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Stardew valley hidden achievements

Stardew Valley is a charming game that allows players to live the life of a farmer in a small town. You must grow your farm slowly and get to know the other villagers. You can even get married. If you’re a completionist, though, the sweet, slow-paced lifestyle of Pelican town turns into a frustrating atmosphere of pain and disappointment. Getting all of the achievements in Stardew Valley is hard. Even with mods, it’s almost impossible to achieve one achievement. You can complete the game by reading this article. We have listed the ten most difficult achievements.

Shipping Complete

If a shipment states that it will ship all the sellable items in the game you can be sure it’s going into trouble. You will need to grow each crop, and you’ll also need to find or make several items to meet the game’s requirements. You might also have to ship items that are not eligible for the achievement.

We encourage you to create a list of all the items that you have shipped and mark them off.

Gourmet Chef

You will need to prepare every dish in the game for this achievement. It is much more difficult than it sounds. You will first need to collect the recipes. This can be done by watching The Queen of Sauce on television, buying recipes from the saloon and chatting with villagers. It is time-consuming, but it will be worth it.

Lucky lunch requires that you catch a sea cucumber in just two months.


You will need to ship 15 crops of polyculture. While this achievement is easy enough, you may find yourself having to play through many seasons. You will need to have the seeds to grow the crops required for this achievement available by year two. This can be frustrating for many players who will also have to complete two years of in-game play time to unlock the desert to harvest the final crops.

Craft Master

Craft Master will require that you craft every item in the game. This will require you acquire tons of items. There are more than 90 items you will need to craft. While some items are easy to find, such as wood, others like batteries can be more difficult to obtain. You will also need to upgrade all your skills to level 9. This will allow you to access many recipes and make friends with villagers like Gus.

It is a good idea to look at the list of materials that can be used to make crafts and to figure out how many you will need.

Master Angler

It will take patience and time to achieve the Master Angler award. You must catch every fish in order to earn this achievement. There are certain fish that cannot be caught during certain seasons, just like crops. It is important to consider the time of day, where you fish, and what weather conditions are. A better rod will allow you to catch all types of fish and trappers.

This is the best way to go if you already have an iridium rod and have all the fishing spots unlocked, including desert, mines lave, and swamp.


You won’t make a million dollars a week without mods. It can take many years for players to earn enough money to unlock the million-dollar achievement. Unfortunately, this is not the end. To unlock the Legen achievement, players must earn 10,000,000 gold. This achievement requires you to play for many years, possibly growing hundreds of starfruit plants.

This achievement can take more than 100 hours to achieve, according to many players.

Complete Collection

Another achievement, the A Complete Collection achievement, will take hours of gameplay. The museum will require you to collect and donate all possible items. You will need to search the mine for geodes, dig up artifact points, and kill certain monsters in order to do this. Some items can be found in chests while you fish, but they are not as useful.

The Stardrop Mystery

Stardrops give you an in-game permanent stat boost. You can only find seven stardrops, so you’ll need all of them to get this achievement. You will need to complete a number of chores in order to get them. You can buy one at the fair for 2,000 points and reach level one-hundred in the mine. You will also need to get married, catch every fish, grow a rare seed, and donate tons of items to the museum.

As you unlock other achievements in the game, this is another achievement you should strive for.

Prairie King

You can play the full game Journey of the Prairie King in the saloon. To achieve this achievement, you must beat the entire game. You will have to complete the game in one session. There is no way to save or return later. Fortunately, the clock doesn’t stop moving as long as you play. It is difficult even for multiple lives, and it will take some time to master the game.

You must conquer many levels and bosses in order to win. It can take many players hundreds of attempts to win.

Fector’s Challenge

Fector’s Challenge is one of the most difficult achievements in gaming. You must complete Journey of the Praire Kings without dying. Mods that unlock all of the upgrades in the game won’t allow you to finish the game without dying. You will also need to boost your in-game luck and hope that you get the right weapons.

Worse, you can’t save yourself. This means that you have to start over again if you get hurt.

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