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Stardew Valley Gift Guide

As a newcomer, it can be difficult to build relationships. It takes effort to be accepted as a part of the community, even if you are a stranger in a small place. This is one of the main objectives in Stardew Valley. Friendly conversation is a great way to meet new people. However, gifts are a great way to show your generosity. Every villager has their own likes and dislikes. If you’re looking to make friends with everyone in Stardew Valley or to marry someone special, this guide will help you. Pelican Town and its surrounding area offer many more activities, and you can always meet new villagers. There are dozens and dozens of items players can find in the game. We thought it would be fitting to add a few more suggestions to help players win new friends. We’ve also included information on the preferences of each Pelican Town member.

Delicious Cooked Dishes

Just like in real life, a home-cooked meal is a great way to win someone over in Stardew Valley. The player will be loved by the villager if they cook any dish in the farmhouse kitchen, except for Bread, Fried Egg, Seafoam Pudding and Strange Bun.

Keep in mind though thatMany villages have their own dislikesFor specific meals. For example, Sebastian won’t eat eggs while Emily and Evelyn don’t like seafood. Willy, on the other hand, is averse to any cooked meals that don’t include fish.

Life Elixir

The infinitely useful Life ElixirCombat Level 2 makes it craftableTo brew, you will need a Purple Mushroom or Red Mushroom, Chanterelle and Morel. It will not only restore your health but also give you decent friendship points.Everyone except Krobus, Leo and Willy.

Some players might not like the idea of creating a useful item and then giving it away. Some ingredients are difficult to find in large quantities so many players prefer to keep their life elixirs handy for dangerous dungeon dlves.


Gemstones are a popular gift for villager like flowers. It’s easy to find them: Topaz and Amethyst can appear at any level of the mines. The deeper the player digs the more valuable stones are likely to be found. Furthermore, if the player can build a few Crystalariums, they’ll have an endless supply of gifts.


After players have learned how to make Preserves Jars they are able to toss any kind of fruit in them. The fruit will turn into Jelly after a few days. They are great gifts and can be bought for a reasonable price, depending on their condition.

Salmonberry jelly is a good choice since it is one of the most valuable fruits and the salmonberries are abundant in spring. Once you have collected it,Sebastian is the only villagerA jar of homemade jam will please them.


Flowers make great gifts because they are easy to find. Blue Jazz and Tulips can be planted on the farm in spring. Summer Spangles or Sunflowers can be planted, and Sweet Peas can be foraged. Fairy Roses and Sunflowers are also good options for fall. In wintertime, forage for crocuses.

This one, like gemstones, has exceptions.You can choose from different gifts to build friendship with George, Sebastian or Clint. Keep in mind, however, that Poppies are not the same flower family as the rest of the floral family.


Honey is similar to flowers and easy to grow. A level 3 farmer can learn the crafting recipe for a Bee House. It requires common resources to construct. Make a few and place them around your farm. Then, wait for the bees’ work to begin.

The honey will be labeled “Sunflower Honey” (or “Tulip Honey”) if the flowers are located within five tiles of a house; if it is not, it will go under the “Wild Honey” category. Any type of Honey can be harvested once it is harvested.Any villager, except Maru and Sebastian.

Maple Syrup

A jug of maple syrup is something that almost everyone would be happy to have on hand. It can be used in crafting but most players don’t need to store large quantities. This makes it an excellent gift choice.

At Foraging Level 3, Tapper recipes are unlockable by players. Make a few tappers from copper bars and wood and place them on maple trees in the forest or on the farms. You can gift the maple syrup that they produce by checking them every nine days.Maru is the only villager.

Fruit Tree Fruit

A homegrown peach, apple, or any other orchard fruit is a great choice. Every villager loves them. Fruit trees are hardy and take time to grow. However, they produce every day while in season. This makes them an excellent source for food. Gifts that are universally lovedAll the most beloved fruit trees can be purchased as saplings. Pierre’s shop is open all year. It is important to plan ahead, as they mature in 28 days. Plant an orange tree as soon as possible in spring to reap the benefits all summer.

These fruits are loved by every villager, except for those who don’t like them. Mango and banana these are often considered Neutral gifts. A few of the orchard fruits rank among certain villager Loves:

Robin loves Peach

Gus loves Orange

Elliott: loves Pomegranate

Prismatic Shard

Every villager except HaleyThis rare treasure is loved by many. You can find one in many places, including rainbow trout fish pools, mines and Omni Geodes. Although chances of finding Prismatic Shards is very slim, everyone will eventually find one.

Skull Cavern has the best chance to find Prismatic Shreds. The monsters in the Skull Cavern have a chance of dropping one. The more the player digs, the more likely they will find Iridium Nodes and Mystic Stones that can contain this rare gem. Prismatic Shards are extremely valuable and have many uses. Players often avoid giving them away.

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