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Stardew Valley Tips And Tricks

These Stardew Valley tips will make your life easier. There are many tasks you can complete daily. To get the ball rolling, there are some things you can do to make the goats’ lives easier. Our Stardew Valley tips are here to help. It can be a little overwhelming working out what’s the best plan of action to get the most out of Stardew Valley. Are you able to tend to your crops first Do you check on your animals? Talk to all the villagers? Go into the mines. You’re sure to have a great time if you play smart. We have some top tips to help you make the most of your first year. It’s a cute game, but it has a lot of mechanics and things to do.

Although things may seem slow at first as you learn Stardew’s offerings, we have a few tips to help make your life easier.

How to quickly make money in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley will give you 500g and 500 pieces of shiny golden when you start your journey. Although it might seem like a lot, once you start in Stardew Valley, you will be given 500g or 500 pieces of shiny gold. If you’re anything like me you’ll soon run out and you’ll be wondering how you can make more without waiting days for your harvest.

Although there is no way to make Stardew Valley gold money quickly, there are some things you can do that will help you get the cash in your account faster.

Invest as soon as you can in crops

The little farming starter kit contains 15 turnip seed seeds that you can plant immediately. Simply take your new hoe, and use it to till 15 small areas of soil for them. You should also give them water. The water can can be filled with water from the farm.

You’ll then want to carefully invest your money in more seeds. These can be purchased at Pierre’s local shop, or from other sources. You should be cautious about which crops you purchase and when. We recommend that you invest in two to three Cauliflower seed, as they are 80g. However, the final crop is much more valuable. You can also pick up more turnip seed and potatoes. The best thing about taters? They can be bought for as low as 80g per piece and will likely yield another potato after you harvest them. This means you get more potatoes for your dollar. They take only six days to grow so if you combine them with the turnips that grow in four days, you will soon have enough money to buy a serious crop of cauliflower.

Square is trendy

You can streamline your money-making efforts by ignoring your desire to invest in livestock. Once you have more gold in your pocket, it will be easier to forget about your desire to buy them. I fell for the lure of farm animals, and I spent a lot of money to build homes for them, feed them and buy new friends.

Winter is coming and you won’t be able to play the game like I did. The game doesn’t produce enough grass to feed your animals, so you will have to purchase hay from Marnie to make it through the winter. Your hard-earned money will quickly be spent on hay, which is 50g per piece.

This is a risk that you may be willing to take, considering the Community Centre requires quite a few animal-based offerings.

Prioritize wood

After you have watered and planted your crops, it is worth focusing your efforts on cutting down trees. Wood is a valuable resource that can be used to build new buildings or other items on your farm. It’s best to not sell it unless your need is immediate. You’ll soon be able to make useful items such as storage chests.

First, unlock the beach bridge

After you have 300 pieces of wood, you will need to fix the bridge on the left side of the beach. You will be able to access the Tidal Pools where valuable items such as coral, sea urchins, and other shells will appear daily. These can be thrown in your shipping container (more information in a mo), and you can also sell them to Willy at his shop on pier.

For all they have, mine the mines

You’ll receive a letter on the fifth day of spring in your first year. It informs you that all stones that were blocking your access to the mines northeastern of the Carpenter’s Shop or west of the Adventurer’s Guild had been magically removed. This is a gold mine in that you can find special items and earn serious cash.

There are 120 levels in the mines, each with a save point after five. The more you dig, the more valuable stuff you will find. You will need your pickaxe and a shovel to break up rocks. To fight off any beasties trying to take your health, you’ll be given a sword. Although the sword doesn’t drain energy, I recommend having some snacks on hand.

Fish until you flop

This extra energy will be needed to spend time fishing. You’ll get a fishing rod from Willy early in the game. It can quickly become a very profitable hobby if you put your time into it.

It can be difficult to learn, but it is definitely possible to master it. Your rod should be equipped as you head to the water body. Hold down the action button, and hold it until the cursor reaches the top of your meter. This will allow you to cast your line as far as you can and increase your chances of catching higher-value fish. When a fish bites, wait for it to go. Then tap the action button immediately.

This is the hard part. You’ll need to hold down the action button in order to keep the green border around the fish intact long enough to allow the catch bar to fully fill. Fish can move quite a bit and will escape if you let it go. Your skill level will increase and your green window will grow, making it easier for you to catch those pesky fish.

Once you have all the information, fishing is a great way to make some money fast. Be aware of any bubbling spots in your water. Fish will bite faster and have a higher value if they are there.

You should get the fibreglass rod from Willy as soon as possible. It’s available once you have reached fishing level 2. You can also buy crab pots from Willy once you have reached fishing level three. These can be used to bait the fish and then let them do their thing. You’ll be able to make another little income by making sure you come back every day to check for fish and replenish the bait.

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