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SMOK Rigel Evaluation

Today we get to grasps with the SMOK Rigel below ohm set for a hands on, extensive product testimonial.

SMOK Rigel set

SMOK’s recent introductions have seen them get in the shell vaping scene with incredible confidence, with systems like the Nord 2 as well as RPM80 altering the manner in which we think about pocket sized, portable vaping comfort.

However, it’s now time for SMOK to return to their old methods, back when they were the kings of the box mod scene. Get yourself some high VG e-liquid and a pair charged up 18650 batteries because it’s time to get to holds with the SMOK Rigel Kit!

SMOK Rigel Box Material

1x SMOK Rigel Mod.

1x SMOK TFV9 EU Tank (2ml).

1x V9 Meshed 0.15 Ω Coil (Pre-Installed).

1x V9 Fit Together 0.15 Ω Coil (Spare).

1x USB Type-C Charging Cable.

1x User Manual.

SMOK Rigel Specs.

Metal alloy body with versatile rubber covering.

Adjustable power level variety: 1W– 230W.

0.96″ TFT colour show screen.

2ml TFV9 storage tank ability.

Unpredictable colour menu setups.

Calls for 2x 18550 batteries to operate.

Style & build high quality.

Classic style fulfills new ergonomic advancement.

SMOK Rigel kit.

The SMOK Rigel is a traditional treat, a return to the days of chunky box mods which used up a whole hand and regulated attention from those around you.

SMOK have nonetheless clearly learned some lessons about functional designs and convenience from their time spent creating husk vape tools.

The Rigel mod is remarkably comfy in the hand, with the flat back section fitting pleasantly against the palm, fingers grasped around the carbon fiber panels bordering the device’s display screen.

For some added protection not only to your surfaces however also against the chilly sting of metal in the cold weather, the device is also covered in a slim, flexible rubber coating.

Insufficient to be visible however you’ll locate the Rigel typically more pleasant in the hand than a number of various other steel box mods.

The mod stands alone at 44 × 28.8 x88mm, making it remarkable however by no implies a pocket-killer. The TFV9 storage tank adds one more 28x56mm, maintaining points securely modest in range if not vape manufacturing, of which there is plenty!

The three switches on the face of the device are receptive and favorably clicky, all placed so regarding be in comfy reach of the fingers and also thumbs crinkled around the body.

The 0.96″ thin-film transistor (TFT) show screen is very understandable, as well as presents readouts from the Rigel in 6 optional colours, conveniently changed by simply tapping ‘fire’ and also ‘up’ at the same time.

The panel for the battery area mixes flawlessly in with the remainder of the Rigel’s body, a small divot delegated manage access to the user.

The TFV9 container which comes consisted of with the SMOK Rigel Set features a variety of kid proofing styles, such as a rising/sliding topfill as well as a thick rubber hatch to maintain e-liquid from spilling.

A sizable air flow control scale relaxes at the bottom of the container, atop the 510 thread connector which will certainly connect it to the Rigel mod and most of various other vape systems.

Attributes & functions.

The SMOK Rigel avoids unnecessary modes for structured cloud production.

SMOK Rigel features.

SMOK have not just structured the physical layout of the Rigel yet additionally it’s onboard systems. In previous generations it prevailed for big mods such as this to include a myriad of mode features, such as temperature level control (TC) or bypass modes.

For the Rigel, SMOK have actually made what we consider the sensible choice to strip these modes out as well as keep things easy with a variable wattage setting efficient in any type of output in between 1W– 230W.

We feel this was the ideal step, due to the fact that while there are definitely a variety of vapers that use those functions, lots of people unintentionally came under confusing food selections after a couple of unintentional buttons faucets and also were after that not able to navigate their way back.

SMOK have taken the threat of this off the table, and those still seeking bypass as well as TC modes are better suited to an RDA-specific mod configuration anyhow.

The SMOK TFV9 tank features 2 of the V9 0.15 ohm mesh coils, among which is currently mounted in the tank. The V9 can fantastic vape production thanks to its mesh interior, which likewise makes sure long life as well as a decreased possibility of completely dry areas and also burnouts.

The Rigel’s one-of-a-kind chipset makes sure that shooting time is quicker than ever before; only 0.001 second delay between the fire button being depressed and vape manufacturing beginning means you’ll never have to wait long!

As previously pointed out, you can alter the colour of the screen, which features readouts for battery level, voltage, ohmage, puff matter as well as puff timer.

Just tap the fire switch and up switch at the same time to change between 6 fun colour setups to match your day’s mood as well as e-liquid choice. Shall we go with red for Koncept XIX Sticky Area, or eco-friendly for ZAP! Melonade today?

Exactly how to utilize the SMOK Rigel (button performance).

The Rigel powers on with five quick faucets of the fire button, at which point you’ll see the short boot-up screen adhered to by your readout display screen.

Utilizing the Rigel is as straightforward as pushing down the big fire button and also breathing in straight to lung; use it like an inhaler, do not make use of it like a straw or cigarette i.e. in the MTL style.

<h1>Release the switch when you’re done as well as exhale at your very own recreation, simplicity itself!</h1>

You can change the Rigel’s electrical power levels with the two switches at the base of the display screen, even more power level of course equating to even more vapour.

Do have a care; while the Rigel is capable of as much as 230W in power outcome, the V9 coils consisted of with the TFV9 storage tank will not be able to withstand such an onslaught, so explore a various tank or RDA/RTA if you want to experience the full possibility of the SMOK Rigel.

You can additionally lock the power settings by pushing both the ‘up’ as well as ‘down’ switches at the same time, ensuring you do not accidentally ramp up en route and also completely dry melt your way to an instantly-ruined coil.

Battery life & billing.

External batteries implies you last as long as your spares do!

SMOK Rigel with batteries.

You will need to acquire 2 18650 batteries in order to run the SMOK Rigel, however many will opt to purchase 3 or 4 as one of the major benefits of an external-battery vape is the capacity to switch your batteries out for instant usage in the event you run your first batteries down.

Those without additional batteries nonetheless will rejoice, as the SMOK Rigel marks a change away from mini USB towards the much swifter USB Type C, the recommended fast charger for several laptop computers these days!

You can expect adequate power to see you via the day after a pair hrs of charging, and the tool can be utilized while plugged in thanks to ‘pass through’ technology.


Classic clouds from the grandmasters at SMOK.

SMOK Rigel cloud.

The SMOK Rigel is a cloud machine and has no impressions or else. The 0.001 s fire-up provides extreme as well as deeply flavoursome plumes whenever, with the mesh interior of the V9 coil guaranteeing both quick absorption and also equivalent flavour circulation.

Numerous tools present versatility in their ability to take care of both MTL and DTL vaping, however the Rigel is quite sub-ohm completely. Make certain you utilize an e-liquid with a high VG content, as thinner 50/50 or PG-centric juices are likely to leakage from the base of the TFV9 container.

The decision.

The SMOK Rigel provides old school huge plumes without intricacy.

The SMOK Rigel makes you become aware how much you have actually missed box mods. The comfort, as well as simplicity of use combined with the fantastic flavour transportation as well as cloud manufacturing, makes this both an excellent reintroduction to sub-ohming and also an excellent starter cloud kit for those interested in the foggier side of the vaping equation.

SMOK shows with wonderful self-confidence that this isn’t their initial rodeo; despite their recent concentrate on sheathing vape systems they’re still the very best at producing a traditional box mod built for enjoyable and feature, as well as we think the SMOK Rigel Kit notes the moment where the pendulum swings back as well as we start to see some seriously heavy equipment out on the streets once more.

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