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Top 12 Best Covering Vapes

Hello there and also invite back to an additional amazing MIST summary of top-quality vaping gear! Today we’ll be taking a closer take a look at some of the very best vessel vape systems available in the UK.

A current style of vape style, capsule vape systems shun large beefy mods and tanks to rather provide small, discreet as well as pocket-friendly vaping tools which can be by your side whenever you need it.

No longer do you require to ruin your pockets with the vaping matching of an 80’s mobile phone, not when there are such smooth and ergonomic vapes such as those below readily available! Let’s enter to the world of capsule vape kits!


Rating– 9/10

SMOK’s RPM40 has everything; MTL, large clouds as well as enough power to back it up.


Adjustable power level

MTL as well as DTL sheaths consisted of


Rather chunky

The SMOK RPM40 was the original upgrade on SMOK’s Nord line of sheathing vapes; whereas the Nord used sophisticated and also discreet smokes the RPM40 seeks to go back to SMOK’s roots somewhat.

The SMOK RPM40 includes 2 various hulls, one fitted with a Nord coil for slim e-liquid and an additional fitted with an exclusive RPM coil for thicker liquids and high-VG fun.

The RPM40 tested what could be expected from a covering vape system; capable of putting out up to 40W of power, it at the time far outstripped any other small covering vape on the market.

While the SMOK RPM40 may have been overtaken in battery life as well as power output, it continues to be among the greatest options for a sheathing vape package; whether you desire discreet wispy puffs for the office or large clouds for the bar garden, the SMOK RPM40 is capable of matching both needs, making it still a fairly one-of-a-kind and also highly popular sheathing vape system.

2. Uwell Caliburn

Rating– 8/10

Uwell’s Caliburn offers draw activation, refillable shucks as well as a larger battery than the JUUL.


Attract activation

Quick charge


No air movement control

When the Uwell Caliburn first struck our shelves it was clear what we were managing; a refillable JUUL rival!

The Caliburn is small of build as well as conveniently carried and delivered, including a 520mAh battery which boasts more than twice the capability of the JUUL.

The primary ‘attract’ to the Caliburn, if you’ll excuse the word play here, is it’s breath-activation innovation. While there is a switch existing for those who intend to fire the tool typically, you can additionally merely draw breath via the unit to trigger the vape, approving a classic as well as simple hit of relief to recent smokers.

No requirement to messily transform coils; simply dispose of a Caliburn Capsule after 2-3 weeks and also click a brand-new one into location!

While designed for thinner e-liquids, there are a couple of who locate that the ultra-absorbent wicking ports on the Uwell Caliburn can dealing with high-VG e-liquids, you might just desire to give it time to wick between large puffs.


Rating– 7/10

The RPM80 is a clear-cut cloud hull. Big plumes in a neat chassis.


Incredibly high interior capacity


Lack of MTL choices

The SMOK RPM80 was released not long after the superb reception the RPM40 received, and also is a little bit more devoted to original SMOK styles.

Currently including an * outrageous * 80W potential power result, the SMOK RPM80 tests a great deal of standard sub-ohm kits in regards to quill as well as power capacity!

Featuring an interior battery of 3000mAh, the RPM80 has ample charge to see you blowing large clouds all the time.

SMOK actually did purpose to activate our fond memories with this release, since additionally available is the RPM80 PRO, a nearly the same device which has one distinction; a vacant battery well for you to fit with your very own 18650 battery!

This places the SMOK RPM80, which has a streamlined and also comfortable style, in the same league as huge devices like the traditional SMOK AL85!

It may seem weird to include both the RPM40 as well as RPM80 in the same listing, nonetheless the RPM80 is very much a sub-ohm equipment.

The RPM Husk and RGC Hull included with the package are fitted with 0.4 ohm as well as 0.17 ohm coils specifically, neither of which appropriate for mouth to lung use.

Because of this, we included the RPM40 over for those looking for the very best of both worlds, whereas the RPM80 is for the cloud staff.


Rating– 7/10

The original! The JUUL supplies greater ease than any other vape on the market.


Super discreet

Unmatched simplicity as well as ease


Absence of accessibility & user options

Ah the JUUL. The vessel vape system that shocked the world. JUUL struck the marketplace in 2015 and ever since has actually been partly in charge of the general public’s acceptance of vaping devices. It revealed that a vape could be neat, discreet as well as most of all convenient.

The JUUL is not filled up by the individual. Rather you purchase pre-filled JUUL coverings, offered in a range of flavours at 1.8% pure nicotine material, additionally reviewed as 18mg in stamina. There is no switch to press on the JUUL, instead relying on advance draw-activation innovation; just smoke to activate!

The JUUL has an internal battery capacity of 200mAH, which while not huge is extremely outstanding in a vape as small as a USB drive! The battery is rapidly charged with the consisted of USB charging dock, and also can be tapped twice to examine the power levels.

The JUUL is quite a particular tool for a certain user. There are several that, while acknowledging the possible advantages of vaping to minimize their smoke intake, hesitate to attempt and also find out a whole new self-control of re-filling as well as recoiling, learning brand-new terms like “ohmage,” “VG/PG proportion” as well as “dryfire.” The JUUL was produced this crowd. Plug, smoke and also play.

5. Voopoo DRAG S.

Rating– 8/10.

The DRAG S is a long lasting, powerful and elegant shuck vape for tomorrow’s vaper.


Attract activation choices.


Unbelievable flavour.


Rather larger than other sheath vapes.

The DRAG S from Voopoo is a sturdy and exceptionally powerful sub-ohm covering vape system that thrilled us a lot we made an entire video clip regarding it!

The DRAG S features a variety of great design features; the covering is constructed from a solid combinations of steel alloy and also leather. It’s a far cry from the often ‘ancient’ plastic layout of a few other skin devices.

The Voopoo PnP Pods are developed from a durable polymer as well as allow for overall checking out accessibility of the pod and it’s e-liquid degrees.

The PnP Capsules are held in location by means of big magnet ring, quickly removed yet never so loosened as to befall on it’s own. Coils are easily transformed with a pull and press; no requirement for awkward, untidy unscrewings.

The Voopoo DRAG S can get to a remarkable 60W outcome, as well as has power protections in place to stop greater wattages being utilized on more moderate coils. Mentioning software application, the DRAG S has an unexpected quantity of features for a case vape; the tool can change quickly between switch activation as well as ‘smoke’ setting, indicating you merely inhale to begin vaping!

6. Myst P1.

Rating– 7/10.


Leak proof.

Specialising in nicotine salts.



Rather much less readily available than the JUUL.

From the labs of the initial developer of pure nicotine salt e-liquid, the P1 by Myst is a JUUL-style mobile shell vape system with a battery that outstrips its inspiration, 350mAh almost increasing the JUUL’s 200mAh.

The Myst P1 takes pre-filled shells loaded with high-strength nic salt e-liquid. Pure nicotine salts are an alternative pure nicotine remedy which supply hits which are high in nicotine however lack the rasping throat and upper body hit that some recent smokers locate a bit extreme.

Draw activated, the P1 also features a brilliant and gratifying ‘hidden mouth piece’ design, the case breaking in and out of view with an enjoyable click, lowering leaks and also making certain no lint finds its method into your tool.

Each P1 case is fitted with a 1.35 ohm coil and also flaunts as much as 300 smokes per sheathing.

7. Vaptio AirGo.

Score– 9/10.

The Vaptio AirGo alters every little thing. Portable, elegant, self-charging. A vape for the future.


Lug case functions as charger.

Draw activation.



Limited draw.

The Vaptio AirGo, which we lately reviewed completely, is an incredibly elegant and also portable husk vape which takes a fair bit of aesthetic ideas from an instead noticeable source.

The bring case, which also acts as a battery charger, holds a tiny vape stick and also two non reusable husks pre-fitted with 1.0 ohm coils made for PG-centric e-liquid.

The incredibly tiny vape stick holds a relatively little 80mAh of power, nonetheless it is rapidly charged with the 700mAh stored on the carry case, with the vape crediting full in around 10-20 mins.

The stylish layout of the Vaptio AirGo hides a hidden aspect to the device; technique. There is something to be stated about the habit-breaking behavior of requiring to stand out the vape back in its charger every 10 mins approximately. You rapidly discover that you seldom reach for it out of dullness, only when you require that moment of satisfaction.

One of the most effective skin vapes for anybody aiming to eventually reduce nicotine out of their lives totally.

8. SMOK Nord 2.

Score– 8/10.

The return of the master! The Nord 2 has all the features of the initial, and a lot more!


Flexible sheathings.

Flexible electrical power.


1500mAh excellent however not for throughout the day sub-ohm use.

The SMOK Nord 2 is the most recent upgrade in SMOK’s brilliant Nord series of pocket-sized vessel vapes, now with added attributes and also increased power!

The SMOK Nord 2 has an internal battery capability of 1500mAh, practically increasing the power of the original.

In addition to this the Nord 2 has an electronic display screen along the side to reveal you your battery level, smoke matter, coil ohmage and present power level settings.

Yes, that’s right– electrical power setups! The Nord 2 can be established anywhere in between 1W– 40W, with ample battery ability to obtain you through the day.

The SMOK Nord 2 comes with 2 pods, both with the traditional SMOK duckbill design. The RPM Shell is fitted with a sub-ohm 0.4 ohm coil, the Nord Sheathing having a 0.8 ohm DTL coil instead, implying that you have hulls for both type of vaping offered! Much like with the RPM40, SMOK have actually intended to make the Nord 2 a functional device developed for all celebrations, nevertheless the Nord 2 keeps the sophisticated as well as downplayed style of the original system.

9. Uwell Caliburn G.

Score– 9.5/ 10.

The Caliburn G adds adjustable coils as well as Kind C charging.


Changeable mesh coils.

Fast charging.


No air movement control.

The Uwell Caliburn G is an unanticipated late entry to our summary, however it brings numerous fine enhancements to the preliminary Caliburn layout.

While you still have the draw-activation innovation of the previous version, there have been a number of modifications and enhancements.

The skins are no longer non reusable, as well as rather use a far much less wasteful replaceable Caliburn G mesh coil system, quickly swapped with a pull-push system.

The gadget has actually also obtained a welcome upgrade in the form of USB Kind C charging, dramatically reducing the moment necessary to get your Caliburn G to full power, approximately 20-45 minutes.

The exterior housing has also had a bit of a transformation, currently including a ridged layout which is as appealing as it is very easy to hold, helping the Caliburn G get away from the contrasts to an information stick which the previous design occasionally experienced.

A basic to utilize and also excellent skin vape system that’s as in the house on the desktop as it gets on a club bench!

10. Voopoo Argus.

Rating– 8/10.

The Voopoo Argus is a similar gadget to the DRAG S but with a prominent difference;.


MTL and also DTL usage.



Not quite enough battery to regularly make use of at 40W throughout the day.

The Voopoo Argus is a comparable device to the DRAG S yet with a prominent difference; it is equally with the ability of MTL as well as DTL use!

The Argus includes two shucks included, a PnP Capsule similar to the one included with the DRAG S, and likewise the Voopoo PnP MTL Vessel, which includes a conical mouth piece and also designed to fit Voopoo’s PnP-TR1 coils, which register at 1.2 ohms.

The PnP-TR1 coil transforms this superbly powerful sheathing vape into an user-friendly mouth to lung vape, capable of absorbing and also atomising slim, PG-centric or 50/50 vape juices developed to generate less vapour and provide a satisfying breast hit.

The Voopo Argus has a battery capacity of 1500mAh as well as the wattage can be set anywhere in between 1-40W, charging quickly thanks to the Kind C cable included, a welcome departure from mini USB!

The system likewise includes a lanyard ring for convenience of transport. Conveniently switched over in between button/breath-activation with simply 3 faucets, the Voopoo Argus is a versatile machine for individuals who desire the best of both globes; smooth and cloudy sub-ohm usage and also limited MTL attracts for any given occasion.

11. Geek Vape Wenax K1.

Score– 7/10.

The Geek Vape Wenax K1 is a suitable starter kit for those looking to begin vaping with a fuss-free gadget that’s as easy to use as it is satisfying.



Quick charging.



Smaller battery than some options.

The Geek Vape Wenax K1 is an ideal starter package for those looking to start vaping with a fuss-free device that’s as easy to use as it is pleasing.

With an in-built battery ability of 600mAh, the Wenax K1 fires at an optimum of 16W, implying the battery won’t be going out whenever soon. In case of power lack it includes Kind C charging, so you’re never without power for long.

The Wenax K1 can be terminated either using the switch on the front or simply via draw-activation, permitting you to simply puff on it to begin getting vapour, which helps current cigarette smokers reproduce the smoking experience.

The Wenax K1 additionally features 2 capsules consisted of, one with a resistance of 0.8 ohms as well as the other clocking in at 1.2 ohms. Both are planned for MTL use, though the 0.8 ohm variation will distribution rather extra effective hits.

The gadget also puts itself right into standby after 10 seconds of no use, more preserving your battery as well as making sure gratifying smokes all day long.

12. SMOK Acro Kit.

Rating– 8/10.

Continuing SMOK’s exceptional venture right into hull vape development we have the SMOK Acro Package.


Slimline and also pocket-friendly.

Flexible power level.

Flexible airflow.


Quite a vast style.

0.8 ohm sheathings break quickly if made use of at 25W regularly.

Continuing SMOK’s impressive venture into vessel vape development we have the SMOK Acro Set. A slimline and also light-weight tool, the SMOK Acro slides conveniently in the pocket as well as eschews their previous big-and-bulky style habits.

The Acro has an onboard battery capacity of 1000mAh, and also enables you to change the wattage anywhere between 5-25W, giving you a wonderful series of power to explore till you locate your wonderful place.

The Acro features 2 husks consisted of, both registering at 0.8 ohms. The Acro is primarily created as an MTL package, indicating you should typically rely upon thinner, PG-centric or 50/50 vape juices.

The tool costs rapidly through Type C charging, and features optional draw-activation as well as switch shooting, depending on which type of vape distribution you choose, in addition to minimal air flow control using the port on the system’s back.

It’s a welcome return of the much-beloved SMOK duckbill mouth piece, providing a comfy option to those that choose not to bag their lips with every puff.

Compact, effective and customisable, the SMOK Acro Set is an excellent option for the brand-new vaper that desires just a little variant in their vape gadget without obtaining shed in complex menus and also unnecessary capability.

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