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Where to Buy Ethanol Free Gas Near Me

What do you know about non-ethanol and ethanol gasoline? Here at Marc Nelson Oil Products, we sell both kinds of gas. Through the years we’ve sold non-ethanol as well as gas containing ethanol, there have been numerous debates over the benefits and drawbacks of gas that is not ethanol-based. We’ll discuss the top points to be aware of if you are planning to switch to non-ethanol gas, or if you’re wondering if you should utilize the gas.

The majority of the fuel that you can find in the Portland-metro region and all across the nation has about 10% ethanol it. Ethanol is probably a term you’ve heard before, although you might not know what it means. The fuel is derived from alcohol extracted from plant material including corn and sugar. It is biodegradable and dissolves in water and is not toxic.

Ethanol can be used as an additive to gasoline to aid in oxygenating the gas, which causes the fuel to completely burn. Therefore, ethanol-infused gas produces less pollutant emissions, which leads to improved air quality. To combat harmful emissions emitted by automobiles The Department of Energy has even demanded that gasoline companies make products with 15% ethanol rather than 10 percent. These mixtures are called E10 or E15.

Ethanol-free gas, also known as pure oil, is one kind of fuel that is a substitute of ethanol-mixed gas. Many vehicles can run with 10% mix of alcohol in their gasoline. Some drivers are switching to non-ethanol gas due to a variety of reasons however, others are shying at it. There are pros and cons of using non-ethanol gasoline that you need to know about. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using non-ethanol gas, and then determine whether or not it’s worth the effort to switch to gas with no ethanol.



Since ethanol is produced by consuming agricultural products, such as corn, prices for corn crops depend on the production and supply of. The more drivers who depend on ethanol-based fuel as fuel, the more production of corn must be. Utilizing non-ethanol gas relieves the burden off the industry of corn and lets us be less dependent on the crop to fuel.


Pure gas gives drivers better mileage. This is due to the fact that gas mixtures such as E10 and E15 contain less energy because of the addition of Ethanol. As per Mike McCarthy, a Senior Energy Researcher at Toyota as well as Ford spokesperson Paul Seredynski, regular and premium gas can decrease the mileage of your vehicle by three percent or more. Although three percent might appear small, it could be significant over the long haul. When compared to premium and regular gas blends, non-ethanol gasoline is more efficient for overall mileage.


Ethanol as well as gasoline mixtures such E10 and E15 can have a negative impact on your engine, particularly in the case of an older model vehicle which isn’t able to run on fuels mixed with ethanol. Some drivers have reported rupture of rubber seals in specific parts. Some may also notice an increased vapor pressure which could lead to the car’s carburetor. Furthermore, ethanol attracts water. This can cause corrosion of the internal parts or even the engine of the car.


In comparison to conventional gas blends, such as E10 which contain 10 percent ethanol, non-ethanol gas is much more durable. If properly stored and properly, non-ethanol gas can last for as long as six months. It’s less likely to be a victim of the effects of evaporation or oxidation. E10 gas has a 3-month shelf life limit. This makes it ideal for storage, compared to E10.


Ethanol-based gasoline could damage chainsaws, lawnmowers, trimmers and other similar equipment. With the introduction of E15 growing in popularity outdoor equipment owners have be sure that their gasoline is free of alcohol, or at the very least less than 10 percent. In excess ethanol, these equipments can lead to damages and corrosion from overheating. Small engine equipment isn’t designed to deal with gasoline that contains high levels of ethanol. For instance, E15 burns much hotter than E10 and could result in small-engines overheating. The majority of outdoor power tools have warnings that inform buyers know that not more than 10% of ethanol gasoline blends should be used.



While there are advantages to using gas that is not ethanol particularly for drivers who are not a family member However, gas that is not ethanol-free is thought to be more damaging for the planet. Pure oil emissions cause the pollution of the air and also contribute to global warming. This is among the primary reasons why ethanol is often mixed with gasoline. Mixed gasoline as well as other alternative fuels are gaining popularity as concerns about global warming increase.


As the United States becomes less dependent on oil we’ve increasingly dependent on imports of natural gas from other nations. The use of gas that is ethanol-free increases our dependence on gasoline all-around. This dependence eventually results in an increase in costs for gas.


Ethanol-free fuel is not so easy to locate in the same way as E10 and E15. Many gas stations will be sure to include gasoline based on ethanol. People who opt that they want to use non-ethanol fuel might need to go further to locate it. Lack of availability as well as the possibility of discomfort is the reason why many motorists struggle to decide to use the gas that is not ethanol-free.


Non-ethanol gasoline can cost anywhere between 10 and 15 cents per gallon, compared the regular fuel. The additional cost per gallon could increase quickly for motorists. If you choose to use gas that is ethanol-free it is important to think about whether the mileage you will gain by using it is worth the initial cost.

Today, most gas stations offer E10 or E15 gasoline. Since the majority of gas stations do not offer gasoline that is ethanol-free nowadays, you’re almost required to use ethanol-blended gasoline inside your vehicle. The issue with this is that the fact that ethanol can be harmful to the engine of your car.

Injecting ethanol-blended fuel into your car could cause issues such as:

Water buildup

The difficulty of starting

The corrosion of the engine and its components

Long-term engine failure

Therefore, it’s essential to top up your tank with ethanol-free gas by finding a service which sells it or apply an additive to help balance the fuel mix and remove the ethanol out of the mix. It’s simpler to accomplish and technology is available to assist today.

Buy Ethanol Free Gas Near You

Ethanol Free Gas? There’s An App For That

Like every other thing nowadays There’s an app available for finding gas that is ethanol-free. Here’s the app:

Pure Gas: Free on the App Store The Pure Gas app finds the 100 closest gas stations which sell Ethanol-free fuel based on the location you are in.

Gas Buddy Another app for free gas Buddy is a popular app utilized by motorists as a way to locate the lowest-priced gasoline available, which can save you money on the gas pump. However, the most recent editions of the application have been designed to allow users to modify the station’s information and even see details including whether or not the stations offer fuel that is blended with ethanol.

Ethanol Free Alternatives

As we’ve mentioned before another option to use an app on your mobile phone to locate stations is to add an additive to fuel in your tank following each refill. A fuel additive balances the mix, taking alcohol out while also cleaning your engine, and giving you an increase in MPG.

Ethanol-based fuels that are blended with ethanol can be dangerous for your engine, and can cause the effects of:

Engine failure

Engine corrosion

The difficulty of starting

It’s essential to ensure that the fuel that is being pumped into your vehicle isn’t filled with ethanol in the present.

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Where to Buy Ethanol Free Gas Near Me

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