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Understanding How Bras Are Made

Whether you wear a t-shirt bra or a strapless bra, you may not understand the engineering and research that went into the piece of apparel. Sure, the bra in its simplest definition is a piece of lingerie meant to cover and support parts of the human body. Still, the critical product is so much more than that, it even plays a role in female health.

What are the steps that bring a bra from design to fruition? What is the manufacturing process, and what are the common fabrics that make up the brassiere as it is seen today?

Method of Manufacturing

The design and construction of a bra have to do with more than bra cup sizes. A manufacturer must determine the appropriate fabrics and materials to build or engineer the correct type of bra. It must know whether the plan is to create a seamless, strapless, or structured bra with foam, pads, wires, or molds.

A basic bra construction consists of four essential building blocks: bra cups, the under-bust, the center back panels, and the straps. Once a plan is in place for these foundational elements, a team can create the 30 to 35 parts necessary to construct the bra. The parts or sections may include elastics, body fabrics, embellishments, and foam.

The overall construction of the bra mainly focuses on connecting or joining the cups with a central fabric, sewing on the straps or bands, and adding the supports under the cups. The typical process of sewing bras in a lean setup can produce up to 883 bras per 8-hour shift with 27 sewing operators. That is roughly 110 bras per hour.

Common Materials Used

The most common materials used in bra manufacturing are nylon, polyester, cotton, silk, and Spandex. Cotton bras are among the most comfortable and popular in the industry.

The material you prefer may be different from your friends. Skin type can play a role in which fabrics and materials feel most comfortable.

Selecting the Right Bra for Yourself

Do you want a strapless bra or a wireless bra? What size do you need, and what shape or material should you buy?

Regardless of how a bra is made, most women have trouble finding the right bra for their body type and breast shape. The important thing when shopping for a new bra is to know your band and cup sizes. If your breasts are different sizes, which is natural, round up in sizing or find bras with removable inserts so you can custom fit the shape.

If you are struggling to find a bra that fits perfections, which happens all too often, find a reliable retailer you can consult. Lingerie salespeople are usually very helpful when it comes to determining cup sizes and sister sizes.

Are you ready to go bra shopping? If so, reach out to a local retailer and ask for advice with measuring for appropriate cup and band sizes. Knowledgeable manufacturers should be able to offer plenty of help and support.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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