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Agro Photovoltaic System: Vital design considerations to make when selecting Solar power systems

These days, solar power systems are getting popular due to reducing conventional resources and rising energy bills. People also have become environment conscious and understood the immediate need to switch on to green energy. It is perhaps the right time to choose solar power system and install it to power homes, commercial complexes and businesses. For this, you will have to consider buying solar mounting system to install your panels. 

Cost recovery

Even a decade ago, it was not just possible for the average household to invest in solar panels as it was quite expensive. Increased production and government subsidies to promote ‘green energy’ have helped reduce its costs. Moreover, tax and utility incentives offered have lowered  Agro Photovoltaic System net cost. It is now very much manageable and installed everywhere. Cost recovery is likely to take about 6-8 years. Once done, power collected from the system is sure to be cost-free.

Vital aspects to consider while designing PV system

  • Array tilt angle: The ideal array is likely to have the sun’s rays striking the panels at 180 degree angle for most of the day. An ideal roof pitch is that where array gets mounted based on local latitude. Here, higher latitude refers to higher pitch roof. This is essential to develop ideal tilt angle. Certain PV systems including Agro Photovoltaic System come with ideal tilt angle. The array having oblique tilt angle is likely to produce ideal tilt angle. Less power is derived from the array having oblique tilt angle. Additional spending will not help create ideal tilt angle. 
  • Array orientation: Solar panel array is to face south by 180 degrees. The array being off azimuth (that faces other direction and not the south) will render less power. The conventional PV system panel is likely to require roof area of approximately 16sq.ft. for every 200W power generated. This means, 320sq.ft. will be essential of south facing roof to install 4,000W PV system.
  • Roof covering condition: The PV system panels are typically designed to last for about 25+ years. It is much more than that of the roof covering materials’ life. Hence, it will be wise to install panels over the roof covering to make it last like the panels. Otherwise, chances are the panels will have to be removed to install new roof covering. The solar racking supplier can guide you to understanding taking the right steps. 
  • Shade: chimneys, trees and tall buildings might cast shadow over the array during the day. This, in turn, might reduce overall power output of the PV system. Hence, the solar panel array is to be installed at a place where there is no or very less shade present. You may select https://www.mbt-energy.com/ to buy solar racking and other related supplies. 
  • Electrical panel condition: The systems’ electrical panel generally require having 2 circuit breaker slots. This is to connect PV system power with the home’s electrical system. In case there are no circuit breaker slots present or fuses in the old panel changes at panel or perhaps full panel upgradation might be essential. 

To ensure making the right decision, you should take help of the experienced pv system supplier.

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