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Star Swim Schools

Star Swim Schools provide an extraordinary environment, complete with top-of-the-line facilities to master the art of swimming. Their small size classes and private facility, featuring heated pools year-round as well as friendly staff and clean environment makes Star Swim Schools ideal for teaching your baby or toddler how to swim in Cranbourne & Narre Warren South.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming class Clyde provides year-round baby swimming lessons in their heated pool to familiarize your child with water and prevent sickness. Their facility also features smaller classes so your child receives personalized attention.

Beginners to swimming must begin by learning to hold their breath for 5 seconds at a time in the water and float on its surface, before learning basic movements to flutter their legs into an S-shape that takes them towards the other end of the pool.

Once they have mastered the fundamentals, a coach trains your child on freestyle stroke and backstroke swimming techniques. Through proper instruction, your child can develop swimming skills that will serve them for life–become good swimmers without fearing water; and acquire important lifesaving abilities.

The Benefits of Kids Swimming

Kids need an activity that helps them burn off energy, relax, and expand their knowledge – swim lessons offer a safe way to do just this!

Swimming is an ideal cardiovascular workout, helping strengthen both heart and lungs while simultaneously strengthening neurons in the brain to enhance cognitive skills! Swimming also benefits the overall brain by strengthening neurons that enhance cognition!

Swimming teams provide children with an ideal way to make friends and develop cooperation skills – an invaluable social skill!

1. Improved Muscle Development

Swimming provides children with an effective cardio workout while simultaneously building muscle strength. Being 90% buoyant in water reduces joint and bone stress, enabling longer exercise sessions; ultimately this allows swimmers to build muscles more quickly without risk of injury like in other sports.

Children who swim can learn to appreciate the value of physical fitness, which can contribute to leading a healthier life overall. Furthermore, year-round swimmers typically demonstrate greater control of emotions and focus in school due to having learned how to calm themselves through exercise.

Kids who swim can also benefit from learning to memorize and practice different strokes, which strengthens parts of the brain associated with memory and learning for greater academic performance.

2. Improved Mental Health

Children often feel more empowered when they acquire new skills, like swimming lessons. Swimming lessons help children overcome any fears they have of the water while improving self-esteem and increasing socialisation while developing teamwork abilities.

Swimming is a truly inclusive activity; unlike some sports where those unable to swim may feel left out. Swimming also releases endorphins which help boost mood and combat stress.

Swimming requires concentration and focus, which can help children cultivate better attention spans and learn to regulate their emotions more effectively. Furthermore, this low-impact exercise burns hundreds of calories while simultaneously helping children rest peacefully at night for an increased boost of energy during the next day!

3. Increased Confidence

First time swimmers often feel nervous in the water. With proper instruction and support from instructors, however, children can overcome their fears to build self-confidence through mastering this sport. Their improved self-esteem may encourage future sports or physical activities in their lives.

Swimming provides children with a fun and healthy way to interact with each other socially in a fun and safe environment. Group swimming lessons and pool activities promote friendly competition between friends while teaching them how to work well together as a team – which translates to better relationships beyond the pool, such as less reluctance from them to participate in pool parties or beach days! Swimming can help children develop life-long skills that will serve them for life!

4. Reduced Stress

Children who participate in year-round swimming programs are healthier, happier and more focused in school than those who don’t swim regularly, with reduced stress, anxiety and depression as a result of this form of physical exercise compared to other forms. Swimming provides this benefit which other forms don’t.

Learning to swim requires physical and mental coordination; arm pulls, leg kicks and breath control occupy most of your mind during practice sessions – leaving little room for other thoughts or distractions! Kids who learn this sport become highly focused on improving their skills – realizing hard work pays off!

Swimming lessons provide many children with confidence and self-esteem boosts that allow them to feel better about themselves – which may make them more willing to explore other physical activities and social situations outside the pool.

5. Improved Social Skills

Swimming can provide children with many social advantages and can benefit them in numerous ways. When taught as group lessons, children learn how to work together with their peers to overcome challenges and form friendships while developing teamwork skills for life.

They will also learn how to effectively communicate with their teachers and peers, an essential skill for emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, they’ll develop empathy towards peers who may be experiencing difficulty in class; an invaluable trait they will carry through to relationships in school, work and beyond.

All these advantages make swimming an integral component of childhood. Enrolling your children in either swim lessons or club programs will enable them to grow into happier, healthier adults.

Final Words

Swimming lessons Clyde was founded on the belief that water skills and safety are vital life lessons best taught early. That’s why we provide developmentally appropriate learn-to-swim classes designed to meet all stages of child growth and development, such as infant/toddler classes (6 months – 36 months). Here, our focus is to introduce basic aquatic safety knowledge while creating a fun learning environment, all the while encouraging purposeful movement within an aquatic setting.

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