Tuesday, May 24, 2022

What Are the Qualities of a Good Personal Statement? 

When you decide to enter an academic institution, the first thing you’ll have to consider after your grades is your personal statement. As a future student, you don’t really have a lot of information about what constitutes a good personal statement and what is expected of you. Even more so, many papers you can find online vary in their quality and level of formality, so that’s another problem here. This essay will list some of the features of a good personal statement that can help you understand what aspects you should concentrate on and what mistakes you should avoid. 

Formal Qualities of a Personal Statement

Unlike typical college or high school essays, a personal statement allows you to be not too structured and focused on such things as thesis statement or introduction and conclusion in their most common sense. But some things still suit almost all such applications. 

  • Easy-to-follow order. You have to make sure that your work has a specific structure that can be analyzed, overviewed, and understood. If your admission committee looks through the statement and doesn’t gain a general idea of your main message, it won’t be impressed. The thoughts should be clear. 
  • Topic sentences and strong introductory and concluding paragraphs. It is very important to attract the attention of your readers fast because you have to make a good first impression. Well-written topic sentences will help you keep your audience interested as you progress. 
  • Strong grammar and spelling. Even if you choose a semi-formal writing style, you should spend some time analyzing and proofreading it. If English isn’t your first language, you can look for online services that are either free or cheap and can check your grammar and spelling. 
  • Follows the standards of a place you apply for. Many students tend to overlook this fact, but each place has its own requirements that can be very unique. So, before writing anything, try to find their website and look for the best personal statements published online or read about the values and mission of the place you’re invested in. It’ll serve as your landmark for your own piece. 

Qualities That a Commission Board Will Look For 

You probably know that, just as companies and any other professional environments have their own interests, such institutions need people who will meet their needs and specific demands, but how to make it visible in a personal statement? Let’s look together. A good personal statement shows how you fit into their values and interests. You shouldn’t just write “I will learn well and you’ll be proud of me.” Explaining your interest in the major and your willingness to learn new things will show that you’re a good asset to have. That’s why you should research what types of people they like and what their culture is. For example, if you state what library or what club interests you specifically, you’re definitely showing a more personalized approach. People will see that you’re engaged in your admission and know their institution already. Some things are common but private and public universities are often different, just as religious institutions also protect their values, and you should respect and consider them. Don’t be afraid to show your weaknesses as well: it can really benefit you more than harm because everyone’s not perfect. Top statements actually often focus on issues and mistakes a person made in the past to show how they changed since then. If you still hesitate and don’t know how to make your paper focus on your different sides without sounding a little unsure of yourself, you can place an order online from professional personal statement writing services like CustomWritings that offers students expert assistance to help them understand what are the basics of a custom personal statement. Look through the reviews online and find a company that deserves you as a customer. Find someone who will speak just to you. 

Qualities to Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out From Others

Despite meeting the general requirements, you have a distinct task to make your work original and interesting for the admissions committee to read. 

  • Shows personal take on the assignment. Many personal statements are required to be related to a specific question or task, like telling about a day when you lost something or when you succeeded in leadership. Some topics are more complex, but the situation doesn’t change in general: you have to write something that wouldn’t immediately come to mind and would show your careful research on the subject. 
  • Depicts the personality of a writer. The writers with the best personal statements usually have their papers showing something from their life story that makes them interesting conversationalists and people with qualities that are easily visible on a paper. If you don’t know what would make your paper interesting and unusual, review the samples of personal statements and don’t focus on the structure of grammar. Read and think of how these people use their words. You don’t have to be an expert to see what choice of words and approach make a person interesting.
  • Tells a specific story. Quite often, USA, UK, and Canada colleges offer their applicants to focus on an event that happened in a person’s life that changed their attitudes and academic interests. Try to remember how you decided that your major would be good for you. Maybe you participated in a volunteering service and saw how important it was to help the vulnerable groups. Or perhaps you tried to start a business from scratch and it became a field you’re interested in. 
  • Illustrates a writer’s reflection on the theme. Aside from simply narrating a story, you have to prove that you have analyzed its influence on you and how it reflects your academic values. Make a custom plan of how to connect the pieces of a narration to your passion for your major. Experiment with it!

Let It Go Through Your Creative Mind

We hope that you feel better with this exhaustive list of features of a good personal statement. It definitely can sound a little problematic at first, but the only thing you need is to do a little research and think about what makes you different. It’s all about expressing yourself and finding a place that will suit your values, so try to be honest and real. A personal statement is a unique type of writing, but mastering it isn’t something impossible, and we’re sure that you are well equipped to start drafting the best statement you’ve ever imagined.