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Stardew Valley console commands

Stardew ValleyAlthough it may be a great game, there is no doubt that it places excessive limitations on the player. Each item has its prerequisites. Your energy and the march of time determine how productive each day. Our responsibilities are not limited to these prerequisites. Stardew Valley cheats his guide will show you how to get rid of all these limitations. From pausing time to spawn items to in-completing quests to unlimited money, to pausing time to spawn them, and many more.

Stardew Valley console commands and cheats (v1.5).

There are basically two ways to introduce a product.Stardew Valley cheatsIncorporate mods or not mods into your game. Please,PleaseUse mods. Mods can be intimidating if you have never used them before. I will walk you through each step and make it so much simpler.

Stardew Valley cheats – with mods (RECOMMENDED)

Stardew Valley cheats – without mods (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Stardew Valley Item Codes

Stardew Valley cheats with mods

Two mods are the best to allow cheats in Stardew Valley.CJB Cheats MenuThe, andCJB Item Spawner. You will need to first download and install another mod called (don’t panic).SMAPI.

This can all be done in five minutes. Here are the steps:

You can download mods from Nexus Mods if you do not have one.

Download SMAPI. Open the downloaded folder in your Downloads folder and then run the.bat file.

Follow these instructions to install SMAPI.

You’ll get a message stating that SMAPI has been installed after installation. Set your launch options to enable achievements if you are using Steam (see Followed by another line. Copy the entire line (including the quotes at the end and the “%command%”)

Right-click Stardew Valley from your Steam Library. Click Properties and then Set Launch Options. Copy the text to the box that opens. Click OK, then close all of it.

Both the CJB Cheats Menu and CJB Item Spawner mods are available for download. Extract the contents of each downloaded zip file into your Mods folder under “Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Stardew Valley”.

Run Stardew Valley using Steam.

How to use CJB mods in Stardew Valley cheats

You can now hit the ‘p” key at any point in your game to open a Stardew Valley cheats list. This will enable you to use all kinds of amazing cheats, such as:

Infinite Health and Energy

Speed of movement increases

Pause/Unpausing Time

Complete quests instantly

Modifying relationships with NPCs

Weather modification

There are many more!

You can also use the Item Spawner mod to quickly bring up the Item spawner menu. From there, you can select any item from the game and add it into your inventory. It’s super easy!

SMAPI allows you to use the SMAPI window in Stardew Valley to enter various console commands. For all console commands, see this Stardew Valley Wiki Page.

Stardew Valley cheats without mods

You will be less able to use the Stardew Valley cheats due to your aversion towards mods. If you aren’t sure how to use cheats, here are some ways.

These “cheats” can be exploited by bugs or other errors in the game. There is always the possibility that they will be fixed. Unconfirmed reports suggest that these cheats are no longer available in Stardew Valley’s most recent version. However, if you have an older version of Stardew Valley you may still be able use them.

Infinite Energy glitch

Your character moves very little forward every time you swing a weapon. This can be used to make yourself appear to be beyond certain areas. Simply press yourself against the edge to swing your weapon quickly until you reach the other side.

This glitch can be used for many purposes, but the best is to get infinite Energy by tricking your game into believing you are swimming. This is done by leaving the Spa’s boundaries and heading to the Pool. Next, place any type of post in the water. Then, touch it. You can now leave the Spa and, because the game thinks you are still swimming, you will have unlimited Energy.

Fishing is a time-consuming activity.

You will need an active quest in your journal to do this trick. Just open your journal after casting your line and the time will stop. However, you can still fish as normal and reel in whatever is taken.

Stay up past 2am

Do you know the feeling when 2am hits? Your character starts to yawn and then passes out. It’s annoying because the person who “saves you” also takes some of your money.

With a little luck, you can avoid this fate by staying up past 2am. You can simply open your journal when your character is yawning. This will help you to stay awake and not feel tired. Although it is not ideal, you will have to open and close the journal repeatedly. However, this can be a great way to prevent passing out while returning home.

Cheat for Gold Spring Onions

Stardew Valley’s premium Spring Onions of gold quality are worth the investment. They can be eaten for greater health and energy, or sold for more money if they’re not being used for your personal use.

You want to ensure you are only selecting the best, so make sure your inventory is full.At least one spring onion of goldAndSpring onions should not be of inferior quality. If you are unable to forage, you will be unable to find additional spring onions.

Galaxy Sword cheat

TheGalaxy SwordThe Prismatic Shard is a powerful weapon that can do incredible damage and speed. It was clearly designed as a late-game weapon. You will need to bring a Prismatic Shard, one of the most rare items in the game, to Calico Desert. Once there, hold the Shard between the three pillars and forge the sword.

You can trick the game to give you this unmistakable weapon sooner if you really want it. Pierre’s General Store will give you unlimited access to all floors, wallpaper and the Catalogue for 30,000g. Then you can purchase the Green Wallpaper (#75).

The game recognizes the Green Wallpaper as a Prismatic Shad, which can be used for various purposes. It can also transform it into a Galaxy Sword if it is taken to the pillars of the Calico Desert.

Item Duplication glitch (sell unlimited amount of money!)

The item duplication glitch is the most lucrative. You can make as many duplicated items as you like.

You will need to name your character with between one and three characters in order to duplicate an item.Items ID codes(see below). Each item in the game is assigned a unique code. For example, Diamond is 72 and Cranberry Sauce 238 respectively. The numbers are indicated in the dialogue window. They are enclosed by square brackets.

If you name your character “[72][373][769]”, then you will be given a Diamond, a Golden Pumpkin and some Void Essence every time you mention your name in dialogue.

Talk to Gus at Stardrop Saloon to learn how to best abuse this cheat. You can spam him with unlimited items by simply saying your name at the start of each conversation (after the first).

Stardew Valley Item Codes (Item IDs).

Below is a complete list of Item Codes that Stardew Valley has to offer, which you can use in conjunction with the Item Duplication glitch.

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