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Spectacular Closing Gift for a House Sale

You’ve been working with your real estate clients for months, and every conversation and meeting is an opportunity to learn something new. Now you and your client have arrived, the mountains of paperwork and several inspections and negotiations have all led to this point when you can finally announce that this house has sold. What better way to end the deal than by giving your sellers something that will remind them of this milestone, as well as you?

Household Items

Consider gifting your vendor a set of monogrammed knives or other decorative things like blankets and pillows. Although it may seem strange to give knives to your seller, they will come in handy as they are ready to move into a new residence. Try adding a design relevant to your hometown or state to the items. You can use your brand, but as pointed above, the gift could come across as a marketing technique rather than a genuine gesture.

Breakfast and Biscuits are on Their Way

Surprise your sellers and purchasers with a closing gift of breakfast and biscuits. They’ll be fatigued from coping with the stress of moving and transitioning a household. Please give them a gift of a sumptuous biscuit breakfast with all the fixings to surprise and amaze them. Alternatively, you might send it to their place of business. 

Custom Painting

Even though your sellers were eager to sell, that doesn’t mean they won’t miss the place where they lived and had wonderful experiences. You can either commission a painting from a local artist or use an online business to make a work of art for your client to help them keep a piece of their old home. Send them a photo of your client’s old house and arrange for the artwork to be delivered to them.

Pack of Coffee

Is your client a coffee connoisseur? Give them this coffee sample box so they may start each morning in their new home feeling energized. This coffee sampler includes a variety of flavors so they may find their new favorite. To help them celebrate their new home, consider matching it with personalized coasters or mugs.

Help with Unpacking and Organizing

When you know how much labor is involved in packing and subsequently unpacking, the exhilaration of discovering a new home or leaving your present one can quickly turn to panic. Give your clients the gift of four hours of unpacking assistance from a professional organizer, house cleaning, handyman, or personal assistant. In as small as one day, you can have your clients unpacked and settled.


A bespoke candle, which will fill the empty walls and ceilings with a sumptuous and unique scent, is one of the best new home presents. It will become the scent that your clients recall as their “home smell,” assisting them in settling into their new living arrangement with pleasant fragrances wafting around the space.

Games for the Backyard

A yard game makes a terrific real estate closing present for customers who have kids, intend to host gatherings in their new home, or need a fun game in their backyard if they have children or are kids at heart. Give them a gaming set to put something enjoyable in their new backyard for summer days and gatherings.

Basket of Gifts

Gift baskets are now frequently available in the form of curated gift boxes for shipping. A gift box or basket can be tailored to the client’s unique tastes. Everyone has options, including foodies, artisan products collectors, and those who like to mix it up.

Evening Out 

Set up a meal at a local restaurant to wow your old clients, and make sure you handle all the irritating aspects that make nights out a chore rather than a pleasure. At the very least, make a booking and inform the restaurant of their arrival, send a custom cake, hire a sitter, and, most importantly, hire a service to transport them to and from dinner in luxury.

Professional Service

You most likely have solid ties with area painters, interior designers, gardeners, and handypersons as a realtor. By introducing your client to your connections, you can earn some money. Join forces with them to make a bargain, such as a free consultation or a discount on their services. Your client will be grateful for the excellent service.


As their real estate advisor, you know your clients very well. When thinking about a superb closing present, keep in mind the minor nuances and preferences. Closing presents are a crucial component of the closing process that should not be disregarded. Don’t fret if you’re a new agent and can’t afford any costly presents. Give your client at least a tiny gift that you can afford, as this will make a better impression than offering nothing at all.

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