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Star Wars Fanfiction

Star Wars: The Star Wars franchise has inspired its fans to write their own stories for years. Here are the top Star Wars fanfics out there to take a look at.

The Star Wars franchise encompasses everything from the Skywalker saga to standalone movies, as well as live-action television, animated series books, novels, and comic books. It was a surprise to George Lucas know that when Star Wars was released in Star Wars in 1977, it would open all of the universe to fantasy universe that would continue to expand with every decade, and with each generations of new fans.

One of the best ways for fans to show their love for the franchise and display their knowledge of the story is through fan-fiction as well. Archive of our Own houses one of the biggest collections of fan-fiction set in the universe far away. With over 150,000 stories more, it’s difficult to decide how to begin, but here are 10 fantastic stories to start.

The Story Of Finn

There’s a small but significant group of fans who believe that Finn ought to be the hero of the Sequel Trilogy. the Story Of Finn, by LullabyKnell is a novel that aims to change this by revealing what the heroic actions of the former stormtrooper FN-2187 brought to the aforementioned soldiers and women in uniform serving in the First Order.

The story, which is 26,000 words long, is about the ripple effects of Finn’s actions on lives of soldiers who are inspired by his story begin to develop methods for other people who want to escape the dictatorship of the fascists. The tale of “the traitor” is told over and over until it is the story of “the messiah.” This fic inspired many excellent sequels like Tomorrow (there’ll continue to be more) And Have You heard.

Double Agent Vader

People who love the Dark Lord of the Sith will surely enjoy Double Agent Vader written by Fialleril, a fanfic which explores what could be the outcome if the notorious Sith Lord was double agent just a few years later after Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.

Nearly 93,000 words long, it reads as novella-length, and given that the timeline contains Vader being a member of the Rebellion and Leia Organa as his main Contact point. The story is told as a series of single-shots (fully condensed short stories) it’s very easy to read and yet it provides a deep analysis of the character of Vader through the unique setting. It’s considered to be one of the top Star Wars fanfics available.

Reprise (Parts I, II, III, & IV)

Time travel, as seen in Star Wars? Reprise, written by Elfpen serves as an amazing alternate universe fic that takes place from the point of view of Obi-Wan’s Kenobi when he dies in his battle with Vader on the Death Star, waking up 41 years earlier in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Readers will dive into the tangled brain of the Jedi Master who felt even when he died death that he was not finished with his business. We will find out what he does in the next chance to create a completely new path for him.

The three parts of Part I and III are 523,637 words. So this is an extremely long-running story that explores the challenges in creating the future you want from a painful past. Kenobi is obviously haunted by his experiences and is filled with regret. It also comes with the added bonus of fans of Qui-Gon Jinn fans!


What could happen What would happen if Leia who had only known her dad as Darth Vader, was given the chance to meet the man who was behind his mask? This is the scenario that is explored in Reflection by Fyre in which Leia encounters Darth Vader for the first time as an actual Force spirit on Endor just after the demise of the Second Death Star, and later at different times in her quest to restore the Republic.

It’s fast-paced but profoundly personal one, focusing on the frustration of Leia over forgiving an opponent she’s fought for years. What would she tell “the Emperor’s weapon,” the person who shattered so many of her loved ones? What was she hoping to tell Anakin Skywalker? The one she was never able to meet? The responses will make readers cry with tears.

The Sith Who Brought Life Day

The Sith Who brought Life Day, by Ophelia_interrupted The Sith Who Brought Life Day is a fun humorous fic about the everyday Imperial intelligence officer known as Aswald that loses bets and gets the terrible honor of receiving Darth Vader a present for Life Day. It’s akin to Office Space, the Star Wars version of Office Space and features a satirical portrayal the sexiness of Imperial business culture.

With just under 13,000 words, it’s amazing how readers are bound to be drawn to Aswald as he searches the database to find the ideal Life Day gift and stumbles on such gems like “Luke Skywalker was even several centimetres too short to be a stormtrooper.” Often hilarious and laugh-out-loud humorous, the satire is filled with references and asides of The Prequel as well as Original Trilogies for fans who like meta-humor.

Old Man Luke

Luke Skywalker beats Obi-Wan Kenobi in his own way when, in the role of an angry and gruff Jedi Master in Old Man Luke the film, he goes back in time to taunt Obi-Wan Kenobi to the Jedi Master in his youth before he was the mysterious figure that has a way of stymieing Luke’s existence with perplexing questions.

With 75,000 words, this story by the author scarletjedi can be easily enjoyable, particularly for readers who aren’t able to get enough of the sarcasm and sass among Luke and his mentor from the past. Through the course of the story the author also makes friends with a young rascally man from Tatooine and totally discredits the hype surrounding Jedi Order. Jedi Order.

The Tyranny Of Kinship

For those who love The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels the Tyranny Of Kinship, by Amarielah is a collection of fans’ favorite characters such as Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano however, at the heart is the dysfunctional family of the Skywalkers that is triggered by a difficult discussion Bail Organa has to have with Darth Vader about the true nature of Leia’s family.

A little less than 40000 words, this story examines what could have happened when Vader and Leia discovered the truth about their friendship while being detained in the detention section inside the Death Star. What starts out as a strenuous interrogation leads to a humorous and well written dad/daughter romp that’s equally funny and heartbreaking.

Sky Marked Souls

The list of fan-fiction recommendations is not incomplete without an Reylo work that features Ren, the Resistance character and fierce First Order warrior. Sky Marked Souls, by AnonymousMink explores the Force connection that exists between Ren as well as Rey in a unique manner that is like a timeless love story.

With around two thousand words long, this is long enough without feeling bloated and is based on an instruction from cerulean8ullet’s Tumblr “Soulmates get blue marks on their skin wherever their other person gets physical pain,” giving beautiful and poetic images that lets the two communicate through understanding and empathy, instead of pain.

Rebels: An Alternate Tale

For those who love Ahsoka Tano one of the most popular characters of the recent Star Wars media, Rebels: An Alternate Tale, written by SirLoozElite is a look at a set of things that could have turned out in a different direction if Ahsoka Tano, the child Jedi or the people in her vicinity took different actions.

It is collected as a collection of one-shots which have been collected into a collection which is a staggering 422,000 words. The novel is sure to satisfy all fans who have long wanted to broaden the scope that is Star Wars Rebels. The story starts with a fight of Ahsoka with Darth Maul deep in the levels of Malachor followed by the encounter she has with grand admiral Thrawn and ends with a thrilling suicide mission.

One Hell Of A Mess

For those who would like to know they could have known that the hotshot Resistance Pilot Poe Dameron and the former stormtrooper Finn were more than just acquaintances One Hell Of A Mess is written by Noelia_G. It is an enthrallingly funny story about the two of them becoming acquainted through the meal that Poe prepares for his skeptical friend.

The StormPilot story is about 5,000 words, so it’s short and sweet however the characters that are provided by Finn as well as Poe perfectly convey the bond that is evident with the two characters within The Sequel Trilogy. Rey is also featured as a character, as does the dialog between them is lively and witty.

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