Friday, May 20, 2022

Ways to Style your Hair with a Straightener 

Styling your hair can be a tough task some days. We all use a straightener to get that perfectly, sleek and straight hairdo. But it isn’t always the best look that you want to pull off. Some days you wish to stand out a bit or just have a different hairstyle to boost your appearance. 

Now the question is; what if you only have a straightener with you? How can you put it to use, to make the best hairstyle and be your savior? look for GHD hair straightener and get a hold of it, as we are about to unveil the quickest and simplest hairstyles that you can achieve with it. 

Ways to Style your Hair with a Straightener:

Think again if you assume that your straightener can only give you that Ariana Grande sleek, straight hairdo. Ditch the usual, straight hairdo and pick your straightener up to get a different style for yourself. 

There is absolutely no need to invest in a piece of new equipment either. These hairstyles will make you fall in love with your straightener, all over again. 

  1. Beachy Waves:

If you want something quick and casual but chic at the same time, then nothing beats the beachy waves. They are easy and quick to get. All you have to do is to wrap your hair around the straightener plates, in sections. Wait for around 3-4 seconds and continue all the way down the strand. For beachy waves, your straightener should be at medium hate only. 

  1. Curls:

Everyone knows about this, for sure! A straightener is one of the best tools to get promising curls. Many people love using a straightener for perfect curls, rather than a curler. There are different ways to achieve a perfectly curled hairdo. You can choose the one that suits you the best and helps you get the best ones too. You can get both soft and bouncy curls with the help of a straightener. 

  1. Crimps:

Although crimps aren’t loved by many if you can carry the outlook, then this hairdo is definitely the quickest to make and looks super trendy too. Create 7-8 braids of your hair and run the straightener over your braids, slowly. Press each braid for a few seconds to ensure that the crimps stay when you open the braid. Once down, open your braids gradually and your hair is crimped. Run your fingers through it to achieve the final look. 


Why always opt for a straight hairdo when you can definitely style your hair in different ways, with just one straightener? Without the need for new hairstyling equipment, you can easily curl your hair or get the perfect beachy waves for a casual day out with your girls. 

You can always look up quick tutorials for the hairstyles and look your best, with different outlooks, every other day.