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The Ultimate List of Vaping and also E-cigarette

The past twelve months was another memorable year for the vaping market– but what are the facts as well as numbers behind its continuous development? We’ve put together the conclusive listing of e-cigarette statistics for 2018.

Vaping & E-cigarette statistics

At MIST, we have actually examined a number of authoritative health researches and also consumer surveys to generate this comprehensive truth page.

Whilst we motivate you to see the similarity Public Health England or Cigarette smoking in England for your very own advantage, our team believe this listing is a handy reference guide for those seeking the most updated vaping realities.

That is using e-cigarettes?

With the increasing appeal of e-cigarettes, how many individuals are using them as well as exactly how has this altered in recent years?

There are approximately 2.8 million people currently making use of e-cigarettes in Terrific Britain (Office for National Data).

Across 7 countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and South Korea), there was an 86% rise in e-cigarette customers in between 2013 and also 2015 (Ernst & Youthful).

Almost one in five Brits have actually tried vaping (Office for National Data).

38% of e-cigarette individuals stated they used their e-cigarette routinely (Ernst & Young).

In the United States, 85% of those aged 18-29 have actually tried e-cigarettes, compared with 22% of those aged 65 and over (Statista).

Practically one in twenty American adults now make use of e-cigarettes (Reuters).

Which trends are driving the e-cigarette sector?

A variety of aspects are contributing to the rise of the vaping sector– which products are preferred with customers, as well as what is the forecasted growth of e-cigarettes?

E-liquids are the biggest profits producing part of the e cig market, in charge of 38.7% of income (BIS Research).

Expert stores as well as on-line retailers represent 65% of e-cigarette refill sales (Ernst & Young).

28% of e-cigarette customers surveyed all over the world said tobacco was one of the most typically used flavour, with organic (23%) as well as fruit (20%) ranking carefully behind (Ernst & Youthful).

In South Korea, organic (25%) and also fruit (22%) flavours are actually extra preferred than cigarette (Ernst & Youthful).

Average maximum and minimum prices for all product classifications across the e-cigarette sector have stayed steady (Public Health England).

There is a correlation in between the cost of cigarettes and the uptake of e-cigarettes– in countries with greater cigarette costs, there is a greater use of e-cigarettes (Ernst & Young).

The international e-cigarette as well as t-vapor market was valued at $11.43 billion in 2016, and also is projected to grow to over $86 billion by 2025 (BIS Research).

What is the relationship in between cigarette smokers and e-cigarettes?

How do smokers view e-cigarettes, and also what are the bigger societal factors affecting both standard cigarettes and also e-cigarettes?

Over fifty percent of smokers in England either falsely believe that vaping is as dangerous as smoking, or merely don’t understand (Public Health England).

Around 40% of cigarette smokers have actually never ever tried an e-cigarette (Public Health England).

In 2015, 37% of e-cigarette users determined themselves as ex-smokers– an increase from 31% in 2013 (Ernst & Young).

From 2010 to 2016, cigarette smoking frequency in the UK fell by over six percent in the 18-24 age brace (NHS Digital).

Considering that 2007, smoking occurrence in the UK overall has fallen from 24.2% to 17.2% (Smoking Cigarettes in England).

In 1965, 41.9% of the US population smoked cigarettes; in 2016, that figure was to 15.7% (United States Facility for Condition Control and Prevention).

In the UK, normal use e-cigarettes among youngsters that have never smoked stays negligible– less than 1% (Public Health England).

What are the wellness influences of e-cigarettes?

To what degree do e-cigarettes assist people to give up cigarette smoking, as well as what advice on e-cigarettes is being used by doctor?

Vaping is at least 95% much less damaging than smoking cigarettes, as well as of minimal danger to spectators (Public Health England).

E-cigarettes could be contributing to 20,000 less cigarette smokers per year in the UK (Public Health England).

The rise in e-cigarette use has been associated with a boost in success of cigarette smokers trying to stop (British Medical Journal).

Medical care specialists are now urged to recommend cigarette smokers that e-cigarettes are a handy aid for quitting (National Institute for Wellness and also Treatment Excellence).

NHS Counts on are being motivated to make e-cigarettes available in hospital stores (Public Health England).

Why are individuals utilizing e-cigarettes?

What are the factors behind the surge in e cig use around the world– are they just health-related, or are there other factors too?

Practically fifty percent of Brits claimed the major factor they utilize e-cigarettes is as a help to quit smoking cigarettes (Public Health England).

Around the world, 46% claimed they consistently utilize e-cigarettes since there is no smell as well as it does not bother people around them (Ernst & Young).

In Poland, participants to a survey indicated the most popular factor for making use of e-cigarettes regularly was the range of flavours and pure nicotine degrees readily available (Ernst & Youthful).

29.2% of Brits said the primary factor they began utilizing e-cigarettes is that they were much less dangerous than actual cigarettes (Public Health England).

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