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Top Cool and Interesting platforms to kill boredom

Well when we have free time, we either tend to use it in a productive manner or in a time passing way so as to kill the boredom temporarily. So there are apps and sites already present that provides productivity but what about some apps that can be productive or not but definitely helps in passing the time and kill the boredom temporarily.

So here are some apps or sites that contribute to the same:

1.    Waitbutwhy: It is basically a blog of Tim Urban who writes almost about everything like relationships, outer space, religion, etc. His writing style is just fantastic because it includes a lot of information mixed with some masala of humour. This is the main attraction of his site. Literally, it’s very easy to waste one’s time here. Basically, his writings are all canonical to each other. Fascinating articles with in-depth knowledge is a perfect mix for someone who is in search of knowledge in order to pass or kill a lot of time.

2.    The Oatmeal: It is another attractive website full of graphics that gains a lot of traction. Even if you are done with reading all its articles, still its graphics to bring you back to the website repeatedly and you can’t even resist it.

3.    Supercook: Well sometimes you may want to waste your time in a semi-productive manner- but not so productive and incidentally cooking is your thing, then super cool is a perfect place for you. On this site, you just have to list down all the ingredients you are having and it will list down amazing recipes right there. In this way, you can easily pass the time cooking. Also, it’s a good way to clean up the fridge and prevent wastage of food.

4.    Chatroom – It’s a very amazing web platform for online random video chat with stranger people and killing your boredom. A lot of internet Chat Rooms websites are available for online dating and chatting so, it’s a good choice for you if you love to Camchat with strangers.

5.    Ocearch shark tracker: Well to be honest tracking sharks swimming around the ocean is not so likeable thing but is definitely one of the coolest stuff to do. OCEARCH is a marine research group that devised a shark tracker tool to track the sharks swimming around the world. Like the super can even zoom on one place and see what sharks have been swimming since the last year. Basically, the sharks are tagged with names and with the help of that they are tracked. So what are you waiting for, Go get the thrill of tracking sharks?

6.    Apartment therapy: Well if you are a crafty person whose hobby is to make stuff out of left out things then this website is for you. You can make DIY projects and home decors. The thing is these are stuff where you once engage yourself,  will pass the time so fast that you can’t even imagine. There is innumerable content on this kind of stuff which are well written and well explained so that anyone who tries to attempt the projects can easily execute them. they have so much helpful content giving tips and tricks on everything from how to redo the stairs at home to ideas for using that unused space above our fridge. There’s no shortage of useful and fun information here, making it just amazing for endless browsing.

So these were top 6 cool and interesting websites where one can visit to kill their boredom.

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