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Stardew Valley Secret Notes

Stardew Valley secret coins are collectable items that have rare or useful information about Pelican Town, its small community and its inhabitants. These can take the form of treasure maps, diary entries, cryptic messages or reveal the location of rare items and capabilities.

Stardew Valley has 25 secret notes. Many of these can be found by simply doing everyday tasks. You will need a magnifying lens before you can start looking for them. This is how you do it so that you can begin looking for hidden scribbles.

How to get the magnifying glasses in Stardew Valley

This item is part the quest ‘A Winter Mystery’. It’s activated when the player walks to the bus stop at the farm between 6am – 4pm in winter. The cutscene will show a shadow monster moving towards the town center.

Follow the shadow creature to town, and you will see footprints in snow leading to a playground. The creature will emerge when you shake the bush. They introduce themselves as Krobus and give you the magnifying glasses. Now you can read secret messages.

Where can I find Stardew Valley secret messages

After performing certain actions, secret notes that spawn are activated. These notes can be found by digging up weeds and killing monsters in mines.

You can send a note to your inventory by picking up a paper note. To read the contents, go into your bag and click on a note. It will be automatically added to your secret note collection tab, which you can then return to whenever you wish to read it.

The first group of secret notes is notes 1-9. These notes provide information about the villager’s likes, dislikes, and do not ask the player to perform any specific tasks. Notes 10-25 are a challenge or task that can be completed to earn a reward. Without first finding the note, you cannot find the reward or secret items. The secret note that corresponds to the Mayor Lewis gold statue will be required in order to locate it.

These are the secrets notes. What do they mean? How to get them completed?

1. Abigail’s diary entry

It’s Abigail’s diary. Things I love: The smell of carved pumpkins, having an amethyst underneath my pillow, chocolate cake and the comfort of Mom’s blackberry cobbler (I like eating!).

This note will tell you Abigail’s favorite gifts.

2. Sam’s shopping list

It’s Sam’s holiday shopping wish list. “Everyone’s favorite things:

Sebastian Frozen Tear, Sashimi

Penny: Emerald, Poppy

Vincent:Grape and Cranberry Candy

Mom:Crispy Pancakes and Crispy Bass

Father: Risotto, Roasted Hazelnuts

Me: Cactus, Maple Bar, Pizza.”

Sam’s shopping list helps us find the right gifts for certain residents.

3. Leah’s perfect meal

It’s written in Leah’s handwriting: “My ideal dinner would include salad, goat cheese and truffle along with wine. A poppyseed muffin would be my dessert choice. Yum! Yum!

This note tells us about Leah’s favorite things.

4. Part list of Maru’s invention

“It’s Maru’s note. Parts are still needed for my greatest invention! “Gold Bar, Iridium Bars, Battery Packs, Diamonds, Strawberries”

This gives us an idea of Maru’s tastes.

5. Penny’s gift guide

“It’s Penny’s handwriting. I want everyone to love something! These are my thoughts:

Mom:Parsnip, Glazed Yams, NO BEER!

JasFairy Rose and Plum Pudding

Vincent:Pink Cake

Mr. Mullner:Fried Leek Mushroom

Granny Mullner:Beet, Tulip

6. Special orders for Stardrop

“Stardrop Saloon Special orders:

Mayor LewisAutumn’s Bounty (Double Order of High-fiber Bread on the Side)

Marnie:Pumpkin pie (extra whipped cream).

Demetrius:Bean hotpot (make it spicy)

CarolineFish Taco (she’d like triple the sauce!) You might want to add a few more napkins …)”

This allows us to know the likes of Caroline, Marnie, Demetrius and Mayor Lewis.


It’s just a page from someone else’s journal… There are very few “older” bachelors in town and they are not all perfect. Harvey is anxious and weak. However, I know he’d make a great husband. He enjoys pickles and coffee. He is a bit pompous and melodramatic but has a good chin. He loves crab cakes and pomegranates. Shane is messy and antisocial. His gruff exterior may be a defense mechanism to protect him from the outside world, but I believe it is. He enjoys beer, pizza, and pepper poppers.

This note lists Harvey’s, Elliot’s and Shane’s favorite gifts.

8. A letter from Emily and Haley’s parents

“To Haley & Emily. Hope you two are doing well! We sent you our favorite gifts: Pink Cake, Sunflowers for Haley and Gemstones and Wool to Emily. “Love Mom and Dad”

These are the gifts Emily and Haley like.

9. Alex’s training diet

“Alex’s Strength Training Diet: Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner. “I love this food… the protein is so good!

We now know that Alex enjoys a Complete Breakfast as well as Salmon Dinner.

10. Skull Cavern

“Someone is waiting to meet you at level 100 of the Skull Cavern

This unlocks the quest Cryptic Note. Master Qi will greet you if you reach the 100th Skull Cavern level. He will be impressed by the completion of the cavern and give you Snake Milk. After drinking it, your health will permanently increase by 25

11. 11.

This is an old photograph of Marnie and Jaas.

12. Garbage tips

On lucky days, I’ve found some great things just by looking in the trash cans. Sometimes, you will find the “dish of the Day” behind the saloon…usually fresh! For dessert, I will check the Mullners can for cookies. The museum and blacksmith have cans that contain treasures.

These garbage diving tips come from Linus. They will help you find new items in the trash bins of Pelican Town residents.

13. Junimo plush location

“12 o’clock noon SHARP. The last day of the season. The bush is located above the playground.

To receive your Junimo plush, head to the bush just above the playground at noon on the last day for the current season.

14. Stone Junimo location

“I kept something behind the community centre.”

To receive Stone Junimo garden art, you can head to the back of our community centre at any time during the day. You’ll find it towards the right of the centre. Click around until you see the text.

15. Mermaid puzzle solution

“Mermaid Show: 1-4-5-4-2-3

This combination of numbers refers to the Mermaid Show puzzle in the Night Market. Wait until the show ends and then go to the Shells Sequence section. You’ll get a pearl from the Mermaid if you choose them in the correct order.

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