessible at the major retailers, but certain shades (like Coral) are more susceptible to being sold out faster than other colors.

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Special Edition

Available at Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Walmart, and Target

The limited-edition Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch released in the early part of 2020 and was initially went out of stock however it’s now all over the place as of August 2021. It has a tropical theme dock as well as Joy-Cons that have cute Animal Crossing pattern on the side of the console. This is without doubt the most gorgeous Nintendo Switch edition released so far, and makes an ideal gift for anyone who is an Animal Crossing fan.

Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition Nintendo Switch

Available at Amazon and eBay

The Monster Hunter Rise edition for Nintendo Switch is the most current special edition, which was launched on March 26 2021. It comes with the game. It also includes an online copy that includes Monster Hunter Rise: Deluxe Edition and is therefore the price of $370. The Joy-Cons and the dock sport an evocative design inspired by Monster Hunter and include the game’s most famous Monster, Magnamalo along with a companion Pro Controller was released as well. The Monster Hunter edition of the Switch is difficult to locate in stock However, some retailers have it for sale at prices that are higher than the list cost.

Mario Red & Blue Edition Nintendo Switch

Available at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart

It’s a unique and exciting game. Mario Red & Blue Edition Switch was launched along with Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury on the 12th of February 2021. This is the first Nintendo Switch model so far in which the console itself is distinct from gray (not only the Joy-Cons) and also comes with Mario’s iconic blue and red color scheme. It also comes with a carrying case as well as a screen protector for the Switch which makes it a very attractive deal. Unfortunately, it’s hard to locate at the current price If there’s a willingness to shell out for a higher price however, you’ll still be able to find it in a few stores.

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Wildcat Bundle

Available on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart

Similar to the other special edition Switch consoles as well, the Fortnite model comes with a unique style that makes it stand out. The bundle features unique Joy-Con design and also a Fortnite-themed design on sides of the console as well as the dock. The console includes Fortnite already installed, 2,000 V-Bucks and a download link to download The Wildcat Bundle (an in-game pack that includes cosmetic items). It’s difficult to locate the Fortnite bundle on sale at the moment however it’s not difficult to locate when you’re willing to pay over the suggested cost. Remember to purchase the yellow and blue Fortnite Joy-Cons on their own within the Fleet Force Bundle ($80).


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