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StarDew Valley Farm Layout

It is crucial to create a farm layout that maximizes profit and product in a game that revolves around efficiency and currency. Stardew Valley residents have built some amazing farms since its launch in 2016. To help you plan your farm for success, we’ve compiled a list of the top farm layouts.

Layout placement can vary depending on the play style of each player. Each layout is great in its own way! All layouts in this list can be used for a standard farm layout.

Spacious Farm

This spacious layout of a farm is ideal for players who don’t need a claustrophobic environment.

This Layout is Great!

This layout provides the player with a complete setup and plenty of space.

If the player wants to expand their farm, they can place more buildings in the future.

Orchard Farm

This layout of farms allows for large lines of fruit trees, as well as plenty of space for other important categories of farm. This one is for players who enjoy processing wine and juice.

This Layout is Great!

This layout maximizes the long lines of the farm and places a greater emphasis on fruit trees. Players can increase their juice and wine production while making a substantial profit.

This layout is ideal for those who want to be able to follow a pattern and still have enough space for their own projects.

Animal Farm

Both barns and coops provide players with a unique experience that many people either love or hate. However, caring for animals can be a lot of work. This layout is for you if you are willing to put in the work.

This Layout is Great!

This layout allows farm animals to roam freely and allows players to own a variety of animals.

This farm layout, when combined with the right care for high-quality starred animal products can provide players with substantial amounts of money.

Junimo Farm

This farm layout focuses heavily on automated farming. This layout allows players to make a lot of money from crops.

This Layout is Great!

Junimo Huts can be evenly distributed across the farm to collect crops automatically. Each quadrant has an Iridium Sprinkler that automatically waters the crops.

The layout is primarily focused on farming, but it doesn’t negate the other farm properties.

Bee Farm

This farm is beautiful, but it serves a greater purpose than most Stardew Valley players may realize. The Bee House’s true value.

This Layout is Great!

Players can collect Flower Honey from the plethora bee houses located in the middle of the farm, which is more expensive than the flowerless honey.

This layout covers every inch of the available space on the player farm, decreasing the chance of regrowth at the beginning of each season.

Organised Farm

This layout is for neat freaks and players who love things symmetrical. It is similar to other farms, but it is flexible and pleasing to the eye.

This Layout is Great!

All major farm categories are included.

Each section serves a unique purpose and provides easy organization for players at all levels of the game.

Forest Farm

This farm is similar to the Orchard Farm. It focuses on large numbers of trees. This layout, however, focuses on the wild trees and not an excessive amount of fruit trees.

This Layout is Great!

It is better to organize your wild trees than letting them run free around the farm. This saves space for other areas.

This layout allows for more precision by separating the raw materials from wild trees.

Wood Planked Farm

Wood Planked Farm is a unique take on the traditional farm. This farm is unique despite its lack of productivity.

This Layout is Great!

The wood planks in the garden prevent excessive growth during the changing seasons.

This project is for players who want to improve their homes towards the end of the game and make a decent amount.

Shed Farm

This farm is incredibly well-spread and divided, with plenty of storage space. If you are looking to maximize your chests, kegs and cheese makers, this farm is for you. This layout is ideal for you.

This Layout is Great!

The sheds can be placed in the corner of a farm, allowing all the out-of-home storage to be centralized in one area. This makes it easier for players to collect everything in one trip.

The layout is easy to navigate and has clear connections.

This farm is a great example of how to use the storage space. If you are looking to maximize your chests, kegs and cheese makers, this farm is for you. This layout is ideal for you.

Realistic Farm

This layout has a real farm feel that I love. This layout is charming and efficient, even though it doesn’t include any Slime Hutches nor crazy Stardew buildings.

This Layout is Great!

This layout divides the farm map into three parts and works. It has a purpose.

Layout is based on real-world farm design. Large areas of grass are available for animals to graze on, as well as decent amounts of forest. There is also a large section of crops and sheds.

Crystalarium Farm

This layout focuses on the production of minerals and covers a large portion of the farm. This layout is different from many others because it focuses heavily on the production and use of mining resources.

This Layout is Great!

The long-term investment in Crystalariums is not cheap, but it will bring you big returns and be a wise decision.

Despite the large portion of the farm being dedicated to minerals, the farm still has substantial crop fields, bee houses, fishing ponds, and animal buildings.

Stardew Brewery

This farm is similar to the Orchard Layout that I mentioned earlier. It focuses on wine and juice production at a whole new level. It’s easy to understand why someone would choose this layout for their farm.

This Layout is Great!

This layout is ideal for players who don’t want to manage many buildings and are looking to make serious money.

Players will live in luxury with all the wine and juice profits from all those kegs. They could have this layout wiped clean and redesigned it if they wanted to.

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