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Tech and Electronic developments in New York State

When we think of tech and electronic developments, we generally immediately think of Silicon Valley in California. While New York has typically been thought of as the corporate center of America, it is rapidly catching up to California in terms of its tech industry. Think about how much capital floats through the state of New York and you can begin to imagine the potential for tech startups and developments. Even Wall Street is quickly realizing the importance of technology in our world today, so do not be surprised if we see a slew of tech innovations coming out of New York over the next few decades. Here are some of the recent tech developments to come from the Empire state.

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Semiconductor Research 

Over the past couple of years, the world has started to realize just how important semiconductors are to today’s technology. During COVID-19, we saw a global chip shortage that had a direct effect on production and manufacturing around the world. We saw companies like Apple, Ford, and Nio all see serious reductions in production capacity, particularly in the electric vehicle industry where advanced onboard computers have increased the demand for microchips.

Of course, Silicon Valley and China remain the global hubs for semiconductor research and production. But companies like Applied Materials are partnering with the state of New York and its deep pockets to establish new research and development facilities that are advancing the field of semiconductors on America’s East Coast. As the need for chips continues to rise into the future, New York is looking to expand America’s presence in the global semiconductor industry. 

Cybersecurity Industry

Another industry that is gaining importance with the advancement of our reliance on technology is the cybersecurity sector. As more of our personal and enterprise data is placed into the cloud and other online data storage centers, the need to protect that data from malicious hackers has increased as well. New York is definitely increasing its investments into cybersecurity companies as the state is now ranked third in the country in terms of the number of people employed in cybersecurity jobs, and New York City ranked as second amongst cities.

Cybersecurity was a major part of former New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, and remains a priority for current governor Kathy Hochul as well. The state is even integrating cybersecurity needs into its public education system, as most State University of New York campuses have added cybersecurity-based courses to their course list.

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Online Casinos in New York

Online casinos might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of technology, but in early 2022, New York is joining the ranks of states that have legalized online gambling. The technology at online casinos has improved immensely over the years, with full integration with both desktop and mobile apps. The implementation of 5G technology has allowed places like New York to be able to offer high speed data and wireless connections to their citizens. This means that come 2022, New Yorkers can play their favorite online casino games wherever they are in the state!

With the legalization of online casinos coming in January of 2022, the biggest names in the casino industry have made their way to New York. One of those is the Caesars sportsbook which will allow New Yorkers to place wagers at fair odds on hometown favorites like the New York Knicks, the New York Rangers, and the New York Giants. New York Caesars Sportsbook mobile app will have offers for live betting, a wagering style that works very well in mobile format, especially if you are out and about. 

As is fitting in the state of New York, all of the incoming online casinos have implemented impressive tech advancements. First, the security of its customers is of the utmost importance, particularly when it comes to personal data such as payment information. When users create a profile they enter personal details like home address, phone number, and email address, as well as payment data like a credit card number or a digital wallet ID. Online casinos like Caesars have improved their protection and implemented data encryption to help keep their users safe. On top of that, most online casino sites now accept payment and deposits in cryptocurrencies, which does provide a safer and faster transaction for both sides. Most sites will even offer a very generous cryptocurrency bonus to users when they first sign up or deposit funds. 

Tech Startups and Companies

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With all of the venture capital and investments that run through New York, it is not surprising that the state is home to some of the hottest new tech companies in the industry. New York is one of the brightest cities in the country for tech startups and has a long list of tech companies that are making their mark on the global stage. New York also has legacy tech companies like IBM that are based in the state. While IBM has removed itself from the computer hardware industry, it is still making advancements in fields such as artificial intelligence and data center storage. 

As for newer tech companies that call New York home, we can start with the cloud computing services firm MongoDB. This company was established back in 2009 and is a leader in providing integration with cross-platform database programs. MongoDB went public in 2017 on the NASDAQ index and is currently valued at about $36 billion USD. Other major brands that were founded and based in New York include FanDuel, enterprise software platform Trello, and online website and blog platform Squarespace. New York remains one of the best places in the country to start your company, with access to a long list of private investment firms and venture capital money. The state is also adding incentives for entrepreneurs to start their tech companies in New York, with financial assistance for companies that utilize the state’s education system to further their research and development opportunities. 

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