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Most Popular Sonic Adventure 2 Mods of all Time – Answer Diary

Sonic Adventure 2 is popular fun game mostly loved by kids. Read about some Cool Sonic Adventure 2 Mods ever created in History of Game.


This is the fight between heroes and villains. Chaos Emeralds’ hunt is there, and the battle is set between Hero and Dark. The player chooses between two of them, either become a hero, or an evil entirely depends upon him and his temperament. He experiences different adventures that are long-time heroes and new, returning villains. 

Hence, they battle against each other for the fate of the world. The player chooses heroes: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles and he can cause disorganization as Shadow, Dr Eggman, and Rouge; whatever he decides, each character has its unique skills and abilities. There are over 150 special missions in 30 action-filled scenarios.

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What are 20 Sonic Adventure 2 Mods?

Sonic adventure two modes are elaborated below to help readers chose among them. For each mod, downloadable links are provided at the end. 

Metal Sonic Hyperdrive

This mod is unique to add Metal Sonic and entirely new zones. The player can add two speedy moves, each with amazing animations. This mod gave a hidden Manu, and with the help of this player can play with five different characters, and each character except two of them also has their unique moves. 

Metal Sonic Rebooted

This mod appeared as the sequel to Hyperdrive; this mod gives more than the essential spinach. In the guise of a bomb on two legs, some specific monitors will provide you with a buddy, follow you around and help you out. This mod also gives another speed move that charges five rings each for the move, and there is the double jump for five rounds, amazingly for the collection of 200 rings player can go into Overclocked Mode.

Mobius Evolution

A whole new mode permits you to play as Blaze the Cat and the titular hero as well. The player is having the spindash; apart from that, both characters don’t play the different. Due to this mod level designs are unique, this mod also introduced new mechanics like speed ramps, hot air balloons and hang gliders, and there are new bosses also available. 

Sonic 1 Dragon Edition

This mod lets you pick the desired zone to go to next by using the giant rings just because when you take the start in the Green Hill Zone, there are no enemies, so it is also redesigned. This is one of the challenging mods.

Sonic 1 Megamix

This is an exciting mod. It added five playable characters, having different movesets, layouts and fantastic music. This is not available on steam as it is broken. This mod introduced a highlighted double jump for Sonic and Shadow and was very amazing to play with.

Sonic 2 versus Edition

The versus mod player makes his foes eat his dust as he doesn’t want other players to make risky jumps for him. This mod is made by making changes in the original model by making things fairer for both players. So this mod doesn’t give material for a single player and can ask other steam players also.

Sonic Classic Heroes

This mod permits the player to play through the first two games in a line; the player plays in the two teams of three characters in each. The Player has to choose from two options – they can run around like Tails, and this is not in the base game, or he can connect Knuckles Chaotix-style (one of the two teams). 

If the player doesn’t want to have two teammates, he might get stuck on the other side of something sometimes and have to struggle more, so you might not like this mod, and this is not possible.

Sonic ERaZor

This mod carried a few things from the original game along with many more new things also. Apart from the general idea of a story, this mod added cutscenes and text, thus appeared the game as an actual storyline and tutorial. This mod is considered one of the problematic mods, and no doubt because it required new mechanics for the player to get used to. It has a high difficulty level which is hard to achieve.

Sonic Halloween

This mod is not just a reskin and is a very weirdly specific mod. This mod gives many things apart from bare trees, ghostly badniks and pumpkins in all environment. In this mode, the levels are redesigned, horror music is added, and highly improved bosses as well it means that it increased the difficulty level. 

Sonic Zoom

This mod is recommended for its art style. This mod enhances the zones, and bosses are improved to an extent with better music as well.

Doctor Robotnik’s Creature Capture

Robotnik closes all little animals inside badniks to shove them and also run here and there many times to catch the desired number of beautiful and little animals one by one in a net and then have to place them in a capsule. If it can’t be done on time, the capsule will be ruptured to release all of the animals captured.

Chao Stat Menu

This is very wonderful and amazing. This mod is giving you all the stuff you need to make Chaos within their limits. Through many trips to the Chao Kindergarten, all necessary information is collected, and that is checked and correctly analyzed the data. If you install the Chao Stat Menu mod, that would be enough.

 Sonic Adventure 2: Full Story

This mod makes the most exciting narrative decision. It splitting the Dark and Hero stories into two very different and separate paths so make it possible to experience the game from two very distinct and diverse perspectives. Both of the stages are very opposite to each other and appeared as a mystery. Off and on players need a recap, so it arranges all the stuff in chronological order that is very beneficial for them and liked by the most.

 All Emeralds Trackable

Emerald-hunting levels are considered not a good decision by many of the players as it takes much longer than they should because of specific emerald shard when the tracking system is limited to one. By the way, All Emeralds Trackable modifies the situation by allowing all three emerald shard icons on-screen at a time, so the player can know all the things he is near one, and he can pick it up with no need to back trap.

 Fast Somersault

This mod removes the speed cap from the somersault to stop the blue blur. Now once you activate this mode, you can move slowly as you want. You can also add a slide animation to get the high speed just before the somersault. This is very amazing.

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 Action Remap

The Light Dash and somersault are now mapped on the same button, but it can lead to undesired consequences. Action Remap allows the player to map the Light Dash to any of the other keys.

 Sonic Adventure 2 Retranslated

The voice-over for Sonic Adventure 2 is not more than stellar, and this is considered a bug or a feature that is varied from user to user. This mod also changes the subtitles, which are well-written now and also develops more characters.

Cutscene Revamp

Superior Dreamcast cutscene quality is restored with this fantastic mod. It also implemented fixes, takes assets from the Dreamcast version, and gives the 16:9 screen settings for all cutscenes. This mod reduces the volume, so for the betterment of the player to hear maybe.

 Chao World Extended

 The trendy Chao mod for Sonic Adventure 2 is the mod pack by DarkyBenji (a Chao Island team member) known as Chao World Extended. This mod is famous for adding functionality and features to the Chao System and also widens the Chao World into a more extensive and makes the through the game. There is no need to use the Chao Editor. This Mod has material and codes to make the Chao Garden experience wonderful.

 Modern SA2: Complete Edition

This mod makes improvements in a one-size-fits-all, and Modern SA2 is also introduced. It has also given HD character models impressive and appealing colouring; different sound effects and textures are also updated.

Sonic Adventure 2: The New Challengers

The New Challengers mod makes it possible to go through any stage as one of the many characters from another story side and the multi-player. It is also helpful in fixing many bugs, and it also solves the problem to run into as the “wrong” character on some level. 

What is Sonic Adventure 2 Randomizer?

Sonic Adventure 2 Rando van, also stated as SA2Rando or SA2R is a mod of the PC Steam version of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. With this mod or project’s help, randomization is possible as much as possible in the game; apart from that, this also maintains the games’ playability.

What is Sonic Adventure 2 Mod Loader?

For the PC version, SA2 Mod Loader is a tool for DLL-based mods of Sonic Adventure 2 (2012). This requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 runtime and the mod manager program for it and NET Framework 4.0.

What is Sonic Adventure 2 Dreamcast?

Sonic Adventure 2 was the final Sonic the Hedgehog game for the Dreamcast after Sega continued the console.

What is Sonic Adventure 2 Gamecube?

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is Nintendo Switch original game. In the Sonic Adventure 2 Gamecube, new characters are introduced in the game, a mysterious dark hedgehog that is Shadow and a bat named Rouge. The graphics are also made better, and the frame rate s increased by the double and introduced multiplayer system.

What are Sonic Adventure 2 Upgrades?

Following are the Sonic Adventure 2 Upgrades and each upgrade for the Heroes is in chronological order. Light Shoes, Ancient Light, Shovel Claw, Booster (Gliding), Air Necklace, Bounce Bracelet, Hammer Gloves, Bazooka, Sunglasses, Flame Ring, Mystic Melody, Magic Hands, Laser Blaster and Mystic Melody.

What are Popular Sonic Adventure 2 Character Select Mods?  

2P Character Select Fix

With this mod’s help, you can switch characters by holding buttons on the controller during the loading of a level. This mod is approximately 95% continued by Main Memories CharSelMod, and by this mod, everything can be selected that is not even appeared in the main Manu. Once you want to install this mod, you have to deactivate the original SA2CharSel mod.

Can we Play Sonic Adventures 2 on Xbox 360?

Yes, it can be played on Xbox 360. Apart from that, it is for Dreamcast, GameCube, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows also.

What is the Sonic Adventure 2 Release Date?

It was released on June 18, 2001.  

What are Best Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Pc Mods?

Following are some best-considered mods for PC:

All Emeralds Trackable, Fast Somersault, Action Remap, Sonic Adventure 2 Retranslated, Cutscene Revamp, Chao World Extended, Modern SA2: Complete Edition and Sonic Adventure 2: The New Challengers.

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What is Best Sonic Adventures 2 Walkthrough?

The last stage of the walkthrough, named Cannon’s Core, is the best Sonic Adventures 2 Walkthrough. There are four characters in it: Tails, Dr Eggman, Rouge, Knuckles and Sonic. It comprises five missions the special mission from them id the fifth one to clear the hard mode.

Where to Download Sonic Adventure 2?

It is available on the following Platforms: PCPlayStation®Network and Xbox LIVE®Arcade. It can be downloaded from 

On PC, then the compact launcher will be downloaded to install the game you wanted.

What is Sonic Adventure 2 Mod Manager?

Mod manager tells updated as well as automatically download and install the updates for its players. If you want the mod manager to start, you have to download and install the desired files. After being downloaded, restart the PC and then set the mod manager to start functioning for you.

What is Sonic Adventure 2 Pc Save Editor?

A PC save editor is an external tool that usually edits save files. Sonic Adventure 2 Pc Save Editor is a save utility used to edit and convert Sonic Adventure 2 PC, Gamecube, Xbox 360, and PS3 save files. To use save editor, first, you have to load your choice to save the file, and the application will see what type of saving is being used. Then make the desired changed and save the edited file.

What are popular Sonic Adventure 2 Chao Mods?  

The trendy Chao mod for Sonic Adventure 2 is the mod pack by DarkyBenji (a Chao Island team member) known as Chao World Extended. This mod is famous for adding functionality and features to the Chao System and also widens the Chao World into a more extensive and makes the through the game. There is no need to use the Chao Editor. This Mod has material and codes to make the Chao Garden experience wonderful. 


This game is a unique and appealing choice of playing either as good or evil, depending on the player’s temperament. It is considered that the “Building off” of Adventure 1 is better than Sonic Adventure 2; not only that, the game also has better balancing in the gameplay. 

But Sonic Adventure 2 is also exciting and unique. The players select one of the two story’s demands. Many of the players have complaints of camera control problems and said that gameplay mechanics are so confusing; in the original and bad luck, they are not fixed entirely in Sonic Adventure 2, alas.

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