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Who doesn’t want to live in a clean and tidy home? Sure, it’s great to have a dishwasher and washing machine for the dishes and clothes. But what about the food waste that you can’t wash down your drain? That’s where garbage disposals come in handy. Garbage disposals make cleaning up easier by grinding food waste into tiny particles before they go down your kitchen sink. 

Reduce the amount

Garbage disposals are a great way to reduce the amount of trash you produce. Food waste accounts for about 30 percent of the trash in landfills. By using a garbage disposal, you can reduce the amount of food waste you produce by up to 80 percent. This is because the grinding action of the disposal breaks down food into tiny particles that are easier to compost or discard.

If every household in America had a garbage disposal, we could reduce the amount of food-related trash in landfills by more than 25 million tons every year. That’s equivalent to removing about half of all cars off U.S. highways!

Recycle more food

You can recycle more food scraps, which will help the environment. Garbage disposals are also great for recycling materials like paper and glass that can’t be recycled through traditional means or composted. These materials are often thrown away along with food waste, but your disposal can grind them up too!

Grinding up these materials can make them easier to recycle and will prevent more recyclable material from going into landfills. With a little creativity, you can turn your food waste and other garbage like paper and glass into compost or even art supplies!

Easier to clean up

It’s easier to clean up after large dinner parties when you have a garbage disposal. When you have a lot of people over for dinner, the last thing you want to deal with is a ton of dishes. But with a garbage disposal, you can easily grind up any food scraps that end up on your plates or in your pots and pans. This will make it easier to clean up after your party and will prevent any food waste from going into the trash.

You can even run your disposal after every meal to help keep it clean and odor-free! This will also prevent any food particles that are stuck inside of the garbage disposal itself.

Smooth sound of running water

The sound of running water in your kitchen is soothing and calming. Having a garbage disposal means that you don’t have to listen to the sound of running water from your faucet as you wash dishes by hand. Instead, the sound of the garbage disposal can drown out the noise from the faucet and make your kitchen quieter.

Garbage disposals are also more energy efficient than dishwashers, so if you’re looking to save energy and money, a garbage disposal is the way to go.

Plus, who wouldn’t want one of these in their kitchen?

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Keep pests away from Home

A garbage disposal helps keep pests away from your home . One of the benefits of having a garbage disposal is that it helps keep pests away from your home. When you have a garbage disposal, food waste is ground up and washed down the drain instead of sitting in your trash can or compost pile, where it would be an inviting place for pests to congregate.

Easy on plumbing

Garbage disposals are easy on plumbing – they don’t clog drains or pipes like other types of waste do. Another benefit of a garbage disposal is that it’s easy on plumbing. Garbage disposals don’t clog up sinks, drains or pipes like other types of waste do. In fact, they can actually make your plumbing system run more efficiently because most models are attached to the drainpipe and grind food as water runs through it.

Avoiding clogged drains is definitely a plus for anyone with a garbage disposal!

So there you have it – the top six benefits of having a garbage disposal in your home. If you’re not already convinced, hopefully these reasons will help you see why having one is such a great idea. 


We have a lot of tips for making your kitchen easier to clean and more environmentally friendly. Waste disposal is the best way to reduce the amount of trash you produce, so if you don’t already have one in your home we recommend getting one installed ASAP! The sound it makes while running water will help you relax after a long day at work or during dinner parties with friends and family. It’s also much cleaner when there are large amounts of food scraps on the floor because everyone can just throw them in instead of having someone walk around picking up pieces from plates all night. If that doesn’t convince you how great garbage disposals are, our last point should do it – they’re easy on plumbing too!

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