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Stardew Valley Fishing guide

FishingThis is both a valuable skill and a money-maker.Stardew Valley. Fishing rods and fishing lines can be used to catch them. Crab pots the water.

Each season –Spring, summer, autumn, and winter there are much fish that you can catch. There are five options once you have mastered the art of fishing. Legendary fish you can hunt down and capture.

You can breed fish in fish ponds on your farm, which will not only provide you with more fish, but a variety of useful items.

Fishing also plays an important part in completing the Community Center bundles, as the Fish Tank bundle is all about collecting the various fish that live across the valley; from the lakes deep within the mines to the forest river.

How to fish in Stardew Valley

You can fish in anybody or water as long as you have a Stardew Valley fishing rod. The game of fishing is divided into casting and catching.


Casting starts when you choose to use your fishing rod. It also determines how far your fishing line will reach across the water.

The small bar above your hand that you activate when you cast your casting is what determines the length of your cast. You’ll see a line that moves back and forth between red and green within this bar.

Casting should be done when the bar is as green and straight as possible. This will allow you to cast further, and may result in a ‘Max” cast. The word ‘Max’ will be displayed on the screen to let you know that a cast has been selected.

It is important to cast as far as you can, since the distance of your cast has an impact on the quality and quantity of the fish.

Also, be on the lookout for bubbles in your water.

Your chances of catching rare fish will increase if you land your cast in a pool full of bubbles.

After casting your fishing line, you can just sit back and wait until an exclamation mark appears (!). Your avatar’s head will be visible. It’s time for you to reel in your fish. If you succeed, the word ‘Hit!’ will appear on your screen.


The fishing mini-game truly begins when you have your fish on the line.

This mini-game interface is divided into two sections: the progress bar on right and the fish bars on left.

The progress bar shows how close you are getting to catching the fish. Green means you’re almost there and red means you’re about losing your prey. The progress bar can change throughout the game, so keep an eye out.

The fish bar is where you can catch the fish that you want. It will move along the bar at a speed that depends on how difficult it was caught. You can also find a green rectangle called the “Fishing Bar” on this bar.

You can control the ‘Fishing Bar by pressing, holding, and then releasing the button ‘Use Tool. The ‘Fishing Bar will rise by pressing, while holding it will hold it in place and releasing it will cause the bar to fall.

If you catch a fish and it doesn’t leave the “Fishing Bar”, then you will have a “Perfect Catch!” This will enhance both the enjoyment of catching fish and the quality.

To catch fish in Stardew Valley, you need to understand their movement patterns. Some fish move fast and bounce up and down the bars, while others move slowly before moving suddenly. This rhythm will be easier to fish for the longer you fish.

Sometimes a treasure chest may appear during this mini-game. This treasure can only be obtained if it is within the limits of the “Fishing Bar”, which will then allow you to fill a separate progress bar.

Stardew Valley: Fishing rods and tackle

A rod is essential for fishing. Stardew Valley has four options. These fishing rods:

Training rod

Bamboo Rod

Fiberglass rod – can be used to equip bait – Fishing Level 2 required

Iridium Rod – can equip bait and tackle – requires Fishing Level 6.

It’s not the most difficult to use, but it is the best because it can only be used for common fish. Instead, keep the Bamboo Rod you received from Willy on the 2nd Spring. This will allow you to unlock the Fiberglass Rod and Iridium Rod.

Both rods can be attached bait which makes it easier for you to fish with them. However, the Iridium Rod is superior because it can be equipped with tackle.

You can attach seven types of tackle to the Iridium Rod. Each one offers a different bonus. These tackles and the bonuses they offer are:

Barbed Hook – Causes the ‘Fishing Bar’ to stick to the fish you are trying to catch

Cork Bobber – slight increase in the size of the “Fishing Bar”

Dressed spinner – Encourages fish to bite your line while casting

Lead Bobber – Prevents the ‘Fishing Bar’ bouncing when dropped

Spinner – encourages fish to bite your line while casting

Trap Bobber – Slows down the rate at which the catch progress bar is decreasing

Treasure Hunter – Increases your chances of finding treasure chests

Each tackle can be used for 20 times. Once it’s worn out, you can either repair or purchase a new one at Willy’s Fish Shop.

Tackle can make fishing easier and improve the quality of your catch. For example, the Dressed Spinner will increase your profit by allowing you to catch more fish per day.

Because Legendary Fish can be difficult to reel in, it is important that you use your tackle. Because it keeps your progress bar topped up, the Trap Bobber can be a great option.

Stardew Valley Fishing Skill Levels and Levels

You’re gradually increasing your Fishing Skill by using a crab pot or catching an item in Stardew Valley. Your progress is measured by your Fishing Level.

There are ten levels of fishing. Each level will give you a bonus, whether it’s a crafting recipe or an item unlocking. Your level will affect the size of the rectangle in the fishing minigame.

Fishing Level 5 will ask you to choose between Fisherman or Trapper.

Fisherman will give you additional bonuses when you catch fish with a rod. Trapper offers bonuses related to crab pots.

Fishing Level 10 will unlock a second bonus that can be used to further your chosen profession.

Here are the unlocks available for each level of fishing, as well as the bonus profession bonuses.

Level 1 in Fishing

Casting distance is increased by 1 tile

Fishing Level 2

Fiberglass rod and bait now available at Willy’s Fish Shop

Crafting recipe for Bait unlocked

Level 3 in Fishing

Willy’s Fish Shop now offers crab pots

Unlock the secrets to crafting a crab pot recipe

Unlock Recipe for Dish o’ The Sea

Fishing Level 4

Casting distance is increased by 1 tile

Unlock the crafting recipe for the Recycling Machine

Fishing Level 5

You can choose between these professions:

Fisher-fish will now be sold for 25% more

Trapper – Reduced resources needed to craft crab pots (Becomes 25 wood and two copper bars).

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