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Various types of cleaning of office space

An office is not just a workplace. Many employees spend a large part of their everyday life there, which is why the office often becomes a second home. A clean work environment is therefore essential so that employees can feel comfortable at their workplace and enjoy coming to work. In addition, it is not uncommon for customers to be received and looked after in many offices. In this case, cleanliness becomes the hallmark of a company. As a result, there is a demand for specialists Erhvervsrengøring who take care of order, hygiene and clean workplaces. 

In the building cleaning industry, a distinction is made between three different types of cleaning, which differ in scope, intensity and, of course, the duration of the cleaning. A distinction is made between: visual cleaning, maintenance cleaning and basic cleaning.

Visual cleaning of offices

As the name suggests, visual cleaning only removes dirt from the visible parts of an office. Usually these are visible stains – from coffee, for example – on tables, workplaces or kitchen surfaces, which can be removed with little effort. Street dirt on floors can also be quickly swept up and removed in the course of visual cleaning. Visual cleaning usually characterizes a quick and superficial cleaning of impurities that are visible at first glance. Since visual cleaning is of a rather superficial nature and takes little time, it should ideally be carried out every day . It is not uncommon for this to be carried out by company employees at the end of the day.

Office maintenance cleaning

The maintenance cleaning of offices takes place at fixed times and at recurring intervals. It is more extensive and thorough than visual cleaning, because non-visible areas of an office are also freed from dust and dirt. As a result, maintenance cleaning also takes more time.

Included in maintenance cleaning

  • the cleaning of the sanitary areas
  • vacuuming carpets
  • mopping floors
  • cleaning up office space
  • dusting of workplaces and office equipment
  • removing stains from surfaces

Due to the scope of the maintenance cleaning, this is carried out by professional specialist companies. These are usually on duty early in the morning before employees enter the office. Even after employees have left the office, the employees of service providers often declare war on dirt and dust. Experience has shown that maintenance cleaning should take place at least once a week .

Basic cleaning of offices

Basic cleaning is the most intensive and time-consuming cleaning of office spaces. With this type of cleaning, in addition to the basic cleaning, all hard-to-reach areas of an office are thoroughly cleaned, which otherwise cannot be processed in a basic cleaning due to the effort involved.

Included in the basic cleaning

  • cleaning panes and windows
  • cleaning window sills and window frames
  • cleaning office furniture
  • cleaning upholstered furniture
  • cleaning skirting boards
  • cleaning office equipment
  • cleaning of computer equipment
  • cleaning radiators
  • cleaning office lamps
  • cleaning light switches
  • cleaning outlets
  • the cleaning of doors and door leaves
  • the thorough cleaning of floor coverings and new sealing of floor coverings
  • Thorough cleaning of all sanitary areas

In the commercial environment, it makes sense to carry out the extensive basic cleaning twice a year .

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