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Stardew Valley Favorite Thing – SV Answers #2 – Answer Diary

The ultimate guide about Stardew Valley Favorite Thing and answers to most commonly asked questions by thousands of players.


Stardew Valley looks ancient game type of game because of its graphics, but it has already become one of the best games ever created in gaming history. Millions of players loved to play it every month and always look for new content or updates to help them in this game. You can find a complete guide to exploring this vital option in this game known as “Stardew Valley Favorite Thing.”

As you know about how every single post on our site works, you can find answers to some of the most popular questions asked by millions about this game. Some answered questions are different from our main topic, but you can still find them relevant to this game. The video below can help you understand more about this game and the article you are reading now.

What is Stardew Valley Favorite Thing?

Choices: Stardew Valley is not a different game from many other available titles in the gaming world. You may need to spend some time choosing options related to character creation and other similar choices. These can affect overall game progress, and you may never be able to change them easily. In some games, you can visit back to the menu and edit as per your requirements. But you need to complete some quests in Stardew Valley for these settings to unlock.

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Weird Question: Most people already ask, “What does the Favorite Thing in Stardew Valley do?” Thousands of players are already searching to answer this question; most new players need to know about it. Since these settings can affect the game later, players are scared to make choices. The answer to this question is straightforward that it becomes a weird question itself.

Many Choices on Start of Game: This article mainly focuses on “Stardew Valley Favourite Thing,” but you must know about some other choices players must make. There are two genders, 24 skin tones, 32 hairstyles, 112 shirts, 20 accessories, and two animals to pick from. It includes a change to their hair, eye, and pants color. You can also decide which pet should arrive in the game first, based on your love for them. Another option is the gender that can affect the game much, but you can choose any of them.

Effects of Favourite Things

Now, let’s consider the most crucial part that makes players confuse always. It is usually connected with star drop, which players normally eat to boost their energy in-game. If you choose apple as your favorite thing, the below message will appear whenever you eat a star drop.

You found a stardrop! Your mind is filled with thoughts of Apples. Your maximum energy level has increased.

As you can understand from the above situation, there is no particular purpose of this setting. In other words, you may need to careful when choosing it, like never enter any weird name to feel stupid later in the game. 

Special Secret to Explore


But there is one secret that you should know about these settings. If you add “ConcerendApe” at the start of the game, you will receive the above message instead of the normal one.

It usually references Eric Barone, the sole creator of this game, who made almost everything necessary, like the story, art, design, and sound effects. He spent like four years completing this game, and we should give him some credit by using his name as a favorite thing in this game.

But it’s not a choice that they force us to make; every player can decide whatever name they want to add to this game. To honor the creator of this fantastic game that millions of players love to play most of their time, it’s the best choice you can make.

We suggest you visit the Centurion Report site to read more about this game; many impressive guides can help you know more about this game. This game is not their main topic, but some other articles about many games covering many important topics. Below is the list of some of their popular guides about this game; if you need to read about them, visit them. Same guides are also added to our site with better information which you can easily access from the “Games Info” category.

  • Mining Guide
  • Farming Guide
  • Foraging Guide
  • Combat Guide
  • Fishing Guide

What are Popular Stardew Valley Farm Names?

You can read about the long list of different farm names and unique ideas on Katienicholl. But some of those names are also mentioned below that can help you choose perfect ones. It’s impossible to provide a list of all those suggestions in this article; visit their site for more.

Fox run, Lake view farm, Meadowcove Ranch, Blue River Grange, Black bear farm, Trout brook farm, Critter Craze Meadow, Little Lamb Farms, Buffalo pass farm, Spring mount, Jolly Green Farmstead, Mossy Boulder Orchard, Badger hill farm, Brookside, Happy Horse Range, Grand River Estate, Mustang farm, Riverlands, GemStone Acres, Meadowland Meadow, Dingo point, Sunny banks farm, Lone Oak Fields, Rock Bottom Orchard, Crow’s Rest, Brook haven, Rainbow Hill Gardens, Boulder Valley Range, Grizzly way, Broken brook, Whitewater Nursery, Black Hawk Range, Elk pass canyon, Lost cove farm, Lone Wolf Range, GemStone Gardens, Wild turkey farm, Dinky creek, Mountain View Meadow, Honey Bee Orchard

What are Few Stardew Valley Farm Ideas?

Some excellent suggestions that you must try if looking for fantastic Farm names for this game.

Back achers farm, Black hollow farm, Deer Cove Grange, New Morning Estate, Done Romany, Old stone farm, Happy Orchard, Spring Blossom Nursery, Almost farm, Hogwarts, Blackmeadow, Meadow, Rosewood Lands, El farm costa plenty, Scarlet farm, Oak Wood, Vineyard, Elysian Gardens, Wits end farm, Wholesome farm, Black Oak Farms, Black Dog Farm, Dairy air, Happy place farm, Poison Ivy Vineyard, Windswept Lands.
Blazing pitchforks, Stone Valley Lands, Lucky Estate, Pushing up daisies, Sleepy hollow farm, Dreamworks, Meadow Grove, Orchard Rocking farm, Moo moo farm, Meadow grove Meadow, Dragon Hill Fields
Fanny farm, Black pearl farm, Mustang Farms & Cabinwood Orchard

How to Change Appearance in Stardew Valley?

At the start of every new game, you can easily edit and create a character appearance as per your desires. But you already know that game can take days to complete or even more; some players may get tired of the old look and want to change. The process of changing appearance is straightforward if you know how to do it perfectly.

You must start a friendship with Wizard to unlock different options that allow you to change your appearances in this game. Getting a golden scroll in the Community Center on starting a few days of this game is very important. Wizard will start to like you slowly, and when the friendship level reaches 4, it can help you a lot to unlock many options.

What are Popular Stardew Valley Characters?

There are many characters in this game with complete unique abilities that can impact the game. You can read a complete guide about some of those characters ranked to worst by visiting Gamerant. But all of those characters with short information are mentioned below for you.

Penny: One of the best characters, focused, with great heart, and easy to choose for fast results in this game.

Sam: You can easily please him; he is mostly doing different part-time jobs and better than many others.

Only two characters are the perfect choice for you in this article; visit the link mentioned above to read about all others.

What to Do in Stardew Valley?

This game’s primary purpose is straightforward, start a new life, make friends, restore farm, and progress through the game by completing quests. Unlike other games, Stardew Valley is the most fantastic game where you can play similar to real life. In other words, the Unlimited features of this game provide users with the ability to live the real life. You can do hundreds of things in this game that you can find when the game progress.

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What is Stardew Valley Easter Eggs?

There is an egg festival in this game that gives players different awards by finding more eggs. For example, if a player can collect more eggs than others, they can get a Straw hat. But that can happen one time only; next time, you will receive 1000 Gold. There are over nine different kinds of colors in this game; they are the best way to get gold for players.

What is Stardew Valley Character Creation?

There are two ways to create or edit characters in his game; first, you can choose the game’s start. But if you want to edit your character in-game, you must become a friend with Wizard. Other details that can help you about it is available above for you to read.

What is the Best Stardew Valley Starter Guide for Beginners?

Watch the below video if you want to learn the basics of this game; there are many other videos on the same channel or you. It’s a short video, but you can learn more about watching hours of videos or reading articles of thousands of words.

What is Stardew Valley Lonely Stone?

Lonely stone is a popular and best location on a mini-map for fishing. There are many other similar locations for you to explore in this game. Most of the time, these locations can help you not just fishing but also provide access to other features.

What are Stardew Valley Stardrop Locations?

Visit HoldToRest to find all popular locations for star drop. They already explain almost every location with images and some brief details you must know. You can find a shortlist of all those locations with few images for you to understand more.

Stardrop #1 Location: Stardew Valley Fall Fair
Stardrop #2 Location: The Secret Woods
Stardrop #3 Location: Level 100 of Mines
Stardrop #4 Location: Krobus in Sewers
Stardrop #5 Location: Your Spouse
Stardrop #6 Location: Become a Master Angler
Stardrop #7 Location: Donate 95 Items to Museum

Stardrop Locations
Stardrop Locations - Stardew Valley Favorite Thing
Stardrop Locations - Stardew Valley Favorite Thing

What are Popular Stardew Valley Farm Name Generators?

Below is a link to visit the most popular farm Name Generator of all time for this game. They already created many other generators and become famous for these products. You can also find some other generators for creating farm names on the internet, but the below one is strongly recommended.

What is the Limit of Stardew Valley Max Players?

There are 4 players limit in this game, but you can try to explore some multiplayer mods you see if it’s possible to have more players. Hundreds of mods are created by different modders, and that’s not limited; more new mods are coming again and again with time. Any of them can make it possible to allow more players in this game.


It’s not possible to answer all questions mentioned above with complete details. Some of the answers required to write an entire article about them; you can find links connected to them. Each link added to answer different questions can help you access full articles on the same topic.

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