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Where to buy graphics cards

Purchasing a graphics card really shouldn’t be a troublesome errand. Yet, through a blend of spiking request and thin inventory, these days it can appear to be a damn close to unthinkable one. That turns out to be particularly obvious in the event that you would prefer not to pay earnestly over the chances for the most recent silicon.

There’s no utilization moving around the subject: request is high and supply is tight. Assuming you need a designs card this year, you should be on top of things, know a great deal, and examine the perfect spots.

As the super main impetus for gaming execution, tracking down the worthiest illustrations card at any cost involves most extreme significance. Today, that generally implies either a Nvidia GeForce RTX 30-series or AMD Radeon RX 6000-series designs card—there are a couple to look over, right the way up from the RTX 3060 and RX 6700 XT to the all-powerful RTX 3090 and RX 6900 XT.

So pick your fights. Knowing which one of the present top GPUs you’re after is useful in tracking down any accessible stock. You are very free to project a wide net and follow only any old Ampere or RDNA 2 chip, and it will allow you more opportunities to purchase, yet it additionally can be a lot more work to brush each store page physically.

In the event that you center your endeavors and your consideration on pursuing one card, you might have even more a shot at tracking down another GPU without hauling your hair out.

It’s additionally important that there are hints that GPU-based digital money mining might be disappearing, with a crackdown in China bringing about utilized cards hitting the recycled market. Assuming that turns into an overall wonder, there will be the question: Should I purchase a second-hand GPU? It’s a genuine lottery with cards utilized for mining, and our intuition is avoid them. On the off chance that an Ebay posting for a ‘almost new RTX 3070’ looks unrealistic, it most likely is.

Best Buy restock

These will be accessible in-store just and there’s a restriction of one for every client. To be in with the most obvious opportunity with regards to getting one, you’ll need to show up prior in the day, as these cards will go discounted from 8am neighborhood time.

Here is a rundown of the normal illustrations card accessibility and where you should discover them from GPU Restock Monitor.

AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT

Presently it’s been half a month since the dispatch of the AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT on August 11, however strangely there’s still some stock accessible of the RDNA 2 designs card.

AMD isn’t selling a reference card this time around, so you’ll need to pick from a huge swath of outsider plans. Some are near the card’s $380 MSRP and others are truly not. We’d advise against the last mentioned, except if you’re truly frantic and wouldn’t fret the cost.

As I’m composing this I can see somewhere around one model of RX 6600 XT accessible in the US, best case scenario, Buy for generally $70 over MSRP. By and by, I feel that is too extraordinary an aggregate to pay for such a card, however it’s not the most noticeably terrible markup for an illustrations card you’ll discover in 2021 using any and all means.

Newegg Shuffle

We additionally prescribe checking out Newegg’s Shuffle for an opportunity to purchase a card for somewhat less.

·Next Newegg Shuffle: August 25, 2021.

·Products available: RX 6600 XT, RTX 3060, RTX 3070, RTX 3070 Ti, RTX 3080, and RTX 3080 Ti (a few groups).

Where to purchase a designs card in the UK at this moment

AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT

Indeed, the least demanding illustrations card to view accessible today gives off an impression of being the RX 6600 XT.

As referenced above, AMD isn’t selling a reference variant of its new designs card, which means you’ll need to look around for the card that outmaneuvers meets your requirements at the value nearest to MSRP.

Past that, Scan UK currently offers a small bunch of top of the line Nvidia designs cards, at a significant expense. All things considered, the retailer has, as of late as last week, offered supply of pursued cards for somewhat less expensive. The following drop could happen whenever, so watch out.

Here’s something to remember: as a rule, Nvidia RTX 30-series cards are showing up with more noteworthy recurrence than AMD’s RX 6000-series in the UK.

Rundown of designs card MSRPs

Here is a rundown of the maker set retail costs (MSRP), or suggested retail value (RRP), for most the most recent designs cards. Generally, these are the set costs for the stock or reference forms of these cards, if appropriate, and not delegate of overclocked or outsider designs cards, which likely could be estimated higher.

Tragically, certifiable estimating is far in abundance of those recorded beneath, yet this should assist with giving you a thought of the amount you’re overpaying for a GPU, and regardless of whether it’s awesome.


·RTX 3090 FE -$1,499/£1,399

·RTX 3080 Ti FE -$1,199/£1,049

·RTX 3080 FE -$699/£649

·RTX 3070 Ti -$599/£529

·RTX 3070 -$499/£469

·RTX 3060 Ti -$399/£349

·RTX 3060 -$329/£299


·RX 6900 XT -$999/~£770

·RX 6800 XT -$649/~£600

·RX 6800 -$579/~£530

·RX 6700 XT -$479/~£420

·RX 6600 XT -$379/~£320

Illustrations card stock cautions

You could endeavor to physically invigorate each store page with expectations of striking gold on the following restock; that is one approach. Or on the other hand, you could join to a trusty application that approaches fishing significant retailers for you. It’s anything but a bot that attempts to gobble up stock the incorrect way, it simply does the reviving so you don’t need to.

We’ve had accomplishment with the application HotStock in the UK, and destinations such as Stock Informer offer a comparable help in the US, despite the fact that we’ve not utilized this support of score stock by and by.

A few administrations might charge a little expense or require a sign up to inform you in front of the riffraff, and we suggest you just do that with administrations with great surveys. At times it will advance beyond the groups, yet you would prefer not to surrender all your own information just to net another GPU. Tread carefully.

Additionally, you can discover a lot of free Discord workers with committed stock ready bots and extremely observant local area individuals, like the popular StockDrops worker. Then, at that point there are the piles of committed Twitter accounts, similar to our sister site Tech Radar’s very own Matt Swider.

Also, remember Twitch streams. Those devoted to thinking that you are stock will regularly fire out a stunning klaxon the second stock shows up. We suggest actually looking at out Falcodrin on Twitch for Nvidia GPUs, yet there are a lot of kind spirits out there offering a comparable assistance.

What I’m saying is to utilize the assets accessible to you, the vast majority of which are free, to make your life a little simpler when attempting to purchase an illustrations card. They truly manage job, and it’s significantly better than hitting F5 the entire day.

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