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Top Stardew Valley Animals – SV Answers #3 – Answer Diary

Animals are an essential part of this game; in this article, you can read about all popular Stardew Valley Animals with other details.


Animals are one of the essential parts of this game, which you can use to profit. But using animals for generating money is very difficult for all players because of its complex way to follow. First of all, you need to know about a lot of essential things before investing in animals.

In this article, you can read more about the importance of those animals and which animal is most important to choose, and when to do it? At the start of the game, the player can unlock few normal animals with more expanse and less profit. But with some upgrades, better animals are always available to explore for-profit and other benefits.

Another important thing you must know about these animals is their connection with seasons. You must learn about a time when to buy them, sell or trade them. Crops are also crucial in this game because of their value, but focusing on seasons can best help you. Similar to crops, animals are always an essential part of this game but challenging way to follow.

What are Top Stardew Valley Animals?

Below is a list of the most popular and effective animals that every player must focus on in this game. You can find images and also some details for you to understand. Some animals are not part of this list; few people may love them a lot.


In this game, to raise a dinosaur, you need patience and luck too. First of all, you need to find an egg you can get by digging in different locations. Second, Big Coop, where you must wait 12 days for these eggs to hatch. Every Dinosaur lays eggs after seven days which you can ell for 350g. You can consider this animal most profitable in the world of Stardew Valley. Below is extra information collected from the game for you to under about this animal. 

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Dinosaur details:

  • Needs petting daily (For egg production)
  • Needs a piece of hay a day (For egg production)
  • Needs a Big coop (10,000g)

What makes the Dinosaur great?

  • 350g per dinosaur egg sold (At base value)
  • 800g per dinosaur mayonnaise sold (At base value)
  • Doesn’t cost money to get


You can buy one Duck for 4,000g, which is more costly compare to chickens. But there are many benefits compare to chickens, and you can read about some of them below. By turning ducks eggs into duck mayonnaise, the price of each egg may increase to 375g. That’s the best and easy way to make money in a concise time than any other animal on our list.

Duck Details:

  • 4,000g per Duck
  • A big coop (10,000g)
  • A piece of hay a day (For regular egg production)
  • Petting daily (For regular egg production)

What makes a Duck great?

  • 95g per Duck egg sold (lays every two days)
  • 375g per jar of Duck mayonnaise sold
  • 250g per duck feather sold

Void Chicken

These are natural chickens cursed by a witch to change into something different. But mostly, all these chickens are similar to the real ones with different kinds of eggs. They lay eggs every day, which can become a good profit for every player looking to make money quickly. But there are not many extra features making them unique compare to chickens. 

Void Chicken details:

  • They are regular chickens but cursed
  • Need petting daily (for egg laying)
  • Needs a piece of hay each day (for egg laying)

What makes a Void Chicken great?

  • Daily void eggs (can be turned into void mayonnaise)
  • 65g per egg
  • 275g per void mayonnaise
Void Chicken


Pigs are the dirtiest animals in our real-life because for many reasons. But some too many people love them because of their profit. In this game, you can also make quick money from pigs and enjoy fast money compared to investing in other animals. 

Pig details:

  • 16,000g per Pig
  • A piece of hay each day
  • A deluxe barn (25,000g)

What makes a Pig great?

  • 625g per truffle sold (Base value)
  • 1,065g per truffle oil sold


One of Sheep’s best benefits in this game is wool because they sell for a reasonable price. But it would help if you waited for sometime before making a lot of money from them, but it’s worth it. 

Turning wool into clothes can become a tangible profit for players. They can mix it up with some items for maximum use, which is better than investing in many other animals on our list. 

Sheep details:

  • 8,000g per Sheep
  • Shears are required (for collecting wool)
  • Sheep need a piece of hay each day
  • A deluxe Barn is required (8,000g)

What makes a Sheep great?

  • 340g per piece of wool sold (base value)
  •  470g per piece of cloth sold


Chickens are always the first choice for almost everyone in this game. Because of their unique benefits in real life, players always go for them fast. Whatever you invest in, chickens can get back in 14 days which makes them the perfect choice. 

Chicken details:

  • 800g per chicken
  • Chickens need a piece of hay each day
  • A Coop (4,000g)
  • Chickens need to be petted once a day to lay eggs

What makes a Chicken great?

  • Eggs Daily (can be made into mayo)
  • 60g per egg (at base value)
  • They’re Cheap


One of the early animals you can buy in this game is also the best choice for most players. Unlike real life, you can sell milk of goats because of its profit which most people ignore. Most of the time, Goats are typically used for selling meats which are different in this game. But it can take a lot of time to get all gold back and only buy them if you can wait longer.

Goat details:

  • 4,000g per Goat
  • Big Barn upgrade is required for purchase
  • 12,000g (To build the Big Barn)
  • Goats need a piece of hay each day to produce Goat milk

What makes the Goat great?

  • 225g per Goat milk (Base value)
  • 400g per goat cheese (Can be made with a cheese press)


Horses are also a good choice but with only a few benefits compared to all other animals. You can sell them after some time, raise their children also for more profit. They also look fantastic, give you a speed boost, but can’t help you make quick gold in the form of milk or eggs. 

Horse details:

  • 100 Hardwood (To build the stable)
  • 5 Iron Bars (To build the Stable)
  • 10,000g (To build the Stable)

What makes a Horse great?

  • A fun and speedy transport system
  • A stable that is small and looks great on the farm
  • A cute companion you can travel with

What is Stardew Valley Stable?

If you have stable in this game, you can quickly get a horse for free. One of the game’s essential parts is if you want to invest in animals to make a profit. Horses are always a good idea to use if you want to make money from this business.

What Must You know Stardew Valley Dog?

Stardew Valley Dog is one of the most common and best animals available for all players. You can always choose Dog or Cat as pert in this game; making them happy can give you points. A dog can also help protect your farm from attack by other animals, but usually, it’s worth choosing.

What Must You Know Stardew Valley Cat?

Cats are alternative to Dogs in this game as pets which players can choose. Unlike Dogs, Cats are most loved by many players in this game as favourite animals of all time. They don’t need you to feed them, but filling a bowl with water can give you extra points.

Stardew Valley Cat

What is the Process of Stardew Valley Animal Pregnancy?

Animals in the barn can get pregnant at any time if you turn on the pregnancy option from the menu. Unlike real life, you don’t need to worry much about the process of getting pregnant. But don’t forget to take care of those animals and look at the progress menu for more.

What Must You Know About Stardew Valley Cow Pregnancy?

Cows can get pregnant by themself and players can receive notification about their animals give birth at night. But if you don’t want them to become pregnant, it’s always possible to turn off the process from option. It looks hilarious and easy to handle animals in this game, but more looks not accurate than our lives.

How to Do Feeding Animals Stardew Valley?

Farm animals living in barns and coops must eat every day, and that’s one portion per animal. Unlike real life, they cant die but slow down production until you resume. The first choice for animal food is fresh gross, but if it is impossible to find, they can also eat hay. Without feeding, animals can become upset and create problems for players with time. Can you believe that animals can die without food? They must make it happen so that the game will look more authentic.

What are Stardew Valley Most Profitable Animals?

It’s almost impossible to decide which animal is most profitable in this game. If you look at suggestions by other popular articles, writers, and players, you can always find opposite suggestions. These animals’ profit depends on which strategy you follow like purchasing, food and other stuff.

We recommend beef cattle for all players looking for the most profitable animal in the whole game. You can use this powerful animal for meat, but it’s always expensive to feed and buy or take care of. Profit always depends on how much you take care of your animals; without food, you can reduce your production.

What is Stardew Valley Grumpy Chicken?

Chicken can always become upset if you don’t allow them to eat fresh grass. Grumpy chicken means you are not taking care of or feeding them well. That’s not a big problem, and you can easily take care of it by growing gross outside coop and open its door.

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Which One is Best? Stardew Valley Cat or Dog

Both are best as pets, but it depends on what you love in real life. Some people love dogs and other cats only, so it depends on the player’s choice. You can a perfect or better use of dogs compared to cats in this game. Both are widespread pets and are generally used for different small purposes.

What are the Best Stardew Valley Animals in Winter?

Winter is always bad for animals, and you must take care of all of them if you don’t want to lose potential profit in this game. As per many players’ suggestions, pigs are always a good choice for players to buy in winter. Most of these will become the best profit in next winter for you. You can always follow two different strategies in this game when winter comes.

Buy many pigs and other hardcore similar animals that can give profit for you in the summer season. Take care of all your current animals that can provide a lot of profit for you, never lose their production level at all cost. Winter can affect food overall and make all animals slow at progress after eating it.

How to Make Animals Happy in Stardew Valley?

Making animals happy is not so hard in this game but can become difficult for most players. For example, feeding them on time is always a good idea for maximum production. Below are few tips that you can get started for maximum results.

  1. Pet once a day.
  2. Make sure she has enough food.
  3. Let her outside if the weather is warm.
  4. Make sure she is secure at night.
  5. Purchase a heater to counteract the unhappiness of being inside all winter

How to Fix Stardew Valley Chickens not Eating?

There are two things you can always do in the worst situation related to chickens. This usually happens because of eating the same food all the time; fresh gross can also help them. You can visit the thread on the Steam community to know more about how to fix this problem.


There are many challenges in this game related to animals that you need to complete in this game. It’s important to know that the more you upgrade, the more you can unlock animals and profit. If you don’t know how to run an animal farm in real life, it can become challenging for you in Stardew Valley Game. There are many challenges in this game that players must follow, like real-life related to animals.

There are many other questions answered in this article related to the Stardew Valley game and animals. As we already explained in the previous article, you cant find short answers to many questions with a link to another article with complete details. Many animal-related mods can add new animals to this game.

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